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Posted on: February 12th, 2009 by Jennifer 12 Comments

Amy and I are back in Nashville after a busy and fun-filled couple of days in Los Angeles.  The event was very fun and definitely star-studded.  Amy performed "She Colors My Day" and talked a bit about the importance of cancer research from some of her own personal recollections of growing up with a father who was a radiologist/oncologist.  If all goes as planned we hope to use this event as the launching pad for a big mother's day push for the "She Colors My Day" Philosophy products and song, with all proceeds going to the Women's Cancer Research Fund.  More details to come on that one…

We also met with the producer of the Three Wishes about a new idea.  Hmmm… Nothing to tell yet, but we are going to try to push a little idea down the road and see if something comes of it.

Amy also brought me up to speed on the production of some new songs.  They have recorded 5 so far and she is excited to play them for management but wants to put a few more touches on them first.  I'm anxious to hear them.

The flight home was smooth til we started our descent into Nashville and then it was like a rollercoaster.  We actually had to abort our first attempt at a landing due to a strong crosswind.  Scary.  It made me extra thankful to get back home…

So here are some photos from the event.  Enjoy.

Amy on the red carpet


Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox, and Rita Wilson on the red carpet


Gwyneth Paltrow accepting her award


Tom Hanks introducing Amy


Beyonce performing Crazy In Love 



Jay-Z and Gwyneth Paltrow


Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg


  • Merrie

    Wow, Jenn. WOW. Did Tom say anything particularly interesting when intro’ing Amy? I’m so glad you got to attend something like that. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • James

    fun fun…i enjoyed reading about you guys’ trip so much…i love that you 2 are keeping in touch in this way…and the news about 5 almost finished songs well that just thrilled this fan…keep us posted…one more thing…can’t wait to see she colors my day have it’s day in the sun…loves it…

  • Dawn of brittanys

    Jen, you’re a great blogger! thanks.
    so excited about the new songs…
    I just know the best is yet to come!

  • Julie Fidler

    Must be something about Nashville… EVERY TIME I fly into NIA, it’s like a roller coaster. We once had to circle the airport for over an hour because there was a tornado warning on the ground and the power was out in the airport. It’s amazing how fast you can recite the Lord’s prayer when you think you’re about to kiss the ground…with your face.

  • otter4771

    Great pics Jen! Good job.
    Did Amy get to chat with Beyonce and reminisce about playing together years ago? Those dance moves look like ‘Single Ladies’. Did she sing that as well?

  • otter4771

    Amy must like that dress/shoes. She wor the same outfit at the fashion show in NYC in Sept. ha.

  • Rachel (WI)

    WOW wow wow! These are so amazing! Amy looks beautiful and I love her dress and shoes! That fits her so well. Thank you for these pictures!

  • Rachel (WI)

    And I’m glad y’all made it home safely.

  • Janice

    Nice pics, Jen! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing what the “idea” is ! Glad you and Amy made it home safe.

  • Laura

    Thanks for the info Jenn. Just wondering, did anyone other than Amy and Beyonce perform?

  • Zoe W

    Wow Jen – fab photos…I so wish I could run up and stand next to Amy on the red carpet…and so exciting to hear Amy talking about her new songs. Looks like a fun event – glad you both enjoyed it and that you are safe – now I know why God prompts me to pray for Amy at strange times! Can the idea…take place in the UK? pretty please…..

  • Alan Carver

    Amy continues to show her humanitarian efforts by highlighting the issues of our time. Impressive with an introduction made by Tom Hanks. Let us hope that the results of these ‘meetings’ results in some new and out of the box projects for Amy!



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