Brrrrrrrrr……. cold

Posted on: January 15th, 2009 by Jennifer 116 Comments

Wow — it is COLD here in Nashville, Tennessee.  It's going to get down to single digits tonight.  Now for you North Easterners, etc., that might not seem so cold to you, but for this California girl it is just too cold to do anything other than bundle up by the fire.;)

Amy was back in the studio today putting down some guitar tracks on some of the new songs.  I spoke to her this morning and reminded her that there is a lot of interest from all of you in hearing directly from her and she promised to post a blog soon.  I'll stay after her.   And I'll keep blogging…

We've hit the ground running to start 2009 and we should be making some new announcements in the next couple of weeks.  One thing I am working on is uploading some of the Lead Me On Anniversary shows on to the FOA Radio Amy… as well as the BIG FOA announcement I hinted at earlier…

Also, in addition to working on the new album we are also looking at releasing some special catalogue projects and would love to hear back from you as to what you would most enjoy having in your collections?  A remix (dance) collection?  A remix (non-dance) collection?  Rarities, b-sides?  A complete box set of everything she has done?  Cover songs?  Lullabye songs?  Collections of songs with certain themes and adding new liner notes and pictures?  It would be interesting to hear what you most want.  I'm listening…

More to come….

God bless,


  • Bradley Olson

    Yes, Amy is still a Christian but doesn’t explicitly talk about Christ in public because of her very broad audience. She crossed over so that more people can hear some of her music.

  • Dustin

    Thanks for this! I love coming up with ideas for stuff like this. Is there any way we could get the “iTunes Originals” back on iTunes? Seems like it left when the label change happened.
    I’ll come up with some other ideas and post soon.

  • Bradley Olson

    The iTunes Originals back on iTunes idea is great for those who missed out. Fortunately, I bought it and burned it to CD-R.

  • Michelle Gibson

    I would love for Amy to record another hymns collection, and maybe ask us what hymns we would like for her to sing. I have also read that Amy records more songs for an album then the ones that get included. I’d like to hear any songs that Amy recorded, but that were not included on an album
    In Amy’s recent article in Performing Songwriter, she mentions having asked someone to dig up a couple of tapes
    that were recordings made of two of the original LMO shows – would she please consider sharing all or parts of these recordings with us? I’d love to hear them.

  • Michelle Gibson

    Someone mentioned the Building The House Of Love videotape. That tape gave us a nice glimpse into the process of recording songs and putting an album together. I would like to see Amy make a similar video that would give us a glimpse into what goes into putting a tour together, ie footage from rehearsals, backstage, what it’s like to live on a bus for the length of a tour.
    Something I know we’d all love is a Christmas Concert DVD.

  • Michelle Gibson

    I just thought of a couple more suggestions:
    1) A Christmas Concert DVD
    2) Someone mentioned the Building The House Of Love tape. This tape gave us a nice glimpse into the process of recording an album. I would love to see a DVD that would give us a glimpse into the process of touring the album – ie footage of rehearsals, backstage, etc.

  • Cathy

    I wasn’t sure it could get better than the Time Again concert, but the LMO show was fantastic! As so many others have said, dancing at the show was such a highlight and a dance remix CD would be terrific…or just a live version of the LMO tour. PS – thanks TX friends for a great time in Nov!

  • Alyssa

    First off, GOD BLESS YOU!!! You have such a hard job, but are doing such a great job and we love and appreciate you soo much!!!
    My picks are a boxed set, the rare BTE songs, B sides, covers, liner notes, more pics, and “unplugged” songs and videos.
    Wishing you a joyful and warm New Year!!!
    Thank you for all your hard work!!

  • Katherine

    I would love to hear just Amy and a guitar capturing her favorite hymns, some lullabies, maybe some b sides…. that has always been my favorite Amy. Less production and just more of her.

  • Kevin

    I vote for Dance remixes, how fun would that be! We all need a little fun right now and that sounds like a great time to me! I would love to see what other people to do to “change up” already great songs!

  • Paul Martin

    First of all I am starving for some new Amy Grant music!!!
    I think a B-sides CD would be great.
    I think a Box set would be great in about 10 more years. A lot of us went out and got the remastered versions of her CDs this year. I think it would be a waste of money.
    I would love a new hymn and worship CD. Amy usually does things in threes.
    Also a Christmas DVD would be awesome.
    Not really interested in cover songs. Amy is any amazing songwriter so I dont see the point. A duet CD would be cool.
    I would love a sequel to Lead Me On.
    I would like to see her collaberate with Ed Cash, Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Matt Redman, and Jeremy Camp on a worship CD. That would be amazing. Maybe something like Songs from the Loft.

  • Melinda

    I would love to have access to the movie Amy did for TV … A song from the Heart (CBS 1999 this would be the 10 yr Anniversary) … a nice copy on DVD would be great for the collection.

  • Nichole

    I recently purchased the re-release of Lead Me On. Of course I popped in the second CD today. I’ve been saving it for a day where I just needed something special. Wow. LOVED the raw recordings. LOVED the concert tracks because it took me back to that time…it really was a fabulous tour. And I LOVED the interview with Amy. I’m guessing that there might not be a huge market for Amy interviews on one CD, but I for one would love a collection of recorded interviews from over the years…even if it was just an i-tunes thing. Having said all of that, I am anxiously awaiting any new music that Amy has to offer. You can bet I’ll be beating down the door of my local music store (not i-tunes!) to pre-buy that thing. I hope someone is taking some footage at these recording sessions for us. Hint hint. Keep up the good work!

  • Herb Terry

    I know this is a bit off topic, but ever since it was released I thought many of the LMO songs would sound great recorded by U2. I know it would be a major undertaking, but I’d love to hear them cover some of those songs, especially the title track and Wait for the Healing, or even have them record with Amy.
    I never made it to the original LMO tour, and I heard many songs performed live for the first time last year. It was a blast, especially getting to hear renditions that were different from the studio versions. I’d like to hear those versions recorded in studio, especially Angels, What About the Love, Find a Way, Fight, Wise Up.
    Thanks to you and to all involved in putting together the LMO and Christmas tours. I would be surprised if there was much profit in them, but they sure meant a lot to me, since I wasn’t able to go to any of Amy’s concerts in 2007. They helped me end a great year on a good note and make up for the bad year before. I’m stoked to hear about something big coming up in 2009.

  • Chad Taylor

    Oh, I just thought of a couple more things…
    I’ve already mentioned that I’d love for her to do another hymns CD, right? Well… one of my favorite tracks from RoA was the medley of “Jesus Loves Me, They’ll Know we are Christians, & Helping Hands.” In that same vein, I would love for her next hymns project to include an updated recorded medley of “Every Road & Thy Word.”. I’ve heard her do this at a couple of symphony shows and I gotta say that the pairing of those two songs
    is nothing short of brilliant. A recorded version is a must! Um… *pretty please*? :)
    Also, it would be awesome at some point to have a live CD / DVD of one of her awesome Christmas tours!

  • Nate

    I would love me for some Dance REMIXES
    Everyone was up dancing during the Lead Me On TOUR
    and we all wanna keep on dancing some more
    and spread the fever with the rest of the world!!!
    JEn and Amy please Please Please lets keep on Dancing



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