The end of an era…. and a new beginning…

Posted on: April 2nd, 2009 by Jennifer 9 Comments

Several people have emailed me asking questions about some rumors
they have heard about Blanton Harrell Cooke & Corzine closing down. 
Well, as surprising as it may be, the rumors are true.  Our company quietly closed our doors March 31, 2009 after an incredible 30 year

It all started with Dan Harrell and Mike Blanton, who shared a
deep belief in their founding artists, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, and a
vision for artist development and creative content that was not defined by any
particular genre but instead was focused on true artistry, sound business
principles, and communicating truth and faith in ways that stretched beyond the
status quo.

Chaz Corzine joined the team a few years later, bringing with him
one of the sharpest marketing and promotional minds in the business (not to
mention being the funniest guy on the planet).  I followed a few years
later, fresh from LA and ready to bring my own experience and perspective into a
team I already greatly admired.

Through the years we have had the privilege to manage many incredible artists and our business grew into a big operation. 
We have shared countless groundbreaking experiences with our artists and have
had more reasons to celebrate and be grateful than most.

But as much as we love and respect each other and as proud
as we all are of our history – – the reality is that today's music
business and today's economy just wouldn't support the size of the machine we
had built over the years.  So in a very quiet way, and with nothing but the
greatest admiration for each other, we came to a unanimous decision that it was
time to shut the big machine down.

We are all going to remain connected on several levels –
professionally and personally – for years to come.  Chaz is going to
continue managing Michael W. Smith and I will continue managing Amy. 
Dan and Mike will both continue to work with Amy on key projects but not in a day-to-day management

Although sad about the end of an incredible era and forever
grateful to Dan, Mike, Chaz and Amy for welcoming me 20 years ago with open
arms, I am excited to be moving forward with Amy as she continues her own
artistic journey.  I think some amazing things are still around the

One of the hardest parts for me of the past few day was parting ways with my "right arm" – Amanda.  For those of you who are members of FOA you know first hand what an amazing addition she was to Team Amy.  I hope to be able to involve her in projects from time to time moving forward.  I will miss working with her on a daily basis.  Her smile, positive attitude, and efficiency made each day a better one for all of us.

As always, more to come…


  • Andrew

    Wow! I’m still in shock, I didn’t see this coming. Amy is so fortunate to have been surrounded by so many talented people. Wishing everyone the best as new doors open! And Jen, good luck with your adjustment to Amanda‚Äôs absence. Amanda, you will be truly be missed by many of us.

  • Janice C.

    As surprising as this announcement is, maybe it will open new doors and send more opportunities the way of all involved (especially Amy!) God bless all of you in your future endeavors!

  • Chris

    I must say I’m shocked. No other way to put it. Obviously you had hinted that something was up, with your earlier blog comment about “change in the wind” or something along that line, but…. Seriously. No words. Having worked so closely and so much with Amanda on the Charlotte Christmas show just a few months back (and the many months leading up to it), I know how integral she was to you and your management of Amy’s career. My heart and prayers go out to all of you as you make the transitions to your new employment situations.

  • Kevin C.

    After each door closes, new and often better doors open. As always, I wish you the best. All of us regular FOAers appreciate all that you do for us. We’re gonna miss Amanda. Let her know that we appreciate all her help. Hope to see you on the road in the near future!

  • Julie

    I believe this decision was made with much prayer and discernment. May good things be round the corner for everyone!

  • Melanie

    Those of us who are TRUE fans of Amy realize the impact of this change. It’s like you guys bound together to take on the world all those years ago and rose above the critics and have always come out on top. I hate that this era is ending, but I look forward to all that is in store for the future. The loyal fans are with you through all the winds of change.

  • Debbie O. Fennell

    Jennifer, I’m sorry that the company is closing its doors, but sure that the Lord has something awesome in store for you. Thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do in the years to come. You have been such an asset to Amy and her fans. I know what you mean about Amanda, I’ve had the pleasure of e-mailing back and forth and she’s always been very helpful and kind.
    Love, Debbie
    Vince and Amy’s Sister In Christ

  • Kim

    Boy, what a change! Even though I’m not close personally, it sure does make all those years of memories pop back into my mind!
    What a great time it has been! And now the new adventures and God right in the front.
    Not fond of change but excited to see the hand of God.
    God bless you all and look forward to whats ahead!

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