New music….. coming soon….

Posted on: April 4th, 2009 by Jennifer 11 Comments

Amy is putting the finishing touches on 5 new tracks.  In addition to recording these five new songs she is continuing to write new material almost every week.  She is very excited about this extended time off the road and being able to focus on writing and creating new material.  As soon as the first five tracks are finished she plans to go back in and record five more.  LOTS of new music will be coming your way in the months to come.

To start, we are taking one of the new finished tracks called "Unafraid" and releasing it on Itunes on May 5th for a special Mother's Day 4 song EP.  The other songs on the EP will be "She Colors My Day," "Baby Baby," and "Oh How The Years Go By."  We will also be premiering the "She Colors My Day" video in connection to the launch of the EP.  Philosophy has an entire line of "She Colors My Day" products that will be released as well and all the net proceeds will go to support the Women's Cancer Research Fund. 

More to come…


  • Sandy

    Thank you JEN for keeping us update.As always it´s a special little moment to read your blogs.
    Have a great weekend!

  • Chad Taylor

    New music… sah-weet! I can’t wait.
    Is Amy still working on new music for a physical album release? I know some artists are just releasing music digitally and with the 5/5 EP release and the comment “LOTS of new music coming soon,” I was wondering if Amy was going to go that route. I like EPs because music is typically released faster & more abundantly BUT I want a full-track physical CD, too. With Amy, I want an actual CD to hold with liner notes & pictures. Can I have my cake and eat it, too? :)

  • Janice C.

    AWESOME!!!! New music on the way! Love the special iTunes releases but like everyone else, I’m anxious for a full cd or digital download of new material. If she is going the all digital route (i.e. iTunes) a special digital booklet of photos, liner notes, lyrics, etc. would be great!

  • sarah

    I’m so excited!!!!!!!
    New music and a new video!!!!
    Go Amy! Go Amy! Go Amy!

  • Chris

    Will we have a chance to purchase “Unafraid” by itself, or will it only be part of the four song EP? I ask this only because I did already purchase the “She Colors My Day” download back when it was first available and I really don’t need yet another copy of the other two tracks…..

  • Bradley Olson

    I am waiting for a new CD but this new download EP will be a great stepping block. I would buy Amy’s new music on vinyl LP.

  • Zoe W

    I am so thrilled that Amy is feeling so inspired and creative – it is great to hear that she is working on so many new songs. I can’t wait for the album – I too hope it is a new project with all new songs. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Happy Easter to all of you.

  • Lori

    Please, please, please tell Amy that I want MORE than 10 songs on this CD (12 would be great). And no re-makes of old Amy songs… I want NEW songs. We have to wait so long between CDs that I really prefer to hear new stuff and lots of it. I hope the fans reading this will agree with me and back me up. I ADORE Amy and just want to hear the best she has to offer!

  • wayne allen

    Go Amy! Keep up the good work! I don’t have itunes! Will the song still be available? If not, how can i get that?

  • Michelle Gibson

    Are there any plans for Amy to release another CD with these new songs for those of us who are not itunes junkies?

  • wayne mitchell

    Does anyone know how i am able to get these two songs onto a cd when i don’t have a cd burner? I do not own an ipod!



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