Merry Christmas

Posted on: December 24th, 2008 by Jennifer 6 Comments

Just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas….. 

We wrapped up the Christmas tour at the Ryman last night and it was truly a special ending to a great tour.  Amy and Vince have never sounded better and the home crowd gave them an incredibly warm welcome (not always the case in Nashville).  Some specific highlights included Corrina coming on stage both nights to recite the Christmas passage from Luke during "I Need A Silent Night," Sarah and her dear friend, Brooks, surprising Amy with an early Christmas gift — performing "Baby It's Cold Outside," Vince leaving very few dry eyes in the crowd with his new song, "Bread and Water," and Amy delivering a stirring version of "Breath of Heaven" both nights.

I'm rushing off to a Christmas Eve service but didn't want to let the days without wishing all of you a very blessed holiday.  I hope tonight and tomorrow, regardless of your faith or lack there of, allows you the time to take stock of your blessings — big and small — and to celebrate rich connections with family and friends.  For all of you — and especially those of you who might be struggling this season –breathe deep and remember that you are loved by the very God who sent his son to be born homeless on earth yet destined for eternal significance beyond measure. 



  • teacher

    Why doesn’t the home crowd give them a warm welcome? Anyone know? It can’t STILL be because of…..?!…. Also, can you PLEASE post some pictures of Corrina & Sarah at the concert? Anybody have any?…..

  • Jennifer

    the home town “welcome” has nothing to do with the past. I was referring to the fact that Nashville is notoriously a tough audience for most music acts. Perhaps because of the music industry and all the people who are “insiders,” but it can be a hard crowd to please. I meant it as a simple aside and not meant in any other way.

  • Otter4771

    Thanks Jen for saying ‘ or lack there of’. That includes me and other atheists/agnostics who love Amy’s songs and spirit! I love that the Christmas story is so pagan and universal in nature.
    Happy Winter Solstice – the original Xmas! :)

  • Jan

    A friend and I attended Vince and Amy’s Christmas show on the last night. What a truly fabulous evening!!! I’ve seen Amy in concert 3 times previously—once in the 80s, once in the 90s, and 2 years ago. This was my first time to see Vince. To see them together was a dream come true. She sang some of my favorites, as did Vince. “Bread and Water” and “Give Me Jesus” were new to me and moved me to tears. It was heartwarming to know that the proceeds from the concert were going to a good cause dear to Vince. THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE THIS NIGHT POSSIBLE!

  • Rachel

    Merry late Christmas Jen and a very happy New year! I am so loving your blogs.There are so great! Thank you for that.

  • cindy

    Thanks Jen. The same to you and your family. I have to tell you that I was on the Friends of Kim Keyes facebook site and saw your name and pic of your son. It was so adorable. I just had to tell you. I have six kids myself and they are so cute at that age. I know you treasure him. I lost my husband 6 years ago and my youngest was 9 months old. So, thank you for your well wishes. God Bless you and your family this year!!



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