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Posted on: February 2nd, 2009 by Jennifer 21 Comments

We posted a stream of the Lead Me On Houston show. Let me know what you think. Happy listening….


  • Debbie Alderton

    I was working at home today, so I decided to turn on the FOA radio–what a great surprise! I was at the Hershey concert, and listening to this brought it all back. Great music!!!
    Thanks so much,

  • Volker

    I’m listening to it right now and I love it! I’d love to have it on CD.

  • Andrew


  • jayson

    Wow, I LOVE Angels…. Amazing version…

  • Walter Stinson

    I think this needs to be released Jen is what I think. : )

  • Catherine

    Wow…this made my spirit soar. I’m terribly sleep-deprived working a morning shift but I stayed up late to listen to the whole thing! Thanks, Jen! :)

  • Aaron Wallace

    I’m just seeing this right before I go to bed… not helping me get sleep, Jennifer! 😀
    This sounds AMAZING so far. Excellent sound quality. Would love to hear it on CD! (Or on Blu-ray with uncompressed HD video/audio! :D)

  • Dasha

    My Ken asked Chris Eaton if they were taping and if they could release it. Chris thought not. Ken has said “I could leave or take Amy Grant.” (He loves the old stuff.) But after the LMO Visalia, he was on site looking up the next dates in NorCal and planning on going to shows WITHOUT me!

  • Teresa

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Thank you, Jen! Takes me back to last November and September 1988!

  • Cathy

    I Loved this tour.

  • Angela Setzer

    It’s so funny because i was at this show, i was so excited to take my 4 year old. Let me tell you it was rockin- halfway thru the show my son decides it’s time to go to McDonald’s so i took him outside for a little bit. I was glad to get to hear everything again!!!! Hopefully a cd will be on the way….hint,hint!!!!!

  • Lionel

    Thanks for posting the concert! I loved hearing it again. It’s wonderful to hear the changes Amy and band made from CA to TX. You can hear Kim Keyes soaring vocals on the ad libs outro of Lead Me On. It was spectacular!

  • Zoe W

    Thanks so much for this Jen, living in the UK and being a mum I couldn’t make the concert…but now feel like I have! Thanks for including us all the time….I’d love a DVD!

  • Cheryl

    Thank you, Jen. It took me back to experience the concert again. I like the way Amy sang “What About The Love”. Thank you for sharing with us. It definitely was unexpected!

  • Alan Carver

    I really loved hearing the show for the first time – I was unable to attend the concert in the NW cities! I had a cup of coffee and listened and reminisced and went back to 1988 all over again! Alot of life has happened since then . . . whew!

  • davidnicholas

    Jennifer, thanks for posting this… what a great treat. Sound quality is fabulous. Already listened through once entirely. Seems like just yesterday. Again, many thanks!!!

  • Janice

    Jennifer, I listened to the concert recording today and it brought back so many great memories of the Phoenix concert! I do wish the rest of the encore would have been played, however.
    I’m listening to the special playlists now. Love it!!!

  • Chad

    This is beyond-words amazing. “Love of Another Kind,” “Fight,” & “Wait for the Healing” feature an energy & excitement that I’ve always wanted to hear from Amy. “What About the Love” is stunning & powerful! Honestly, that’s never been one of my favorites but I loved the depth on this live version. “El Shaddai” and “Lead me On” have never sounded better. “All I Ever Have to Be” sounds beautiful with the new arrangement and updated sound. The new, tad-slower rendition of “Sing Your Praise to the Lord” is georgeous and I can understand the lyrics more clearly than the original album version.
    Above all else, this live audio is remarkable because it is so apparent that Amy is having a blast. I’ve seen her live dozens of times over the past 15 years and I’ve never seen her so excited as on this tour (I was at the show in Branson, MO). This excitement translates into the best Amy concert I’ve ever had the privlage of attending.
    Jenn, please tell me this is going to be released in some way. If nothing else, please make it possible to purchase / download tracks from FOA. I would do anything to have these songs as part of my collection. I’m hoping that this upcoming FOA announcement has something to do with the LMO live release.

  • Keith

    Jen, thanx so much for this!! It’s been so fun to go back and relive one of the best Amy concerts I’ve ever been to! You said you would post something from the tour, but I never expected practically the entire show! Wow! One question…..where is Say Once More?!?! My all-time fave Amy song…so great to hear her do live again. Please post it if you can.

  • Zoe W

    Dear Jen,
    I know Ive already posted. But I’ve been listening to the concert again today – and it is such good soul food. It struck me that it is so wonderful to hear that these songs still mean so much to Amy, and songs that I treasure – you can tell that she still does too. Please thank her for me.

  • http://None Greg Paquin

    Can anyone tell me the album which has El Shaddai on it? I want the one with beautiful orchestral opening.



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