Good Morning Sunny (but chilly) California….

Posted on: February 10th, 2009 by Jennifer 8 Comments

I always love coming "home" to Los Angeles.  Although I grew up in Orange County, I attended UCLA and my grandparents home is located right off Laurel Canyon, so LA is a special place to me.  I woke up this morning and looked out my hotel window and saw the bright blue skies and sunshine and instantly had a smile on my face.  Although Nashville has captured my heart, there is nothing like a pretty day in Southern California.

Our flight was smooth and uneventful (just the way I like them!).  Ironically enough, Peter Cetera was sitting next to us on the flight.  He was flying to Los Angeles to catch another flight to Manilla for a concert.  In the "it's a small world" category – Kim Keyes had just called Amy while we were waiting to board our plane to say she was flying to Manilla for a concert with Peter.  And then up walked Peter.

I told Amy that if I was a good "blogger" I would have taken a picture of the two of them together and posted it on this blog and twitter but that I felt awkward asking them to pose.  She laughed and said, "I'm so glad you didn't ask"…  So, no pic.

In another "small world" moment, when we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by Amy's stage manager from the Heart In Motion and House of Love tours.  We hadn't seem him in years but when he heard Amy was coming from Nashville he waited in the lobby to see us.  He is now working with Beyonce, who is also performing at this event tonight.

This morning we are meeting the producer of Three Wishes for breakfast and to catch up with him and to dream/scheme a bit.  It will be good to see him.

The event is tonight.  I've been told this event is a big deal in Hollywood.  Lots of movie and music stars will be there…. and me.  I will try to sneak a few discreet pictures if I can. 

More to come….

  • Sandy

    it´s always such a sweet thing to read your blogs. Your style to write makes me happy.
    And all the little “inside Infos” we get from you are so intresting. It´s great to be an Amy Fan, BUT it´s also great to be an Amy-fan BECAUSE of you, her wonderful charming friend and manager.
    Have a great evening today in beautiful California and YES if you find time to make some snapshots, that would be wonderful.

  • Dasha

    Whoohoo possible photos! What a fun event to go to, Jen. I hope you see fabulous, favorite stars and get to chat with them.

  • Andrew

    Wow! How fun! It is always amazing how we ‘run into people’ when we least expect it…loved hearing the story. Especially since Kim Keyes was part of the “triangle”.
    Have a blast tonight and keep us updated on the dreaming and scheming that took place today!!!!

  • Zoe W

    Wow Jen,what an exciting day for you both – and full of such lovely twists and turns. I hope that you have fun and get to meet some people you like at the event. Thank you for letting us know about Amy’s daily life – it is such a special gift from you both. Love from a very wet and slowly defrosting England.

  • Teresa Lubovich

    Jen, thanks for all you do to help us feel a part of what’s happening in Amy’s world… It feels like a privilege to follow you around…. looking forward to whatever pictures you can sneak in! You do a GREAT job for us fans…. thank you – enjoy lovely sunny LA.

  • Janice

    How fun to run into old friends out of the blue! I’m sure it made the flight go faster. Looking forward to seeing pics from the benefit. Have a great time, ladies and maybe you’ll run into more old friends!

  • Jen Norton

    Well I’m bummed that you are back in my state, and I can’t see you! If you get tired of all the Hollywood hoopla, hop on up to Northern CA and I’ll open a nice bottle of wine for you both. :-) Thanks for keeping us all in the loop…

  • Kristin

    I still have the program from the “House of Love” Tour!



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