Charity Event in Los Angeles….

Posted on: February 9th, 2009 by Jennifer 9 Comments

Amy and I are flying to Los Angeles today so she can take part in a big charity event tomorrow night for the Women's Cancer Research Fund.  She has been asked to sing "She Colors My Day" and talk about her involvement with Philosophy and the commitment they have to raising funds and awareness to help find the cure for cancer.  The event is co-chaired by Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Steven Speilberg, and Kate Capshaw.  This year's honorees at the event are Gwenyth Paltrow and Courtney Cox.  It should be a fun night.  I will post pictures.  My big concern right now is trying to decide what to wear! :)

More to come…

  • Janice

    I would dress warmly, Jen or at least in layers. It’s rainy and cold in southern California today. You and Amy have a safe flight and a great time at the benefit! Wish you two could stop in Phoenix but that’s wishful thinking on my part! :-)

  • Angela Setzer

    That is so awesome. God is really branching Amy out to be a witnessing tool. I know you don’t want to be in people’s face but i hope she uses the platform wisely!!!! Oh that was silly to say…. i know she will… lol!!!

  • sarah olvera

    Hello from SoCal! Hope you enjoy your day here. Have fun! Sorry about the weather(lol)… but the sunset is killer if you get a chance…

  • Trudi

    Safe travels ladies. I will say a prayer…have a blast and thanks for letting us know Jen. By the way, is this a televised event?
    love & blessings,

  • Nostalgic

    Has the video for “She Colors My Day” been posted anywhere yet? I check the web site from time to time but haven’t seen it.

  • Sara

    yay Jen and Amy! have fun in California!

  • Zoe W

    Go girls – hope you REALLY enjoy yourselves, I am so pleased that Amy has the opportunity to sing at the event and thank you both for giving your time to such an important issue.

  • carlhenry01

    Hi, Have a great time. Can you tell me if Amy has any plans to tour or perform the UK this year or next year?

  • Kady Herr-Yang

    Hi there! I need help. I love to serve God through helping the elderly, especially those who doesn’t know Him yet. About a year ago, we opened the first ever of its kind, a Christian Elderly program for the Hmong elderly community here in Milwaukee. It is a much needed program. As the economy is right now, we are struggling to sustain the program financially. Would Amy ever consider doing a charity event for such a small program yet is much needed for the Hmong elderly community here in Milwaukee? If not, I understand and ask God to continue blessing her and her family. But if so, it would be God’s answer to many prayers and truly His miracle come true. Serving God through serving the elderly, Kady



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