Washington Post extended video interview

Posted on: June 1st, 2009 by Jennifer 5 Comments

I think this one is worth checking out… let me know what you think.

Washington Post interview with Sally Quinn


  • Andrew

    Wow! Thank you for posting this video link…interesting questions. It made me stop and think about how I would answer some of those same questions.

  • Chris

    How wonderfully human Amy is, that she struggles to answer questions sometimes, just like all of us, but she puts such care and thought into her answers before speaking. That was a great interview, Jen. Thanks for sharing the link with us. And on a “lighter” note, I watched that and thought…. “what cool dangly earrings those are!” :-) [which may sound totally inane, but I am not one to usually notice those types of things…. ask my wife!…. so I guess I was staring pretty intently as I watched those two videos, LOL]

  • http://nortonstudio.wordpress.com/ Jen

    Love really has made Amy “unafraid”. :-) Thanks for posting this. I really loved the revelation about her resolution with Gary. You can just see that all the emotions they must have worked through in the last decade has given her the strength to tell her story in spite of all the criticism she has received. Just by being able to do that, she will be an inspiration to so many more.

  • K.

    Wonderful interview…real and human and genuine! Oh, the wisdom we achieve at midlife!

  • Cat

    Beautiful interview…I wish we could hear her talk for hours…I loved that she reconciled in her own way to Gary, too…and I loved her love-making comment! I agree!



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