Get The Word Out About Amy’s Album…

Posted on: March 14th, 2010 by Derek 25 Comments

Help us spread the word about Amy’s album “Somewhere Down The Road” and you can win a custom Amy Grant “FLIP” Video Camera.  Read this article and find out how you can win.

facebook – profile image contest

  1. select the image to the right ———————->
  2. save to your computer
  3. upload as your profile image
  4. during the next 75 days we will check amy’s “fan” list for members with this profile image
  5. we will select 50 fans to be entered to win an amy grant flip video camera, based on the above
  6. finalists will be announced on may 15th, with winners on june 30th

  • Michael

    Great contest and lovin’ the new website! Good job gang!!!

  • E Horvath

    It’s so wonderful to see your lovely photos on this new website! And, as a painter, etc., I LOVE the colors and textures that are used here to promote your work. They’re very soothing and inspiring, like so much of your music.

  • James Waddell

    good job! the site looks great! enjoying the new music…thanks, Amy, for continuing to make music and share your soul with us!

  • Charles Graves

    Very exciting… thanks so much for making our spreading the word about Amy so easy and fun!!! :-)

  • Kim @ What’s That Smell?

    I have the album already and love it!

    The contest is a fun way to spread the word.

  • Stacy Harp

    There ya go Amy and friends. I changed my profile pic on Facebook and am looking forward to the new album. And hopefully having Amy on my radio show again :)

    In case you forgot, Amy, you were on my show when your DVD came out. I was the one you did your very first podcast with and I talked to you about your website and blog that you said you hadn’t even looked at yet! LOL

  • Alyssa

    Love the new website y’all!!! You did an awesome job and the contest is sooo fun!!!! Thanks for the support!!!

  • Michele Gaddis

    Amy great idea but I don’t ‘do’ itunes. I don’t ‘do’ credit cards, Best of luck

  • Linda

    I love the new website…Great job…love ya Amy! Keep reaching out to us with your music! I can’t wait to buy the official album!

  • http://Facebook Glenda Marko

    I love your music. You sing with a great love of the Lord., Nothing can beat that. I have been a fan of yours from way back. I know you went through a hard time of a divorce but look WHAT YOU ENDED up with VINCE GILL. You guys are a match made in heaven. I sure hope you both a very happy, as you both are wonderful people from what I see and feel. God Bless you both richly. PS I have never won anything but thats ok. If i had the money I would come see you at one of your tours.

  • Gail Doering

    Won’t you pleeeeezzz come to California!?

  • Jörg Schulte

    Looking forward to hold this album in my hands. And looking forward to meet Amy once in Germany…. When will You come???

  • Pamela McCarthy

    nice job on the redesign! kudos! Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  • Jeannie Swanson

    I am sooooo looking forward to listening to the new album! You are my all time favorite!!!! I’ve been listening since I was born because my Mom is also a huge fan!

  • http://Facebook Rhonda Martinez

    OMG this is the most touching song ever. And Amy has had some that touch really deep but this Better than a Hallelujah is the best.

  • Jeannine Chaney

    Amy, I love your music and Always have!! I have listened to you since your start. Thanks for 32+ years of great music!! Love ya!

  • Jaylene Fredrickson

    This is so awesome! Amy you and your music have always been such an inspiration to me. Through my battle with cancer at a young age and now becoming woman of God. Thank you so much for sharing your talent! God Bless!

  • Susan Nannarone

    I can’t wait to get your new album! Your music speaks to my heart and has been a big part of my life (in the decadesssss now!). Keep up your great work.

  • Debbie Combs

    How do you thank someone for being a such a vessel for the Lord’s blessings?? You and your music have touched me so deeply…since way back when…I was a different person then, out of church and trying to do it by myself…then one late night trip to Ohio, I heard your “El Shaddai” on the radio, and the Lord reminded me in a very powerful way that He was still there, and that He wanted me to come back…since that time, I have had your music in my life, and the Lord has always been there in it! Thanks so much for your willingness to follow the Lord, even in the hard times…

  • Janice Wright

    I am a huge fan of Amy Grant – she is the real deal – a vessel being used of the Lord to encourage and spread His word. Thank You

  • Amy Kelly

    Just wondering if you’re checking your fan list all the way up until May 15th. I’ve enjoyed having Amy’s album on my profile pic, and its appropriate considering what a big part of my life the album has been since I first started listening to it! :-)

  • Dasha

    75 days??!! I change my facebook profile pic more often than I change my socks. Not changing it has been hard! Counting it up, 75 days ends May 27, yeah?

  • Jeff

    Just wondering if the finalist has been posted on Facebook or FOA?

  • John

    Hi Amy, I will never forget meeting you over the years. The last time in Newark, Ohio.

    Hi Dasha!! How are you?

  • Marie

    Amy, your music has been and continues to be, an integral part of my walk with the Lord. It’s a great blessing to have your music around all these years. May God continue giving you the inspiration to keep on writing such beautiful music that can help transform lives. God bless you always!



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