Cleaning out my desk….

Posted on: April 6th, 2009 by Jennifer 12 Comments

I found a few old photos in the back of my desk drawer…. thought I'd share them with all of you.

Amy and Michael W. Smith at a BHCC spring open house about in 2001


Amy,Vince and moi at a golf tournament benefit dinner in Palm Springs.


Same golf tourney – Vince playing "lead lines" while I strummed the chords to "Peaceful Easy Feeling."  I had been teaching myself to play the guitar for the past few months and playing with Vince was near Nirvana. 


Vince, Amy and MWS at one of the first Nashville Christmas Shows – The Opry House


  • Zoe W

    Lovely Jen, thanks. Oh how the years go by!!! Where does the time go? I am so impressed that you were brave enough to strum along with Vince – what a treat.

  • Andrew

    As always, thanks for posting…..don’t stop…don’t stop!

  • Debbie O. Fennell

    Jen, your hair looks fantastic in the pic of you and Vince and Amy.
    Thanks for sharing some of your memories.
    Love, Debbie
    Vince and Amy’s Sister In Christ

  • Rachel (WI)

    Love the pics! Thanks Jennifer!

  • Alan Carver

    Thank you for sharing these behind the scenes photos with us! As I was seeing these for the first time, it is nice to know that what began 30 years ago, continues today, but in a more ‘lean, mean machine’. I really loved the photo of amy and smith – how every day they look . . .

  • Sandy

    Hi Jennifer,
    The guitar fits you very well:-) You look beautiful at the second photo!
    What a nice idea from you to share some of your private pics with us. THANK YOU..and yes PLEASE donĀ“t stop.
    Have a great day..

  • Angela Setzer

    Jen YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Thanks sooo much for sharing those beautiful pics w/us!!!!

  • Jenny Miner

    Cool pictures Love it love it love it

  • Janice C.

    Wow! Awesome photos! Love the first one of Amy and Michael and the ones of Vince, Amy and Michael. Wish I had some pics like that in my desk! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • marcelle costa(Brazil)

    oh gosh! great pics… MWS is perfect on the last one,haha!

  • Trudi

    Hey Jen,
    So sweet of you to share your pics…they are in my pictures now!lol! That one of Amy & Smitty really is a treasure for us long time fans of both…so natural. I really appreciate that you would be willing to share your personal moments with them too…thank you, thank you. You’re wonderful!

  • Joan

    Could you tell me the name of Amy’s lastest cd?



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