A Little Bit About “Overnight”

Posted on: March 18th, 2010 by Jennifer 39 Comments

I am so excited for all of you to finally hear “Overnight,” Amy’s duet with her daughter, Sarah.  I love the song and have been incredibly anxious for people to finally hear it.  Interestingly, the song was co-written by Natalie Hemby.  Natalie is the daughter of Amy’s longtime assistant and friend, Deanna, and her husband, Tom Hemby.  Tom has co-written songs with Amy including “Ask Me,” and “How Can We See That Far.”

Listen to the song now by clicking on the “Listen To Music” button on the top left corner of this web page.  Let us know your thoughts.

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  • nick

    wow, well done ladies! i’m just so impressed with sarah’s voice. there’s so much of amy’s voice in her yet it has its own amazing quality and depth. it must be such a treat for amy to have her daughter duet with her on such a great song (well done to the hemby crew also!). as for the fans, i’m sure many share my amazement in hearing sarah and remembering back to when she was born. indeed, this didn’t happen overnight and i can truly appreciate how wonderfully their voices blend together and weave around each other. i hope to hear much more from sarah. thank you for this.

  • Kevin Anway

    Wow, just listened to “Overnight”. I love it! The sound is so current and natural, I loved it! Please tell me that this is being released as and AC single!

  • teena

    What an encouraging song for those of us who want things NOW! I love the style of the song, it fits so well with Amy and Sarah! Great job!!! I’ve already linked this on Facebook for my friends to hear!!!

  • AmyD

    It never ceases to amaze me how you hear these things when you are supposed to. This is another Amy Grant song that I will add to the many other tracks of hers that get me through those dark hours in the middle of the night when I’m pretty sure I’m fresh out of hope.

  • dianacc

    What a great song, brings a tear to my eye and reminds me of me and my 15-year old daughter. Love the smoky quality of Sara’s voice-hope to hear that in concert!

  • Grace

    All I can say is WOW! Little Sarah! I know, she is not so little anymore. What a great voice! What a cool experience to be able to share this song, mother and daughter.
    Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Lydia

    Amazing. Beautiful. Uplifting. Thanks for all the years of dedication and sacrifice to share the gift God has given you with the world. Thanks for persevering through the tough times and never giving up on the call God placed in your life. Thanks for now blessing us with the treasure of your daughter’s voice. May God continue to bless you, Vince, the kids and your careers as you offer up to Him a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.

  • trish

    I LOVE IT. Its a great message and your daughter shines

  • Michelle Ball

    Wow, I am so moved by “Overnight.” I’m thinking about how Amy started her career at approximately the same age that Sarah is right now. I know that Sarah has a long and amazing road ahead of making music. THANK YOU Amy and Sarah for the beautiful song and blessing us with your talent!

  • Joe

    Love it, Love it, Love it…please release this as a single. Well done ladies.

  • Wendy West Fitton

    WOW… loved it… and Sarah has such a great voice. Hard to believe; she sounds all grown up. Amy sounds beautiful as usual too… and the song it so touching…. love it.

  • Jennifer

    WOW!!! I love how your voice, Amy, can be shaped by whatever the “production of the day” might be to result in such a current sound. And Sarah….double wow! She has an amazing voice. She is totally her own artist, but a hint or two of Ingrid Michaelson were quite cool to hear in there!

  • michelle

    i am truly blown away!!! awesome song, two beautiful voices! i needed that song. thank you amy and sarah!

  • Rebecca Roberts

    I’m speechless…great job.

  • Ryan

    Amazing Amy! You and your daughter sound great together! This song deserves much radio play!

  • Kristy

    This is such a great song and you both sound so amazing!! Your voices blend yet are different! I love it! Amy-you must be so proud of her!!

  • Nolan

    I’ve been playing Overnight over and over again – the message of the song is perfect timing for me and everyone else I’m sure. Add this one to the already long list of Amy songs that continually speak to my soul and spirit. So yes, Overnight is sensational and mom and daughter sound amazing together! I have a feeling there will be so much more to come of Sarah.

  • Catherine

    Sarah has an incredible voice. I’ll be an Amy fan until the day I die…but I can’t wait for Sarah to release a solo record! She sounds just like Colbie Caillat!

  • John

    Excellent Sarah! This is the excellence that is expected out of Amy after so many years of great stuff! But Sarah has got a rich heritage to build upon with Amy, Gary, and Vince. When is the solo project coming from this fresh young voice.

  • Tina

    The song brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. I hid of course I didn’t want my daughter especially to see me. The words were perfect for a Christian who is trying to make a difference and it seems nothing is going right. And it was so touching because Iam close to my daughter and sometimes its hard because you don’t know if they really know just how much they mean to you. And hearing you both sing was like hearing you both talk to each other. But it reminded me of my daughter and I. After I wiped the tears I had her to come and listen we both stared at the screen then we looked at each other, great big smiles. No need to speak.. Thanks guys, you all did good. (writers, singers, parents, friends, family)

  • Alice

    Nice song ! ladies, good job! I love this song…

    Right now in Singapore listenning…. again and again. Keep it up!!

  • Penny

    Love it! Can’t wait for the album to come out!!!!

  • Sabine

    Great song, great voice (no suprise by the way! 😉 Go for it, Sarah!

  • Dolores

    Sarah’s voice sounds so great! I’m curious about what training she’s had? Obviously she learned from her mom, but I’m wondering what formal voice/music training she’s done. I would love to hear more of Sarah! My 12 year old daughter says “Sarah’s better than Amy”. The next generation is here. (I personally like them both, but of course Amy’s my longtime favorite).

  • karen

    Congrats to Sarah and Amy and my sweet talented friend Natalie! What an awesome duo and lyrics to make this incredible sound. I am thrilled for you all :), KK

  • AnnaLena Nordström (Sweden)

    Thanks for one more beautiful song and one more true and touching lyric. Nice duet. Beatiful singing of Sarah.Amy has given me so much joy,trust, piece , faith and all other positive feelings through the years. My “relationship”with Amys music started in early teenage years when I get “Never Alone” as a christmas gift. And as we grow up through different times in life, Amys songs have always talked to me, in happy times, family crises, success time and failure times when my faith has been so week. I´m looking forward to the new album, I´ve heard so many nice songs on the internet that I cant find on any record so i hope she will get them out to us, so we can enjoy them. even we who are too far away from US to reach the concerts. God bless you for ever. Lots of love from AnnaLena in Sweden

  • Debbie Drumheller

    I absolutely love “Overnight”! Amy and Sarah are magical together! It really made me well up with good stuff! :)

  • Margaret Mathieu

    I just love that new song “Overnight”. Sarah’s voice reminds me of Colbie
    Cailatt, one of my favorites. Your voices blend so well ! What a blessing !!

  • http://butlersbusinessblog.blogspot.com Jimmy Butler

    I adore this song. I hope they release it. Harmonies are always special in a song, but I got chills when I heard Mom and Daughter singing harmony together on Overnight!


  • http://www.amygrant.com Derek

    hey Jimmy.

    It’s definitely going to be released, but anything you can do to help support Amy @ Radio is appreciated. All it takes is a call to your local radio station and requesting a song every once in a while. Please don’t do it every on the hour, every 5 minutes, or to often, but just occasionally!

  • Jen Cooke

    Hey everyone —

    Thanks for the great response to Overnight. We are thrilled with such a positive response. However, please know that right now the current single is “Better Than A Hallelujah,” and that is the song that we need your support with at radio. Calling and requesting “Overnight” at this point in time would not be helpful and would detract from the focus that “Better Than A Hallelujah” needs to do well. The best thing for Amy, this album, and future singles would be if “Better Than A Hallelujah” is a big hit so let’s keep our focus there.



  • http://FindingTheInspiring.blogspot.com Angel

    Wow! I’ve always been an Amy fan and I’m equally impressed with Sarah. Both mom and daughter sound great. Love the song, too! Amy must be so proud. I’ll have to post a link on my blog because it is truly inspiring.

  • http://www.guanakoart.com george

    i LOVE this song. not to negate the field of christian music but amy is my only remaining connection to it. i mainly listen to alternative/top 40 and house. amy will always be a part of my life because i grew up with her music from the time my older sister let me borrow straight ahead. (i was 10.) so i’m getting up there in age, i realize..lol. but- i still consider myself to be well-knowledged in what relevant pop music is… and here is where i am going with this:

    if amy releases more music like this song (hopefully a forthcoming single) she may have a comeback hit. I REALLY THINK THIS SONG COULD WORK AT AC/HOT AC RADIO. (given enough promotion and a good video.)

    ok there, i’ve said my two cents. hope the powers that be have heard. ; )

  • Carol

    Thanks to Amy and Sarah for singing this song, and the writers for writing it!

    I am going through a hard time right now, and this is my new theme song! I need to remember to trust Christ for everything, and realize that the hard times that I go through are a means to teach me, and so I can appreciate what I have.

    Carol McMillen

  • http://myspace.com/orrismusic David

    There aren’t enough words to say how much I love this song. I feel like it should follow me around and precede me as I move through the world as my own personal theme song. The consistent ability of Amy’s music to be both authentic and accessible and earthy and deeply meaningful while simultaneously straddling the line of polished and catchy is something that I’ve always loved. What the song is about is really what gets me and is just one of the big lessons I keep learning a new layer of all the time.

    And Sarah is so so so great. Her gorgeous voice has a sort of Corinne Bailey Rae, Norah Jones…. and well… Amy Grant kind of thing going on. Dusky yet bright, warm and beautiful.

    Anyway, I just love this song. I was a little surprised this wasn’t the first single, but then the first single is so amazing too. I really just love this record from start to finish.

  • http://none tracy barnes

    you guys sound soooo great together. Sarah’s voice is sooo smooth with such a great tone…. the message is sooo true…… i think my faith has grown so much deeper in the paths of life , rather than having everything happen overnight. great words, great message.

  • Jennifer

    I can only heartily agree with everyone above. I absolutely love Sarah’s voice! What a talented young lady! Amy – as always, I love your heart that shines through your music – your music has been the soundtrack to most of the key events in my life. Keep it up ladies! :)

  • http://thecommittedmom.blogspot.com Nina Smith

    Her daughter needs to start her own musical career- she sounds a lot like Colbie Caliat- she definately has a sound that appeals to today’s generation!

  • Jana Hayden

    Amy Grant you have changed my life since age 4. I am now 40. everyone shpuld watch Ragamuffin on Netflix. I love how kind they portray Amy. I met you once at a dinner I got to get a photo i was speechless but you were so kind to me. God Bless you!



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