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Posted on: October 27th, 2009 by Jennifer 8 Comments

A special thank you to all of you who came to the "Holiday Notes From Home" show at the Opry House last night.  It meant the world to Amy to have so many of her friends and fans in the audience.  We hope you enjoyed the show and we will be posting photos as soon as we receive them from the photographer.

For those of you who were not in attendance, Amy performed:

Jingle Bells

I Need A Silent Night

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Tennessee Christmas

Breath of Heaven (with Take 6)

Winter Wonderland (with Take 6)

Silent Night (with Take 6)

The show will be broadcast on to military bases throughout the world.  There is also discussion of GAC airing the show closer to Christmas.  We will keep you posted.

Again, thank you for your support….  Let's all keep our men and women in uniform in our thoughts and prayers as we approach the holidays…


  • Jan Shoupe

    It was a GREAT concert! All the singers did a super job. I know this concert will bless our service personnel around the world.

  • Kelley Johnson

    Jen – Just wanted to say that the collaboration with Take 6 was incredible. That has to be the best rendition of “Breath of Heaven” ever. Awesome. Thanks for the hospitality!

  • Julie Phillips

    It was a great Show and I was so proud to be able to be a part of it… Thanks for all of your hard work with the cookie party with Amy before the show!! I look forward to the next show… See you soon Jen…

  • Fran and Ollie Cole

    If you need us for any other Christmas shows, get in touch. We were blessed by this.
    Santa and Mrs. Claus

  • Julie

    I was not sure if you were traveling with Amy this week to Event, but thought you guys might want a fun place to go in OKC. The name is Cuppies & Joe (NW 23rd). Friends in bible study own it…they are darling! It has been a huge hit and why not…Christian owners, cupcakes to die for in all varieties and great joe (java). Plus, it is located in an old bungalow house that feels warm and inviting. My sister and I were hoping to attend the Festival, but the budget is too tight this year with 3 kiddos. God bless Amy for supporting Flaming Festival and KAO. We are soooo proud to have her as a Sister. I will be awaiting all the details from friends in attendance. The weather will be beautiful this week…hopefully, Golf at the Club (pack the sticks) and another bike ride/dance will happen!! Take care!!!

  • ralph barrientos

    I kinda stumbled onto this site
    The concert sounds like it was amazing

    I’m coming to Nashville this weekend
    I always think of the old Blanton and Harrell team when I hear the word let alone come into town
    Remember “The Fair Lady” and “Mondo”
    Howz ma’ man Chaz!
    Warmest Regards

  • Shelia

    Thanks so much for a wonderful concert!! I am the mother of a Soldier currently serving in Iraq and can’t wait for this to be broadcast over there. I attended with my daughter in law and another mother of two Soldiers currently in Iraq and we had a wonderful time. Everyone was extremely nice and it made for a wonderful evening.

  • David Hardy

    My name is SGT David Hardy. I am currenly stationed in iraq. My wife was at the concert. It was showing here on AFN but I missed due to having to work. Is there any place at all I can find it to watch it. I really want to see it. Thanks.
    SGT David Hardy



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