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Posted on: February 26th, 2009 by Jennifer 17 Comments

Well, all vacations must come to an end….  unless of course you are rich enough to not need to work!

My glorious week in Snowmass/Aspen ended last Sunday and I've been back at the office all week trying to get caught up on emails and phone calls.  I came back to over 1000 emails in my inbox asking me everything from "Is Amy available to do a concert on _____ date?" (answer – pending) to "Would Amy be willing to give free Philosophy products to all FOA members?" (answer – that would be nice but not feasible) to everything in between.  I'm finally down to fewer than 200 emails so I thought I would take a break and say hello to all of you.

We are meeting next Monday with our webmaster to put the final touches on the full website.  I apologize for the delay in getting the full site up and running and hope that our interim site with blogs, message boards and store has been sufficient.  But the new site looks great and will have many fun and informational features.  It should be launched soon.

The other thing I am going to say is that June 8, 2009 promises to be a great night of music and memories for many Amy fans.  We will be announcing a special concert soon but wanted to at least put the date out there (especially for those of you on the east coast) so you could save it on your calendar.  I should be announcing the event in the next two weeks.

But, that is not the BIG announcement I keep hinting at.  We are making special plans for FOA members that I will be unveiling soon.  Ahhh…. the mystery and suspense, right? :)

Well, off to more meetings and emails.  Amy is still working in the studio on a handful of songs.  She is also trying to spend a lot of quality time with her family after such a busy fall/Christmas.

Happy Thursday… .More to come…


  • Nathaniel N

    Alright Jen so is this event happenning on the east coast? or west coast? Im confused please give us more of a hint so we can plan our “travel time” more accordingly!

  • Michelle Gibson

    June 8? Try June 6 or 7. June 8th is a Monday, not a good option for those of us who work.

  • marcelle costa

    so the lmo dvd is to come?

  • C Salley

    This sounds like fun, however there was a post posted today on the blog that contained an article saying that Amy and Vince were co hosting an event in Washington DC that day…. hmmm… Could this be what you are referring to? If so this article beat you to it… http://news.prnewswire.com/DisplayReleaseContent.aspx?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/02-26-2009/0004979133&EDATE=
    If something else is planned in DC area, that stinks it is pretty far from me.

  • Janice

    Hmmm…you know how to build suspense, Jen! Hope you had a great relaxing vacation. Glad to hear that there is some special things in the works!

  • Chad

    Dude… more hints! I’m craving some real meat; real info, •please•! I love all the hints and knowing the June date helps but I’m dying to hear something as far as *what* will take place. With all of these hints & teasers and no real info, I feel like I’m watching an episode of Lost. 😉

  • MtnGems

    This is surprise enough!!!! June 8th a night of music for FoA’S!!!! What more could you possible have up your sleeve??? LOL!!! Hope it’s Nashville!!!!!! ( East coast you mentioned)

  • susan boylan

    Jen, Can you ask Amy if she has any interest in singing at a wedding on May 30th in Minnesota?

  • http://www.myspace.com/beesquared2 Kim

    I am Totally Amazed at some of the requests you get!!!!
    It makes me think of this story I heard where this woman just announced her wedding date to a crowd of friends – and one says, “Could you change that date, it really doesn’t work for me.”
    OMG People Get a Life Already!!
    Great to hear from you Jen, thanks for the updates!
    Just keep singing Amy!

  • Catherine

    I am DYING to hear what the big annoucement is gonna be! I have a tight work schedule so I’ll need lots of advance notice to fly up to see Miss Amy!

  • Angela Setzer

    I hope you are well rested from your vacation. I am appalled that people would have the audacity to ask for free products from Philosophy. If i remember right proceeds from that go to some charity….why would you get it free???? Anyways….. can’t wait for Amy’s new album!!!

  • Cheryl

    Great!!! I’m on the East coast!!! Can’t wait!!! Thank you, Jen, for keeping us up-to-date. The free Philosophy products do sound good, though. I’m currently a Mary-Kay and NuSkin person but I’m always ready for a trial. Just kidding but it is a nice thought. Maybe discounts?

  • marcelle costa

    hahahah, omg, i think it’s not a dvd.:)

  • Alan Carver

    Well it sounds like East Coasters are finally going to get to hear that concert for Aspen Challenge that was postponed last year. Great! As for the rest of us FOA’ers who are unable to attend, lets hope that they have something really special for us . . . and it sounds like they do. Great.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/Groove86 Trudi

    Hey Jen,
    Hope you, Braden and friends had a wonderful vacation. Maybe you had a little business on the side in Snowmass concerning this Challenge America June 8th event?? Hmmmm…I wonder…I could always be wrong of course. :-) Just gathering information from everything I’ve seen here. In any case, thank you for the hints and for giving us a date to look forward to soon!
    Keep it up…really appreciate what you do!

  • Amy Brooker

    I’m dying to know what the BIg announcement is!!! Glad you had a great vacation

  • wayne allen

    Hey Jen, Thanks so much for keeping us up todate on Amy and her happenings! Sure can’t wait to hear what the exciting news is! Hope you had a great vacation! Take it easy! Also, definitely can’t wait for the new cd and other materials to follow!



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