Back in the studio

Posted on: January 28th, 2009 by Amy Grant 78 Comments

Today is day 8 in the studio.
We’re working on a song called “Better Not to Know” that Cindy Morgan and I wrote.
My Grandmother Grant died in the spring of 1988 when my first child was 5 months old.
We planted a field of fruit trees in her memory….little leafless sticks with promising root balls.
I lived on that farm another ten years… Had two more children there, and then life took a few unexpected turns.
When I left the farm I left behind the shade of those 75 trees that had grown into a thick canopy over our heads
They never had any fruit.
Evevtually, the farm was sold.
Then this past summer I got a phone call.
The current owner of the property had had the surviving fruit trees pruned, the farm next door had started keeping bees.
My grandmother’s trees were loaded down with peaches and pears and apples.

When Cindy came to my house last fall, I had just made my first batch of pear preserves
We talked and ate and wrote this song:

We sowed our seeds
Watered with tears
Waiting for signs of growth
Took months of days
And then took years.
We took our steps
We took our falls
Somewhere along the way
We just got lost
And we lost it all.
Nothing ventured nothing gained
The risk of living is the pain
And what will be will be anyway

Oh, it’s better not to know
The way it’s gonna go
What will die and what will grow
It’s better not to know

Those tiny stems became these trees
With dirt and storms
And sun and air to breathe
Like you and me
And some fell down
And some grew tall
And those surviving twenty winter thaws
Have the sweetest fruit of all
But innocence and planting day
Are both long gone
So much has changed
And if we got to do it all again …

Oh it’s better not to know…

  • Gayle Caldwell and Cindy wrote a song together…awesome..please please..come back and tour Australia AMY soon.
    we love you!!!

  • Kirsten Seaberry

    Amy…I’m an old fan who misses u. As you left those songs of God and Jesus, I felt like you left me. And although I appreciate those who are reaching my children with a Christian worldview and songs that offer praise to Jesus, I find I don’t have anything to listen to.

  • Patricia A. Buchanan

    I do not even know where to begin; your songs have impacted my life by leading to the King “JESUS” since 1985.
    I hope you are happy and close to your King.
    Amy you are the “Main course” and I still enjoy the “Vegetables” even though there were not many albums made by him.
    I hope he is happy and close to Jesus as well!!
    Thank you Amy!!!
    Mother of 5, broken, healed and saved!! But the fight carries on >>

  • sean cain

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  • Julie Mendoza

    Hi Amy,
    Sort of off the subject…but just wanted to share…
    I finally had a chance to sit and listen to the demos that are on the Friends of Amy Online radio and 1st of all…I think it is the coolest feature of a fan club ever! You always talked about how you wrote so many songs for “Behind the Eyes” (my favorite favorite album) and I always wanted to hear them all. I fell in love with “Come Into My World” immediately. It is a beautiful song and beautiful performance…I can’t get it out of my head. You are hands down one of the best songwriters of all time.
    Thanks for doing what you do and sharing it with us.
    Blessings, Julie

  • Terri

    You played an important part in my life as a new Christian in 1984. I had just gotten saved while in college at NCSU and soon discovered your music. You were the first Christian artist’s music I bought. I wore the cassette out from playing it so much – so I got another one! Then, the summer of 1985 I was working at King’s Dominion in VA and you came with your LEAD ME ON TOUR. WOW! You just blew me away! I just received your book MOSAIC this past Christmas as a gift – and I felt I was reconnecting with an old friend.
    You have such a sincerity and way of speaking straight to the heart. The lyrics above to “Better Not to Know” just had me balling my eyes out. We are going through a hard time now financially – we own a Construction business in Greensboro, NC. But I know God will see us through. Somehow your words are a reminder that we all have seasons to go through – this too shall pass.
    God Bless you and your family – I pray God continues to use you to minster to people’s hearts like mine!

  • Jerry Bradshaw

    I have to say – your Christmas concert here in Michigan was phenomenal! I absolutely cannot wait for your new album! I’ve been satiating my appetite with “Never Alone” and “Age To Age” and playing “Behind The Eyes” at the coffee shop where I work. I’m looking forward to hearing a new collection of songs! Thank you so much, Amy for all the beautiful music and memories!

  • MMC

    Very interesting story and the great song!

  • paige

    absolutely beautiful
    love everything both you & cindy create

  • andrew mceachan

    amy what is good about all your songs that it comes from the heart from emmanuel,god with us to this new one as a young christian i had a poster that said “what comes form the heart touches the heart and so will this new one i am from australia let me know the cd comes our

  • Kristi

    Another beautiful song….thank you!

  • http://www.myspace charlie Brown

    Did you see the Vullo family (Mother and a 3 year old boy and and beautiful 8 year old girl killed in a homicide in their home in Clarksville? Wish someone would write a song about Diamin and family. Mother is disabled and devistated

  • June Vendetti

    Hi Amy,
    So glad to hear you are singing your Christian Music once again. I hope you continue to do so. God called you to this beautiful ministry, and He needs to have as many as possible work to get His message out.
    I was quite disappointed when you went mainstream, because I felt you betrayed your Christian fans.
    This world needs the Christian message now more than ever. Don’t ever walk away from it again, Amy.

  • Tracy

    I have a painting in my head when I read this… a painting that’s never been painted that I wish I could muster up the creativity again to do. Thanks for the mature and realistic (yet hopeful) outlook. I haven’t heard the song yet though… I need to google it and see which cd it’s on, I missed it somehow. I also saw a snippet of an acoustic version of “Saved By Love” the other day – I’m so excited I just now saw that anniversary cd is available! I still listen to it occasionally on my old original cassette tape (that’s a high compliment – all my favorites I still listen to the original cassettes just for the nostalgia :) … ok, maybe it isn’t so much the nostalgia; really it’s because I haven’t been able to afford to replace all of them with cd’s yet, lol)

  • kc

    one thing holds true over the last 25+ years that amy has had an effect on my life-the fact that she is willing to remain true to her heart-no matter what people throw her way-that is an amazing feat! fans may come and go but an awareness of self remains in tact. good job

  • Rick Orrell

    Love your music Amy and Cindy is one of my favorites too – any chance you could write a short blog sentence or two more than just once every three or four months?? :-))
    Love ya’!

  • Lannysanford

    Thank you for being a wonderful singer my Dad have cancer and some days I need all the help I can get I do alot of writing so my friend all Email about my Dad

  • LMR

    Amy, I have loved your music since I early in my walk with God with your very first album. Being about the same age, at college at the same time, married and had children about the same time I have always wanted to meet you or at least see you in concert.. maybe someday. You are a gifted writer and storyteller. Thank you for your openness and I am sorry that the pharisees of the Christian world have been so hard on you for just living your life. If I dont meet you on this side, I will enjoy meeting you on the other. If you would ever like a venue to speak or sing in Georgia I work at a large University in Georgia and can arrange especially a book reading as I am in charge of a large writers association.
    I continue to pray for you as I have since 1980 when I first heard your music.

  • Patrick Flynn

    Been a bit quiet lately? Is Amy still in the studio?

  • pianomanda

    Wow… My two idols have come together and written a song?!? Is it done yet? Can we hear a preview?? It will be the most beautiful one I’ve ever heard, I’m sure. You two are the best!!!

  • Josh Will

    Amy I just saw you for the umteenth time on the 20th Anniv Lead Me On Tour!!! My favorite concert in years. Having your music in my life has been a nice constant since I was age 7 (now 33). Thank you! I look forward to every new album!!!! =) Josh

  • Anand

    Hey Amy,
    I never knew of this blog. Happened to bump into it by chance. Now that I am here though, wot an opportunity to let u know about something that happend because of your “Baby baby” super song..quite recently.
    CHeck this out and figure it our urself.
    I’d LOVE to knw wot u think of it.
    Come out in the open again. We all love u.
    (especialy me).
    Andy. :-)

  • Albuquerque Júnior

    Sou um jovem estudante de jornalismo, brasileiro, 30 anos, membro da Primeira Igreja Batista de Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brasil, e sempre gostei de ouvir Amy Grant. E um dia espero poder conhecê-la.
    Amy, Nunca esqueça suas raízes, querida.
    Deus a esolheu para brilhar, sempre.
    Abraço de um anônimo que virá a conhecê-la, se Deus assim o quiser.

  • Diann

    It’s great to hear you’re writing and recording again. I’ve loved your music from the time I was 15 (I’m 43 now). Honestly, I haven’t understood the recent Christmas music thing, when you were always fresh, creative, unique and authentic. I’ve been waiting for you to release something other than hymns & carols so I could buy it. Please write, play, and tour again. Don’t let any one’s outdated or small minded idea of who you should be influence that. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  • Makayla

    That is a beautiful song – I find your music really touching. I was also really happy to discover your book: Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far as an audio book on – it’s always awesome to have the option to listen as well as read. Looking forward to hearing more of your story!

  • patrick flynn

    Whatever happened to the plans to release a full album including Better not To Know and other new songs. Being a foreign fan its hard to get Amy’s music online. I can’t wait to hear her new stuff. Amy hope you’re enjoying africa and that it will leave you wanting to come back for more… I have been a fan since the 80’s and your music is so amazing. It’s my lifelong dream to see you perform live and to meet you in person. God Bless you richly and your beautiful family and wonderful husband, Vince.

  • Wayne Mitchell

    Hey Amy, I just read a recent post from friends of Amy, there is an album you apparently are writing for, details coming soon! Can’t wait to hear!!

  • Wayne Mitchell

    By the way, really enjoyed your Three Wishes! In fact, right now at 447am, i am watching the episodes of that program! I was thankful to watch them all, when they came out on tv and i recorded, all of them! I just have to invest in getting a dvd/vhs to record them onto dvds! Hey, what happened with all the hard to get stuff of Amy’s! When do we get new Amy stuff? It has been a long year! Not all of us, can afford these online digital items! No offense! I still don’t have, she colors my day or unafraid! Can anyone help with that, if possible!



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