Brrrrrrrrr……. cold

Posted on: January 15th, 2009 by Jennifer 116 Comments

Wow — it is COLD here in Nashville, Tennessee.  It's going to get down to single digits tonight.  Now for you North Easterners, etc., that might not seem so cold to you, but for this California girl it is just too cold to do anything other than bundle up by the fire.;)

Amy was back in the studio today putting down some guitar tracks on some of the new songs.  I spoke to her this morning and reminded her that there is a lot of interest from all of you in hearing directly from her and she promised to post a blog soon.  I'll stay after her.   And I'll keep blogging…

We've hit the ground running to start 2009 and we should be making some new announcements in the next couple of weeks.  One thing I am working on is uploading some of the Lead Me On Anniversary shows on to the FOA Radio Amy… as well as the BIG FOA announcement I hinted at earlier…

Also, in addition to working on the new album we are also looking at releasing some special catalogue projects and would love to hear back from you as to what you would most enjoy having in your collections?  A remix (dance) collection?  A remix (non-dance) collection?  Rarities, b-sides?  A complete box set of everything she has done?  Cover songs?  Lullabye songs?  Collections of songs with certain themes and adding new liner notes and pictures?  It would be interesting to hear what you most want.  I'm listening…

More to come….

God bless,


  • Bradley Olson

    One of the first vinyl reissues to be done is a remastered “The Collection” as a 2 LP set with all 17 tracks on the CD. The side breakdown would be as follows.
    Record 1:
    Side 1: first 4 tracks (16:96)
    Side 2: Tracks 5-9 on CD (17:08)
    Record 2:
    Side 1: Tracks 10-13 on CD (15:68)
    Side 2: Tracks 14-17 on CD (16:76)

  • Walter

    Hi Jen,
    Definitely a dance remix would be what many of her long time fans like myself would enjoy. It was so nice to be able to dance to her “Lead me on Concert”. I like guitar playing Amy, but the songs that make you want to dance/work out would be at the top of the charts for me. How awesome to hear a rocked out version of Love of Another Kind or Wise Up. I can remember here in Nashville in the early 90’s hearing Baby Baby at the clubs when I went out. The good ole days.
    Thanks for asking for our input!

  • Bradley Olson

    A friend of mine and I would love for Amy to record a country album.

  • Kenny Peters

    What a great blogging idea and I’m sooo thrilled to know that Amy’s behind the idea as well.
    First I have to say how much I have enjoyed seeing so many pictures of you with Amy – that would be an ultimate thrill to me to get to tell her in person of the profound effect “Behind The Eyes” had on me and still does….
    My thoughts;
    1) A dance remix CD would be excellent, but using tunes that have not been remixed before., i.e. The Water, Come Be With Me, Happy, etc.
    2) A rarities collection would be amazing and well received by the fans.
    3) The I-Tunes special with background by Amy on each song was spectacular to me. I’d love a boxed set of Behind The Eyes collections and forward with that type of treatment.
    4) Anything that Amy wants to share. All good in my eyes!

  • Bradley Olson

    BTW, the only way that “Lead Me On” would sell on new vinyl would be to issue the 20th Anniversary version on 45rpm vinyl.
    Lead Me On 12″ 45rpm vinyl
    Record 1 Side 1: 1974, Lead Me On (total time is 10 minutes)
    Record 1 Side 2: Shadows, Saved By Love (total time is 10:06 for this side)
    Record 2 Side 1: Saved By Love, Faithless Heart (total time is 9:53)
    Record 2 Side 2: What About The Love, If These Walls Could Speak (total time: 10:67)
    Record 3 Side 1 : All Right, Wait For The Healing (total time: 10:03)
    Record 3 Side 2: Sure Enough,If You Have To Go Away (total time 8:02)
    Record 4 Side 1: Say Once More, Lead Me On Acoustic (total time: 8:97)
    Record 4 Side 2: Introduction To Faithless Heart (Amy & Michael W. Smith), Faithless Heart (Acoustic),
    Say Once More (Acoustic), Wait For The Healing (Live)
    (total time: 13:34-minor compression and compromises will have to be done)
    Record 5 Side 1: Shadows (Live), All Right (Live) (total time: 10:48)
    Record 5 Side 2: 8. Piano Intro (Michael W. Smith), Lead Me On (Live),
    Quite A Change (Interview) (total time: 9:19)
    Additional 7″ 45rpm single required for these tracks
    Side 1: Great Balancing Act (Interview), Seasons (Interview) (total time: 2:65)
    Side 2: Wait For The Healing (Interview), Looking Back (Interview) (total time: 1:45)

  • Mike

    Rarities and B-sides please!

  • Doug Campbell

    1. B-sides, single versions, unreleased songs, alternate takes and rarities in a box set.
    2. Release double CD sets, remastered versions with another CD of album rarities of Behind The Eyes, Simple Things and Time Again (with a disc of the practice sessions?).
    3. 12″ remix box set of all Dance tunes! This sounds great on an iPod and for working out too.
    Amy, your my favorite female vocalist. Thank you for continuing to sing. Please come to Rockford, IL on your next tour, you were here years ago!!!

  • Sara

    hey Jen!!
    Thanks so much for starting the conversation with us!!
    I just echo what others have said, I’d buy anything Amy put together.
    I think a covers album would be neat, I’d love to see “Turn Turn Turn” and Amy and Vince’s “Love Love me Do.” I think Amy and Vince’s versions of those songs sound amazing!
    An “Amy Unplugged” album would be phenomenal! especially if it included songs like “come into my world”, “crowded in here”, “groanings of the heart” and other songs that are lyrically AMAZING, maybe giving Amy a chance to polish up those songs would be so fun!!
    I didn’t think Amy was exactly a dance-y kinda girl, so I’m not sure how well her singer/songwriter type would translate as dance tracks….
    Whatever makes Amy happy is what she should do!!!

  • Bradley Olson

    There are lots of dance mix versions that have been released of singles from the Heart In Motion/House of Love era on 12″ single, 45rpm single, several on the Greatest Hits 1986-2004 CD on A&M, and the Greatest Videos 1986-2004 DVD.

  • Bradley Olson

    For Behind The Eyes on vinyl, this is the timing that is required for the best sound: 45rpm without bonus tracks:
    Record 1, Side 1: Nobody Home, I Will Be Your Friend (7:37)
    ” ” Side 2: Like I Love You, Takes a Little Time (9:05)
    Record 2, Side 1: Cry a River, Turn This World Around (8:09)
    ” ” Side 2: Curious Thing, Every Road (8:35)
    Record 3, Side 1: Leave It All Behind, Missing You (7:49)
    ” ” Side 2: The Feeling I Had, Somewhere Down The Road (8:05)
    For 33 1/3: Record 1 Side 1 (Nobody Home, I Will Be Your Friend, Like I Love You, Takes a Little Time-16:02)
    Record 1 Side 2 (Cry a River, Turn This World Around, Curious Thing, Every Road: 16:14)
    Record 2 Side 1 (Leave It All Behind, Missing You, Somewhere Down The Road – 19:44)
    Record 2 Side 2 (Bonus tracks: Say, What Kind of Love, Carry You-original version as far as what’s been released – 10:41 plus possibly one or 2 more to fill the time limit of the side which is about 20 minutes)

  • Bradley Olson

    I found that the best way to release Behind The Eyes on vinyl if you don’t have bonus tracks added is also 45rpm:
    Record 1, Side 1: Nobody Home, I Will Be Your Friend (7:37)
    Record 1 Side 2: Like I Love You, Takes a Little Time (9:05)
    Record 2, Side 1: Cry a River, Turn This World Around (8:09)
    Record 2 Side 2: Curious Thing, Every Road (8:35)
    Record 3, Side 1: Leave It All Behind, Missing You (7:49)
    Record 3 Side 2: The Feeling I Had, Somewhere Down The Road (8:05)
    For 33 1/3: Record 1 Side 1 (Nobody Home, I Will Be Your Friend, Like I Love You, Takes a Little Time-16:02)
    Record 1 Side 2 (Cry a River, Turn This World Around,Curious Thing, Every Road: 16:14)
    Record 2 Side 1 (Leave It All Behind, Missing You, Somewhere Down The Road – 19:44)
    Record 2 Side 2 (Bonus tracks: Say, What Kind of Love, Carry You-original version as far as what’s been released – 10:41 plus possibly one or 2 more to fill the time limit of the side)

  • Marciano

    What a great idea for Amy to have a dance remix project! This would be an incredible opportunity to expose her music to more people! Her gift in singing and songwriting should continue to be shared!!! 😉

  • taterztot

    Dance mixes puhleeeze! Just can’t get enough of the few there are. Many thanks for soliciting our feedback. Cheers.

  • Matt

    Wow. I have so much to say but limit it to 3 things.
    1. If Dido can do some intense dance remixes Amy could definitely work some magic by contrasting her voice against hardcore house dance tracks BUT SERIOUSLY?!?! SERIOUSLY?!? Unless Amy is creatively into it or someone on her team has a finger in this world – a dance remix album would be like Maroon 5 releasing a Barbershop quartet album. Yes, it can be done and it might be even good.. but most likely it’ll suck and we’ll still smile because its novelty.
    2. Amy should lock herself in a room with Patty Griffin and 2 guitars for 1 month. Whatever is born of that experience, I’ll be first in line to check it out.
    3. How about something like this:
    title: AFTER WHAT’S LEFT
    1.ITS NOT A SONG / a somber version – sparse piano and irregular beats.
    2.I HAVE DECIDED / a bluesy, gutsy version as if coming from a person who has hit rock bottom.
    3.FAITH WALKIN PEOPLE / reminiscent of a john lennon political anthem that builds with a chorus (not choir) of people.
    4.EVERYWHERE I GO / the fantastic acoustic arrangement during the HOL tour. That was pure gold.
    5.1974 / unplugged but fiery guitar arrangement with Patty Griffin and Sheryl Crow doing harmonies in the chorus
    6.ANGELS / a worn-out but committed rock version like melissa etheridge
    7.I WILL REMEMBER YOU / as a simple piano ballad
    8.IM GONNA FLY / a special soul rendition done by CeCe Winans
    9.ALL RIGHT / in a lowered key, an indie acoustic rock production with Caedmon’s Call singing most of the track. Amy steps in and joins from bridge on.
    10. SURE ENOUGH / a lush jazzy slow version that bares very little resemblance to original except in chord progression. Think Amy Grant on LOVE ME TENDER, MY BUDDY, MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING.
    Bonus Track: Amy does a cover of TURN, TURN, TURN.

  • doug

    I would definitely love to see a CD of rare Amy songs, B-sides and unreleased stuff, especially those songs on the FOA online radio that haven’t been previously released. Thanks so much for asking for our input!

  • Charles J. Graves

    I have always dreamed of a boxed set of all of Amy’s songs – those that aren’t on her albums, and anything and everything she has done – it’s a must buy for me – anything Amy does is definitely on my list of purchases!!! Go for it!!! Thanks, Jen! (Hi, Amy!!!) xoxo Chuck

  • David

    My Covers Album Idea
    Singer/Songwriters from different parts of the USA.
    Album title- Covers North,East,South,West
    James Taylor-East
    2-You Can Close Your Eyes
    3-How Sweet It Is|(To Be Loved by You)
    4-Fire And Rain
    Linda Ronstadt-Southwest
    1-When Will I Be Loved
    2-You’re No Good
    3-Tracks Of My Tears
    4-Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
    John Denver-West
    1-Rocky Mt High
    2-Annie’s Song
    3-Fly Away
    Just an idea- Dave

  • Reed

    Hi Jen,
    I just wanted to start off my saying I think your and Amy’s blogs have been great, and I think it’s so cool that you are asking for ideas like this. Here are a few ideas for back-catalog projects that I would love to see:
    1) Heart in Motion, House of Love, Behind the Eyes 2CD re-releases – These eras in Amy’s career really seem to have the most material outside of the standard album that was released. I think it would be great if b-sides, single edits and remixes, radio and dance mixes, unreleased tracks, etc were all compiled to really document these eras in her career. Have expansive liner notes with chart info and include lots of extra photos taken during these release eras.
    2) B-sides/Rarities Compilation – I think a few of Amy’s best songs have appeared on compilations (Lover of My Soul, Irresistible Love, The Water) and I think it would be great to compile these together along with the rare Amy Grant Radio tracks.
    3) Live Album releases – It was amazing to hear how some of the songs on Lead Me On were originally performed during the original tour by their inclusion on the Lead Me On re-issue. I would love to see any other tours released. Most specifically, I’d love see “Wise Up” from the House of Love Tour available!
    Thanks for being interested in all of our ideas and suggestions! :)

  • ParkwayMom

    I would be interested in an acoustical album…”Amy Unplugged”… some oldies compiled with some new songs, maybe a few old hymns. Something simple and folksy. :)

  • Kristi

    unreleased songs from BTE, no doubt. The songs that are on AMy Radio from those sessions are some of her best work. Would love to be able to pop a cd in my car!

  • David

    Covers album project-
    Also would be interesting if Amy covered an entire album.
    My pick would be: Heart Like A Wheel –
    By Linda Ronstadt -released in 1974- the album has a folk/light rock and country soud to it.
    1-You’re No Good
    2-It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
    3-Faithless Love
    4-The Dark End Of The Street
    5-Heart is Like A Wheel
    6-When Will I Be Loved
    8-I Can’t Help It(If I’m Still In Love With You).
    9-Keep Me From Blowing Away
    10-You Can Close Your Eyes
    If I could pick one album for Amy to cover this would be the one. Also check out the reviews on this album at

  • Marilyn

    Hi Jenn
    2 blogs just days apart, with hints of things to come, you’re killing us, lol. I would love to see a box set with liner notes and new pics or an unpugged with accoustic Amy, like someone mentioned Amy singing the phone book would please me. thanks and looking forward to hearing more from you, and keep warm.

  • Cyn

    Hi Jenn-
    Wow. I’m a newbie here. I’m so glad I found your blog!
    New Amy material coming soon??!! A request to hear what we’d like til then??! wow!
    We’re like kids in a candy store.
    1) A B-Sides release sounds cool;
    2) I’m not sure about the “dance/remixes” of her old songs. If they lean towards dido/imogen heap/plumb sound, then maybe;
    3) New pics would be cool.
    4) ANY Cover Amy will do, I will buy.
    But NEW Stuff! yes!

  • Sean

    One of my favorite Amy projects of the past few years was the iTunes Originals set, where she recorded new versions of ‘Come Be With Me’, ‘Takes a Little Time’, ‘The Water’, ‘Baby Baby’, ‘The Feeling I Had’, ‘House of Love’ and ‘Simple Things’.
    Having loved the LMO reunion tour so much, I’d be interested to hear Amy record newly arranged versions of some of the pre-LMO songs that are among her best but whose original arrangements now feel a bit dated (such as ‘Love of Another Kind’, ‘Prodigal’, ‘Angels’, ‘Where Do You Hide Your Heart’) or where the changes in Amy’s voice over the years could create a new experience for the listener (perhaps on songs like ‘Raining on the Inside’, ‘Doubly Good to You’, ‘Arms of Love’).
    Oh, and ditto the unreleased tracks, live recordings and Blu-ray releases, esp. for Building the House of Love and the Age to Age concert.

  • Nancy Driggers

    Hey Jen, I have been a fan of Amy’s for years. I LOVE ALL of her music. I would like to see a mixture of dance, remix, duets etc.. I love it when she speaks from her heart. When I met her 25 years ago on her Lead Me On tour, in Jacksonville, Florida she sang a song that really changed my life. The song, All I ever have to be, was a reminder of God’s love for me. Amy met with me after the show and immediately saw the good in me. She said something that I will always remember, “Nancy you’ve got beautiful eyes, they twinkle and are very expressive.” Needless to say, at the time I was battling a serious illness and did not think too highly of my appearance. Since then I have conquered cancer and am living my life to the fullest… Jen, whatever/whenever Amy sings from the heart she really touches sooo many lives.. Thanks for letting me share, and what a blessing to have you! Peace in Christ, Nancy

  • Kathy F.

    Jen, thanks for keeping us posted! I vote for “Give me Jesus” with Vince. Love it!
    I would love some inspirational upbeat music. Times are tough, music can move the soul. I would love to hear “Sing Your Praise to the Lord” again. I’m hopeful someday, someone will write a song about a baby’s soul that is waiting in heaven, a miscarriage. So many women, silently weep for a lost soul. Amy’s voice would be so powerful with a song like that.
    Thanks again! Kathy F.

  • Lori

    I would like a lullabies CD one day. I think it would be sweet. I’d also like an album of cover songs… anything that she’s loved for one reason or another. What I do NOT want is an old CD re-released with a couple new songs on it. I am tired of the re-mastered stuff… I want something new from her. And no offense to Vince… but a different duet partner. (Sting would be great!)

  • Cat

    How about a duet with her and daughter Sarah Cannon Chapman? Sarah’s got such a pretty voice–she should be in the studio with her mom!
    Also, I think anything original and rare from Amy would be much appreciated. Rare footage, behind the scenes, songs that haven’t been recorded, etc. on a DVD…along with releases of songs Amy performed live but have never been recorded before. Amy’s at her best when she’s live! I wouldn’t really look forward to a box set with new pictures…We’ve had enough of Amy’s old re-released materials…Amy’s got so much more to offer than rehashed old songs that we’ve already heard. And as die-hard fans, we’ve already got all her old music!
    Thanks for asking out input!

  • Firefly

    I’d love a double CD set of both the original and reunion Lead Me On tours, along with live CDs of her other tours that certainly must have been recorded.
    A DVD of concert footage would also be nice to have. Especially the Unguarded concert that was filmed for her Christmas special back in the ’80s… and the Age to Age concert on DVD…
    I’m old school, and would prefer to enjoy some stuff from the vault in Amy’s career, and ditto to a collection of unreleased material.
    Personally, I’m not into remixes. I prefer the album versions. No offense intended to those hoping for dance remixes, but I don’t think that’s logical at all. Amy’s not a dance music artist, but at least for me, I have no problem dancing to her original recordings.
    Aside from music and DVD possibilities, what I’d really love to see is a well-done coffee-table like pictorial journey of her life and career, from her first record to current day, that would include several photo outtakes from her album cover shoots, with accompanying photos of her on stage during all of her tours, with some commentary from Amy along the way.
    For me, the idea of a box-set anthology of everything she’s ever done would have to come with a LOT of extras in the mix… I already own all of her albums, so there’s no need to purchase them again. The box set idea to me, would have to incorporate DVDs of ALL of her music videos and come with an impressive photo book and extra CDs and DVDs of live material.
    Someone else already mentioned this, but it would be fun to have a new Ageless Medley, taking off from Straight Ahead… or maybe two new ones: one capturing her greatest CCM hits, and the other representing her pop stuff.
    I can’t wait to hear the new material Amy’s recording, along with whatever retro stuff we might have to look forward to.

  • Bradley Olson

    If the Age To Age concert gets released on DVD, then this would be a perfect marketing opportunity for these deals:
    a 180g vinyl issue with either a free download coupon or the CD and DVD as a deluxe edition boxed set, a deluxe edition CD/DVD set for those who don’t have turntables, and the DVD as a standalone product, and the vinyl with some copies with the CD, and some with the DVD as a bonus and also a standalone vinyl issue of the deluxe edition. Also the 5 actual music videos on the “Find a Way” VHS and LaserDisc should also be on the Age To Age Concert DVD as bonuses and this DVD would be a perfect tie-in to market 180g vinyl reissues of “Straight Ahead” and “Unguarded” as well and marketing these reissues should be done the same way, some standalone, the deluxe boxed set and some copies with the DVD and some with the CD or a download coupon.
    In the case of the Building The House of Love DVD reissue, a 180g vinyl reissue of the album would be a perfect marketing tool for this and the DVD can be enclosed as a bonus for the 180g vinyl, a CD/DVD set, as well as a standalone produce and a 45rpm cutting using the UK track listing is the best way to approach this as doing it 33 1/3 on one LP would require extensive amounts of compromises in sound quality:
    House of Love 45rpm version
    Side 1 Record 1 – Lucky One, Say You’ll Be Mine (total time: 8:15)
    Side 2 Record 1 – Whatever It Takes, House of Love (total time: 8:48)
    Side 1 Record 2 – The Power, Oh How THe Years Go By (total time: 9:06)
    Side 2 Record 2 – Big Yellow Taxi, Helping Hand (total time: 7:40)
    Side 1 Record 3 – Politics of Kissing, Love Has a Hold On Me (total time: 7:72)
    Side 2 Record 3 – Our Love, Children of The World (total time: 10:24)
    Home For Christmas is the one Amy Grant 1990s album that fits comfortably on one LP at 33 1/3 rpm other than “Heart In Motion”, the same with Simple Things from 2003, Legacy…Hymns and Faith would have to be on 45rpm 12″ vinyl unless sonic compromises are made on side 2 if a 33 1/3 rpm cutting is done, Rock of Ages…Hymns and Faith fits on one LP in 33 1/3 RPM as is.

  • Sean

    DANCE REMIXES!!! Would be cool and different.

  • Bradley Olson

    Here’s the best 33 1/3 vinyl breakdown for Time Again…Amy Grant Live.
    Record 1 Side 1: “Lead Me On” (Grant, Kirkpatrick, Smith) – 6:01
    “Good For Me” (Grant, Gruska, Kirkpatrick, Snow) – 3:57
    “Stay For Awhile” (Grant, Kirkpatrick, Smith) – 3:39
    “Takes A Little Time” (Grant, Kirkpatrick) – 4:27
    “Simple Things” (Grant, O’Brian, Owsley, Thomas) – 4:11
    Record 1 Side 2: “Saved By Love” (Grant, Peters, Smith) – 4:48
    “Out In The Open” (Eaton, Grant) – 5:16
    “Ask Me” (Grant, Hemby) – 4:11
    “After The Fire” (Grant) – 3:31
    “In A Little While” (Bannister, Chapman, Grant, Keister) – 3:37
    Record 2 Side 1: “Thy Word” (Grant, Smith) – 3:18
    “Oh How The Years Go By” (Climie, Jennings) – 4:35
    “Baby Baby” (Grant, Thomas) – 4:00
    “Eye To Eye” (Grant, Thomas) – 4:05
    Record 2 Side 2: “Every Heartbeat” (Grant, Kirkpatrick, Peacock) – 3:21
    “Believe (theme from Three Wishes)” (Grant, O’Brian, Owsley, Thiele) – 2:06
    “I Will Remember You” (Chapman, Grant, Thomas) – 5:42
    “In A Little While (New Studio Version)” – 4:08
    Bonus disc (with appropriate editing necessary for LP timing purposes):
    Side 1:
    Lucky One
    Carry You
    Ask Me
    Father’s Eyes
    Side 2:
    El Shaddai
    Big Yellow Taxi
    If These Walls Could Speak
    The bonus disc would be the selling point of the vinyl edition, Deluxe and standalone vinyl, if this comes to pass, and also the CD and DVD editions would have to be enclosed for the Deluxe Edition purchasers, and the vinyl would also be sold as a standalone product.

  • Bradley Olson

    A Christmas To Remember fits on vinyl as a 33 1/3 cutting on one disc plus the recent Christmas Collection also can fit on 2 33 1/3 rpm cuttings and there is room for bonus tracks at the end of the 2nd disc of the double LP so this would be a perfect opportunity to add “Child of God” and “Merry Christmas Darling” back into the catalog.

  • Bradley Olson

    This Unguarded video footage will be great to have as well. This would serve as a great standalone product and as a tie-in to a 180g vinyl reissue for the new vinyl reissue buyers. As much as her old stuff is common on used vinyl, there is a demographic that only wants new vinyl pressed, and that is the demographic to reach with the new vinyl issues, and for those who still have M- copies of original vinyl, the vinyl issues of albums from “Home For Christmas” on forward are worth doing as well and these will attract not only the people who kept their original vinyl who still would want vinyl for these titles, but also for new consumers at the same time.

  • wayne allen

    Definitely Rarities, b-sides, live concert recordings, amy videos that weren’t retailed, unreleased material, songs from Amy radio!

  • Nostalgic

    In addition to the “Find A Way” video collection and the “Age to Age” concert, it would be great to see the “Circle of Love” documentary rereleased on DVD as well. I’ve seen clips from it on YouTube, and it gives great insight into her background and the thought process that yielded the music of her early years.

  • Zoe Wheddon

    Dear Jen,
    I am new at this blogging – so I hope I get it right. THANK YOU for including us so much and being so generous with your time and linking us to Amy.
    I would love anything acoustic – that’s why I love the Hymns and Faith and the new LMO album..I love to feel and Amy’s voice so clearly.
    I am not keen on dance mixes – but that’s just my age creeping up on me!
    I would love a collection of songs that appear on other peoples’ or compilation albums…just so that I can have a copy of everything and not miss a thing Amy’s recorded….
    I would love some more DVDs.
    But really I would also love to hear what’s new on Amy’s heart and to hear her developing music….
    Plus I would like to have her singing all of that in my front room…I make a great cup of coffee or English tea!
    Much love to you all
    ps can you tell us the BIG news…promise we won’t tell anyone…


    hey jen, it would be awesome if there was a compilation of amy’s songs from special projects, i.e. carole king tapestry revisited, streams, my utmost for his highest, etc. songs that you can’t find anywhere – even on the net. this would amazing! thanks for asking for our suggestions.

  • Bradley Olson

    I’d love to see the full Circle of Love documentary as well. BTW, Circle of Love, Find a Way and the Age To Age Concert will be a great deluxe edition.

  • Trudi

    Hey Jen,
    Thanks for all you do. I have wanted to see a boxed set for a few years now…love, rarities and b-sides, new pics, covers are fun. Anything that comes from Amy I am truly excited about and know it comes from the heart…also can’t wait for the new songs…hope the ones shared on the tour make the cut…especially “find what we’re looking for”. Always interest in new video footage of any kind on dvd…will we ever get to see the second tv Christmas special again??
    I think it’s awesome that you would take the time to get our input. You are all greatly appreciated. Keep doing what you do!
    God bless, Trudi

  • ammerk

    Hey Jen! I would love a CD of demos and never recorded songs. I LOVE the songs added to Amy radio that I had never heard before. Also, isn’t there a song that Amy and Brown Bannister sang together? Thanks!

  • Ben

    Hi Jen
    As a long time fan of Amy and a huge fan of songs mixed for the dancefloor I would love to hear the two combined. The only thing though is to get some good mixes. Not everybody, not even the most popular dj’s have put out good stuff, so hopefully the song’s will be mixed by a number of dj’s so as to review and critique for the final edit unless all (for each song) are going on the project (which I doubt). Hopefully there could be a preview or sample of each for a thumbs up or down before final decisions are made. Either way the project sounds like an amazing idea!

  • steve

    I would love any kind of live LMO tracks, either the original FULL show, or some of the newer shows mixed down….. get the same people who mixed the original LMO recently, that is some of the best live mixing I’ve heard! Also, some home video of “in the studio” and remasters of the older material, like a full remaster of Straight Ahead, or Unguarded. How about rare unreleased tracks from 1988 and 1989 LMO writing sessions?

  • Bradley Olson

    There are remasters of the original albums available in stores and through this site.

  • Amy Buresh

    Hi Jen,
    First of all, let me say thank you to you and Amy for your informative and fun blogs. It gives us just enough of a behind the scenes sneak peak at projects and personal thoughts and is reminiscent of the old FOA newsletter notes from Amy and CO.
    I have been an Amy fan since the mid ’80s. Her music was a soundtrack for my life then, as it is today. So, I’d love a CD of new music, as you’ve already said will be coming soon.
    I appreciate very much your asking for our opinion and feedback for further projects by Amy.
    I’d absolutely love a complete box set with everything; the hits, but heavy on Rarities, b-sides and live tracks. I can’t get enough of the BTE extras and would love to have all of them, and those from other recording sessions. I agree with a previous post that said Amy should record “Who I Am” and make it her own. It is her story and her song. Faith Hill does a super job, but … Fans have been dreaming of this for years, ever since it was alluded to in the late ’90s.
    If not a complete box set, then a disc, similar to Sara McLachlan’s of Rarities, b-sides in 2 volumes.
    Probably impossible, but a double or quadruple CD package with a full concert from the original LMO tour and the reunion tour would be absolutely awesome. Amy is at her absolute best live and LMO then and now is the best.
    Any live nuggets would also be most appreciated and welcome. Amy’s story telling and the energy of live music can’t be beat.
    As part of the box set or on its own, a duets compilation would be nice. Over the years, she’s done some super collaborations and it’d be nice to have all of them collected in one place.
    Re-releasing the Age To Age tour on DVD would also be super.
    Although fans would appreciate it, I realize it may not be practical to re-release Building the House of Love and ‘Heading’ Home for the Holiday’s on DVD.
    I’m not crazy about dance music and remixes. It isn’t where Amy’s at anymore musically and, while it could be marketable, I think it isn’t the best choice.

  • John Merrell

    I would like to see DVD collection with the older videos on it. I have the Find A Way colection on VHS, but would love to have it on DVD. There are some great songs on that video–Find A Way, Angels, Wise Up, It’s Not A Song… It would definitely complete the Amy music video collection!

  • Bradley Olson

    In regards to “Building The House of Love,” there ARE practical way of reissuing it. The practical ways are part of a CD/DVD package, as part of a vinyl/DVD package, as part of a package with vinyl, CD and the DVD. This kind of thing is more suitable in this market for a deluxe edition deal such as those ideas mentioned in this post.

  • Julie Fidler

    I promise you, I am willing to spend an insane amount of money on a boxed set, so BRING IT!

  • justin

    Hi Jen. Thanks for asking for our input. I would love a complete box set with photos, liner notes, career highlights- and the great songs. My other two votes are for a dance remix album and a rarities-b-sides album. Many artists have box sets and Amy should too :)
    On another note- you must be so excited for the SuperBowl Halftime Performance- Bruce Springsteen!!! Enjoy every minute of it.
    Thanks for all you do to enhance our fan experience. It is appreciated.
    Peace and Love-

  • Murray

    I would like for Amy to put here Age to Age Concert on DVD that was put on VHS and also put that Concert out on an audio version and I also would like for her to do a version of Michael W. Smith song Friends just like the way it was done on Michaels Album Project and one mhore thing I would like to know is Amy still a Christain and loves the Lord our Saver because it makes me wonder because she does not talk about Jesus like she use to and she use to do nothing but Christain Music I would like for her to go Back doing nothing but Christain Music I like Some of here none Christain Music but why did she cross over to Pop Music by all means Iam huge Amy fain and Iam not trying to judge her and I hope all donot think that Iam
    Thanks for Your time
    Murray 1-21-2009



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