The Art of Compassion

Posted on: January 28th, 2009 by Jennifer 5 Comments

A few months ago Amy lent her voice to a multi-artist project called "The Art of Compassion," which is releasing soon.  The goal of the project is to raise funds and awareness regarding the issue of global poverty.  Check out this website for more information…..

The Art of Compassion

  • Jen Norton

    Poverty of both material wealth and spirit feeds all the other ills we encounter here on earth. Thanks to Amy for continuing to share her talents to chip away at that solid rock wall that keeps us separated from God’s warm light.


    Her song with Michael and the Watoto Children’s Choir is one of the best! Sounds amazing!

  • Dasha

    An ad for this popped up on my facebook today. It sounds like a great project and goes on my wishlist.

  • Thea

    What a fabulous project. The youtube video is great.

  • Nostalgic

    Speaking of other Amy projects, I keep checking back for the “She Colors My Day” video. Any word on when it will be posted?



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