“Come Together Now” (A Song for Haiti) – Watch the Video

Posted on: February 4th, 2010 by Jennifer 3 Comments

Earlier this week Amy and Vince recorded vocals for a song Michael W. Smith produced in the wake of the tragedy in Haiti.  Neither Amy or Vince were able to make the “We Are The World” type recording that Michael did in Nashville with other Christian and Country artists, but they made a point to stop by and contribute the next week when they were both back in town.

My favorite part of the video is watching Amy and Vince convince Smitty not to replace Chris Rodriguez’s voice (who recorded the demo).  Chris is a dear friend of theirs and an amazing vocalist and I think it shows an insiders view of the absolute lack of ego of either Amy or Vince when they don’t want their part to replace Chris’.


  • Janice

    Loved the video of Amy, Vince, and MWS. No surprise here that Amy and Vince value CR’s contribution to the recording. What draws us to them is their talents, of course, but also that they are so completely sincere in their efforts to help others in need. And they do it in the very best way. They use the gifts God gave them to help their fellow man. Not to diminish in any way what anyone does that helps others, but I just love how Amy and Vince never make ‘a big deal’ of what they do. They just go along their quiet and consistent way, helping others. Those two “got it,” about serving our Lord through service to His people. Love them!

  • Michael

    Funny you should mention that, I was viewing the video with my partner and I mentioned the same exact thing to him! It seems typical from what I know of Amy and I find it very cool and uncommon!

  • Lynn

    Why would they record their vocals if they insisted they not be used??



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