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Posted on: July 29th, 2009 by Jennifer 14 Comments

Over the past several months I have accepted hundreds of friends requests from Amy fans on my personal facebook page.  I accepted the requests because there are several longtime Amy fans that I have gotten to know over the years on a personal basis and it didn't seem fair to accept them as friends and not accept other people.  I made the decision to accept everybody but I have continually stressed via private messages and this blog that I was asking those Amy fans who were not also personal friends of mine to respect the page as my own personal page and not ask questions about Amy or work.

For the most part everyone has respected my wishes.  On a couple of occassions I have had to write a gentle reminder via private message to those who have made numerous comments about Amy on my page.  The problem for me is that my own page gets so many comments from Amy fans that my own friends and family are reluctant to engage with my page.  My own sister told me the other day that she doesn't comment on my status updates because she doesn't want to deal with all the incoming texts on her phone when a slew of other people she doesn't know also respond.

So, I am going to make another request of all of you — PLEASE do not comment or respond to my every post or status update.  An occasional comment is fine but there are some people who comment numerous times every single day and that makes my personal facebook page feel more like an extension of Amy's fanbase than it does of my own personal friends and family.

I am not trying to upset anyone and I hope this is not taken out of context.  I'm fine to have some interaction on the page with FOA'er but don't want it to be overrun.

For those of you who have refrained from making a lot of comments on my page — thank you.  For those of you who are not facebook users or could care less about being my "friend" — sorry to waste your time with this.  But for those of you who respond to something on my page every day or several times a day, please give it a bit of a rest.   If it doesn't get better I am going to have to make my page private for friends and family only.

Thanks for understanding…


  • kimberly ball

    I often wonder how you manage to do it all…thanks for making a separation between the important things.

  • lhk

    I just want to say that personally I think they *should* stay separate. People just don’t need to have access to every part of everyone’s lives- the social networking thing can be taken too far.
    Having the one fan site should be enough for fans– and make it much easier for the caretakers of the site to manage. Plus you get to feel like you can separate from the job at least a little by having a place that is personal. Just my opinion though :)

  • LorrieM

    I totally understand this. I have also refrained from commenting myself due to the onslaught of messages that I get after commenting on your status the one or two times that I have so believe me I understand what your friends must be going through.
    I appreciate your adding me and letting me know you a little better and I would never take advantage of that. I hope others will not take advantage either and therefore end up ruining it for all of us.

  • Cheryl Armstrong

    Well said, Jen.

  • Alan Carver

    Thanks you for stating your claim and I hope that – it gets better. I have enjoyed reading what goes on with you and Braden. What an exciting time it is for a child at that age . . . will honor your request. I think that Amy has it right, turn off your computer, go outside, enjoy life! AMEN to that!

  • Merrie

    Speaking as someone who is very particular about her facebook page, my only opinion is to keep it friends and family only. If you feel you MUST give fb access to Amy fans, set up an Amy fan FB page. (If one exists already, send people there.) You don’t have to have 100% of your life infiltrated by your job, Jen. And I really think people would understand if you made a change.
    And that’s my .02 cents. Just do what makes you happy. I love FB for how I use it — to keep in touch only with the people I genuinely want to keep in touch with.

  • Cathy

    It is great that you have been open about being in contact with Amy fans, but I can see where this might become a problem.
    Can you suggest a place where Amy fans (FOA members) can go with questions or to request site updates? Should it be the message board? It seems recently there have been some concert dates that haven’t made it out to FOA members and it would be great to know if there might be other concerts (especially presale opportunities) coming up soon. Appreciate all you do!

  • Walter

    Hi Jennifer,
    My personal opinion is to make your personal facebook private as well. You should have a right to your privacy and if some folks are using that page to try and get to Amy then I would definitely make it private. With your position FOA members should be very understanding. Thanks!

  • Melissa

    Jen, you wouldn’t be out of line to de-friend anyone abusing the privilege of accessing your personal FB page. 😉

  • Zoe W

    Jen – all of us need space from work, we love you and appreciate you – and the effort you make in communicating with us Amy fans. My advice…ignore if you want….is to have a FB page just for you and your friends and family. Well done for being yourself….you go girl.

  • Amy Autumn Brooker

    We really appreciate all you do to keep us Amy Fans updated with all things Amy. It has been great getting to know more about you through your page and I thank you for letting me be your friend. I completely understand about wanting to keep things separate…who wouldn’t? Anyways, thank you for letting me get to know a little more about you through your page. :-)

  • Ryan

    Well, I added you to be a friend. Sorry to see you’re not in my list anymore :(

  • lacy dagerath

    Oh my goodness 😛 Keep those you want..delete those you dont :) I don’t even know who you are ( i found you on a random retweeted twitter ha!) BUT I just think people for some reason feel the need to constantly explain themselves… you don’t owe ANYone an explanation… really… you don’t. Life is too short! Just BE! :) Enjoy! Love! Live! :)

  • catla howell

    dear jan hi from carla thankyou for leting me be your friend on facebook for a while i enojyed it well just wanted say thanks hope you are doing well god bless u your friend carla howell



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