I Love My Job

Posted on: February 3rd, 2010 by Jennifer 17 Comments

Sitting here listening to the first pass of Amy’s new record. I don’t care if I’ve been doing this same job for the past 20 years, every time I hear a new song by Amy I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I get to help support her career. There is something about the vulnerability and familiarity in her voice that gently tears down my own walls and allows the message of the song to penetrate my heart…or put a skip in my step. I’m excited about this project, especially her new single “Better Than A Hallelujah” and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

  • Lionel

    Thank you for everything you do for Amy and us! We appreciate everything you do! You are amazing!

  • C Malley

    NOT much just chillin at home doin laundry. What are you up to Manager Jenn?

  • diane

    I feel the same way when I hear her music. I can’t stop listening to ‘Better than a Hallelujah’. It touches every part of my heart!!

  • Sarah Olvera

    Jen you are such a good writer. I am completely jealous of you. I know nothing about the music business, but Amy comes across as the most genuine person to work with. Her songs touch me and make me feel very vulnerable. If you ever need a sign language interpreter, I am there for you! Thanks for being there for us!

  • Dasha

    You articulate so well what I try to explain when someone asks me why I’m such an Amy fan.
    (p.s. please get that friend of yours to post in her blog. It’s been what, 5 months? Does being a mother, wife, daughter, and sister, a humanitarian, and a musician really need to take up so much time that she can’t blog a little? (insert winky, slight irony emoticon here.)

  • Zoe W

    Oh Jen, you are so right-i feel the same about Amy’s Voice. And you ARE the luckiest girl in the world.

  • http://amyelizabethkelly.blogspot.com/ Amy Kelly

    I just love this song. I left the car radio on XM/Sirius “The Message” for days just waiting to hear it. (No CCM station here at the moment that I know of). Are any of these songs going to be released to pop radio? For one, its easier to hear them on the radio (which just has a special thrill different from the cd in the player…and gets Amy’s music out to more people). Just love this song. My favorite of her music in a while!

  • http://amyelizabethkelly.blogspot.com/ Amy Kelly

    Oh, and when might we be able to get Haiti on a cd? :-)

  • Jen

    No plans to release the single to pop radio at this point but we will be promoting it to Christian radio. Amy has renamed “Haiti” to “Third World Woman” and it will be included on the upcoming cd. She didn’t want to appear to be trying to capitalize on the tragedy and felt better about using a more generic title.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/jameswaddell James Waddell

    thanks for the info about “third world woman” Jen…and just to clear it up, does that mean that “third world woman” will be on “somewhere down the road”?

  • melanie R

    That vulnerability and sweetness and familiarity of her voice you describe so well is what led me to accept Christ as Savior 25 years ago after first hearing Father’s Eyes. Until that song I didn’t know God could be “full of compassion seeing every pain. Knowing what we’re going through and feeling it the same.” I wanted to get to know a dad like that, and thanks to Amy’s gift and God’s grace I have and countless others have, too. Can’t wait for the new album !!

  • sfr

    James, in answer to your question, along with additional info :-), here is what Jennifer Cooke recently posted on Amy’s message board to fans:
    “Third World Woman” will be included on the upcoming “Somewhere Down The Road” release. The project has evolved into something I am really excited about, although the final track listing has changed a hundred times in the last week. Amy re-recorded “Arms of Love” last night and so I think we are finally done.
    Final track listing (and most likely the final sequence) will be:
    Better Than A Hallelujah – new song
    Overnight – new song (duet with daughter Sarah, who sounds AWESOME)
    Every Road – from BTE
    Unafraid – new mix
    Hard Times – new song
    Arms of Love – re-record
    What Is The Chance of That – from the BTE sessions
    Third World Woman – new song
    Find What You’re Looking For – new song
    Come Into My World – original demo
    Somewhere Down The Road – from BTE
    Imagine/Sing The Wondrous Love of Jesus – from Legacy
    Amy has written liner notes for all the songs… great packaging…and it is all about the journey…. our struggles, our faith, our commandment to do unto others while we are here, and how it is all leading to our ultimate destination…the other side.
    (I’m lovin’ it! )

  • Kimberlee

    Thanks for making the new song ‘Better Than A Hallelujah’ available on Amy’s website…LOVE IT!!!

  • Kristofer

    Gotta celebrate the creative wind blowing through Amy’s life these days. Powerfully written songs…cutting edge collaborations with the likes of Dan Muckala, Ian Fitchuk, Justin Loucks and Mindy Smith. Kudos for new sounds, new approaches, new ears, new production, new ideas. What an exciting chapter we have the privilege to witness!

  • Nolan

    I’ve been looking forward to Amy’s new album for a very long time, and after finding out about the track listing for Somewhere Down the Road, I am somewhat disappointed. Disappointed that they are not all brand new songs. Songs from Behind The Eyes (which is my second fave Amy album) have been re-released. Why? I thought Amy had written a ton of new songs just recently? I was really hoping “It’s Better Not To Know” was gonna be on the album, seeing that it fits the theme. It’s an amazing song, with an amazing story behind it. “Sigh”

  • Henrique

    Jen, you, and not that guy, who took care of a paradisiac island, have the best job of world. You said you feel the luckiest girl of world, and, you´re more, you´re the most blessed girl. Thanks for all your support to Amy!

  • David Arnold

    Didn’t see you in Denver. Amy sounded great and was alot of fun. I had a chance to do the sound check and the meet and greet. I had so many things that I wanted to say to her that I could not say hardly anything except ‘Thank You’. It was exciting that so many others were able to meet her face to face.



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