September 21, 2009

Posted on: September 21st, 2009 by Jennifer 19 Comments

Just a brief update….

Had a productive and great week last week.  On Tuesday, Amy and Vince did a photo shoot for the February cover of Good Housekeeping.  They both looked spectacular for the photos and seemed to enjoy the process even though neither of them are very fond of photo shoots!  I took some candid photos on my camera but the art director of Good Housekeeping asked me not to post them yet.  I will post them when I can.

On Wednesday night, Amy performed at the American Association of Christian Counselors conference at Opryland Hotel.  It was a great group of people and the list of speakers for the 4-day conference was incredible.  Amy performed solo and got a standing ovation.  She started her set with the new song, "Find What You're Looking For," and also did "Saved By Love," one of her scripture memorization songs and then finished the set with an incredibly moving version of "El Shaddai."  I received so many comments after the event about how Amy's honesty and vulnerability really set the stage for the entire conference.

On Thursday and Friday, Amy was in Memphis for the re-dedication of the Target House at St. Jude.  The Amy Grant Entertainment Room had recently been upgraded and redecorated along with several other rooms in the house.  Amy toured the hospital, played guitar for some of the patients and families, and had a great time visiting with the incredible staff from St. Jude and Target.  St. Jude is truly a special place and we love our partnership with them.

In the midst of all that, Amy also found time to do a writing session with Dave Barnes (INCREDIBLE songwriter).  We are continuing to take steps toward getting a new record out in 2010… do not give up on us!

Finally, this Saturday September 26, Amy will be part of the Extraordinary Women's Conference in Roanoke, VA.  I believe tickets are still available.

More to come…



  • Laurie

    I’m soooo excited to hear she’s working on some new stuff!!! Can’t wait to hear it! :)

  • Dasha

    If I were still living in VA, I’d so go to the conference. Very excited about the new music!

  • Joshua A. Johnson

    I cannot wait to hear her new music. She had me crying at her concert in Peachtree Ga with her new song about angels (I am in such anticipation to hear it again!) as well as her song written and dedicated her older childrens’ paternal grandfather after his passing! I can still hear her singing, “Threaten me with heaven!” They were both so beautiful and inspiring!

  • Billy Haskins

    Been a fan since 1982. The wait for new music has ALWAYS been worth it! So until then….I live life.

  • Michael

    Thanks for the update Jennifer. New music? Wish I was there, can’t wait for that album. Now when will it be out…2012? LOL…j/k Amy ;-:)

  • nyv

    Is it really that difficult to record a new album with 10-11 new songs??? I don’ t understand it. We’ve been waiting for the new studio album since 2003. Disappointed.

  • David

    Maybe Amy should do the same thing that Maia Sharp did. She had a collection of songs and recorded them in two weeks for her cd Echo’s which is my pick for album of 2009

  • David

    Maia Sharp Ehco’s Album
    Maia spent two weeks with producer Don Was and recorded all her songs for the project in that time period. The song ‘Polite Society’is a great song off the album! Maybe Amy should try to record her next album in a certain (short) time frame.

  • AAlexander

    I find it so interesting that people tell Jennifer/Amy how to record an album and are disappointed that “there hasn’t been one since 2003″. Well, in the nicest Christian way possible — get over it. Amy has a life and a plan and a family and struggles and love and disappointment like all of us. There will be new music and a new album when she is ready! Now get back to your lives and live them!
    PS — great concert in Peachtree City. I’ve been to many AG concerts and she has never sounded better and I look forward to the new music when SHE is ready :)

  • nyv

    O Thank you very much! You’re so CLEVER. But I can’t go to a concert because I live in Europe, far away, and listening to music is the only way for me to meet Amy. It’s natural to be disappointed for a fan, and 6 years is really a long time, and they just always keep on prosmising the new stuff and nothing happens.

  • David

    I have to back up nyv thoughts. I have been a Amy Grant fan since the early 1990’s and have been to at least 10 of her concerts.Most of the musical artists I listen to release a new cd in a 2/3 year time frame like clock work.|(example singer/ songwriter Dar Williams).She releases a new cd on the average of three years. After a six year period you have to wonder |( other than die heart AG fans) will the general public remember Amy? This is just my thought I am not here to tell Amy/Jen what to do.

  • David

    Responce to AAlexander comment:
    I am sure you know how many unknown talented singer/songwriters who who kill for the chance to have their songs recorded and have a full cd released by a music/record company….My guess thousands!

  • David

    This article makes my point:
    1-Go to
    2-Type in Maia Sharp
    3-Read article “Ice cream lady Maia Sharp invades Lilith fair”

  • Chad

    A new album in 2010? I’m confused… The last I heard the plan was to release a few songs each month or two in a digital format and then maybe cull enough for a full album at a later point. (??) Has this plan changed? Is there an update on her getting signed to a new contract? Jenn, please (!! I’m begging you!! ) respond. Thank-you! :)
    “If there’s anything good that happens in life, it’s from Jesus.”

  • Mark

    Thanks Amy and Vince for all that you do to make our lives and the lives of others more enjoyable and meaningful. Keep up the good work and keep the faith!

  • Rod

    Hey! My wife attended the Extraordinary Women conference and came home in love with “What You’re Looking For.” Is there any way you could post the lyrics and tell me where I can get the song (iTunes, Amazon, etc)?
    Keep up the God work.

  • Kathy Todaro

    I was at the Women’s Conference in Roanoke and was so VERY BLESSED to meet Amy. I was the over emotional, crying person. I was so thankful to be able to tell her thank you for the roll she and her music played in my life while I was sick. I wish I could have been calmer to talk to her a bit more and let her know I was praying for her and her friend. I was so struck by her openess and her hurting heart. She is an awsome individual and projects it on stage and in her songs. Now I can’t wait to hear some new stuff!
    In His Name

  • Lilly Stevens

    I have been an Amy Grant fan since May of 1981. My life was radically transformed on May 16, 1981 when I dedicated my life to Christ and he gloriously filled my life. Amy and I have had this odd, one way relationship of me the fan and her the admired for 28 years. It’s odd, because her personality and life as ministered to me for so many years yet, real life, she doesn’t even know me! I have always related to her on many levels, we are both believers, songwriters, wives, divorcees, and Moms. I am her senior by only 4 mos. and we both have lovely southern drawls :) I can only imagine the pressure she must sidestep with all the adulation and expectation that is put upon her. Surely, this would make anyone uncomfortable, but especially for a sensitive person such as herself. So, seeing today, Jen now doing the writing for her blog, instead of Amy, I feel a sense of relief for her! Even though Amy is always gracious and accomodating I sensed that the whole website thing was a task that might have zapped her resevoir of energy. Thanks Jen for the “bad cell phone photos” LOL and how you support her. God Bless Amy, Vince and the whole family. Don’t stop now! <3

  • Carolyn

    Thank you, Jen, for helping out and for the news. I have also been a fan since 1980-’81, and there is no one out there who can move a crowd or an individual like Amy. I would never grow weary of waiting for new music from her, but only welcome it when it arrives. It is always a blessing. And, I’m sorry, but anyone who could forget Amy for any reason, much less because she didn’t “produce” an album every year or when expected, would be missing out on an awful lot. May God continue to richly bless you and your family and loved ones, Amy, and may you never be deterred from making great music! Thank you. I am eternally grateful.



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