Ice And Rain

Posted on: December 12th, 2008 by Amy Grant 44 Comments

Well, last night was a fabulous crowd in Albany, New York.
With the streets starting to ice over, we wondered if we would have to cancel tonight’s show in Mass., but the bus and truck drivers took their time and got us here in one piece.
Got some shopping down yesterday…Hallelujah!
Sure am missing my kids.
After the show tomorrow night we plan to swing through Nashville on our way to Atlanta and spend a few hours at home.
Everything in life is a juggle.
Vince and I are glad for some concentrated together time.
These concerts make a great date night!
Wherever you are…be grateful.

  • Rachel (WI)

    Amy, I’m really happy you and the band got to you’re next stop safely. I know how it is driving or traveling is bad weather, especially in the winter. Glad you and Vince are having a great time together. You two are the best!

  • Russ

    I’ll echo Rachel’s comments, glad everyone is safe tonight. Enjoy the rest of this tour and we wish you all safe travels.

  • cindy

    Amy, I was at the Christmas show in Baltimore. I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time at the soundcheck to talk to us. I was the one with six kids. I’m sure you don’t remember, but I will never forget and neither will my children. My teenagers were very touched by your generosity. They still talk about it. You and Vince sounded so beautiful together. It’s so obvious that he adores you and watching him just made me think of my husband. He was the exact way with me. I miss him greatly. But your kindness and seeing your love for each other really warmed my heart. Thank you again and be safe. Have a great time visiting your kids. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Kim B.

    Albany was wonderful Amy, Thank you! My Mom was thrilled to meet you and Vince at the soundcheck. Thanks for sharing your date night.
    There has been another fairy sighting…
    and I found this game…
    Disney Fairies Clickables™ Fairy Game
    Stay safe – next week wayyyyyy up north.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Jennifer

    Amy, just returned home from Worcester…WOW, what an extraordinary evening. While I’ve been fortunate to attend your Christmas tours on a number of occasions, this was my first year with my daughter–7 years old, like Corinna. Seeing the light in her eyes made the evening all the more special. “Give me Jesus” was a highlight…. Thank you for bringing Him to life for us with this tour.

  • Heather

    Hi Amy,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with my friend Aimee and her kids last night in Albany. She was the one with the little baby Sarah in the hospital. Her and her family are staying in the ROnald McDonald house..It was her lifelong dream to meet you and last night it came true. We stayed up most of the night talking about the whole evening and how memorable it will be to both of us..Your kindness toward my friend and I will always be treasured.

  • Janice

    I wondered if all of you were making it okay in the bad weather up there. Glad you all made it safely! Praying for safe travels the rest of the tour. Merry Christmas!

  • Madison

    Cant wait to see you in Atlanta tomorrow Amy…taking my best friend to see you!

  • kendra

    Enjoy your time at home, but don’t be late for Atlanta! We are super excited about tonight!

  • Jeff Lofland

    Amy… I have really enjoyed reading your blog for the past couple of months. Have seen 2 of your Christmas shows here in Dallas-Fort Worth and am sad to see you not here this year. Although I do have to say, in all fairness, that you were here last month for the Lead Me On Tour….was so bummed to not get to see that one but this year finances have been a bit tighter. You probably hear this a lot but would love the opportunity to meet you one day…you and Vince are welcome at my home in north Fort Worth anytime where I make my living as a teacher. Would love to fix ya’ll a great cup of coffee to enjoy…Happy Holidays from Texas!

  • April

    Thank you for a lovely evening at The Fox in Atlanta. It was a magical evening with the love of my life. I’ve been a longtime Vince fan and am now a huge fan of both. The two of you just radiate love for each other, family and friends. It’s so refreshing to see these days. Keep making beautiful music together! God Bless and safe travels as you continue your tour. Merry Christmas!

  • André

    Hi Amy… this is André, i´m a brazilian fan. I love your songs, i have heard then since i was a teenanger (now i´m 34) and you´ll always be my favorite singer. It´s a gift to be in contact with you. God bless you and your family!

  • Catherine

    Dear Amy,
    My fiance and I are coming to see your concert at ISU in Bloomington, Illinois on Dec. 20th and can’t wait! My fiance got me hooked on Vince’s music and I was always a fan of yours…the song When Loves Finds You is our song and I can’t wait until the concert to hear Vince sing that song and to hear the 2 of you sing together is truly a wonderful Christmas gift to us both. Thank you for sharing the gifts that God gave you both with all of us!

  • Sean Cain

    From the Real Amy Grant
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  • Brent

    Just wanted to drop in and say that your show at The Fox in Atlanta was truly magical. My personal higlight was Vince singing the song, ” Bread and Water. ” I hope that song makes it on a Vince cd in the very near future. God bless both of you.

  • Pam

    Since I just realized I can post a comment, I hope you know how much the concert Oct. 16th in Phoenix, AZ meant to me. That very night, 20 years ago, my sweet mother went home to be with Jesus after an 8 month battle with breast cancer. The Lead Me On cassette was playing A LOT in my car that summer during long commutes to college classes. Your song, All Right, had the words I needed to hear and brought me closer to my Lord so I could trust Him more. My mom’s faith was sight that night in 1988 when she was ushered into His presence. THANK YOU for singing this song on Oct. 16, 2008! It was the 20th time I have seen you in concert,the 20th anniversary of my mom in Heaven and 20th LMO anniversary…a very memorable evening to say the least. THANK YOU for being a beacon of His light,the True Light, in the music industry and in SO many other ways as well. I will be downloading the song you have recorded where the proceeds go to breast cancer research. Thank you for doing this. Know that you are loved and prayed for in a BIG WAY!!! “I thank God upon my every rememberance of you.” Pam

  • Sparki2003

    Dear Amy,
    Unfortunately, I will not be able to see any of your Christmas shows this year.
    However, the last time I saw you in concert was when I was still living in Houston, TX, and it was the Legacy Tour, in October 2002. And, this was way before the Fan Club offered “Sound Check visits” with you.
    But, the Lord had His way with things, and I got lost leaving the church there. And, it was a “twenty-plus dream come true” for me, as He allowed me to meet you, even if it was only for a few brief moments. There was a small crowd gathered outside by the doors closest to your bus, and when I saw a police officer, I knew that I just had to wait, because someone just asked him if you sign autographs, and he told her, “Yes, as a matter of fact, she loves to do so.” My heart almost stopped, I was so excited! Anyhow, what I said to you, besides telling you my name, [as you were requesting them to sign things more personally], must have “hit you like a ton of love-filled bricks” or something, as you put out your hand to shake mine, but instead, you gently pulled me closer, into a very brief hug! What did I say to you that night? Just that “your music has touched my heart so deeply over the years…”
    I will never forget that evening, but, more importantly, it set my heart on fire for Jesus, and I couldn’t wait to learn more about Him in this new Bible study that I was doing online called “Believing God” by Beth Moore. In that particular study, Beth asked us to search for “GodSTOPs” in our daily lives. And, that simply means that we should “Savor the Observable Presence of God”… And, I still consider this event to have been the biggest “GodSTOP” of my lifetime; and, at that point in time, I did not know what the difference between “going to church every Sunday all of my life [willingly, mind you], and truly “knowing Jesus”.
    So, why I am writing all of this? Because 6 months, and 1.5 in depth Bible studies later, I began questioning my life, and the church I was attending at the time. And, in April 2003, I learned what it was that both you and Beth Moore “had” that I did not have. I had never learned that I needed to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. So, the Monday before Easter, I found someone who led me to doing that exact thing “for myself”. So, my dear Amy, that afternoon, we became “sisters in Christ Jesus” !!! =) It happened 5.5 years ago now…
    However, life has not been easy for me, whatsoever, since then, but I know that I know that I Love Jesus; and that I will meet you again someday when we both get to Heaven !!! Hallelujah !!! And, I have also learned to lean on our Lord and Savior throughout the toughest times in my life now. Sadly, though, my need to know that “Jesus is TRULY within my heart” has been ESSENTIAL to my life. My Dad was diagnosed with “End stage Leukemia” in July 2007, and due to complications from that, he passed away on March 24, 2008; which just happened to be the day after Easter this year. We all miss my Dad very much, but I know that he is up in Heaven with his/our Savior, Jesus; so that in itself comforts me/us a great deal… So, this Christmas Eve, it will be exactly 8 months since my Dad went to his “new Home” in Heaven with Jesus. It is still hard, but I am at peace, because, knowing my Dad, he found all of his saved Barbershopper singing friends who have passed into Heaven as well, and they are singing in a big chorus to the Lord Most High, in His Home… What an amazing thought…
    Know that I am praying for you and your family, especially during your hectic concert schedules, but otherwise, too.
    May God bless your Christmas this year !
    Love in Christ Jesus, your “Baby sister-in-Christ”,
    Jennifer O.
    Southern Wisconsin

  • Michelle Burrill

    “Everything in life is a juggle.” Amen!

  • Sandra Mayberry

    Dear Amy,
    it’s been a stressful week here in Texas. We have tickets to your show Monday evening and we canceled our hotel last Wednesday because it didn’t look like we could make it. I’m so very happy to say that we are coming from McKinney, Texas. God willing, because I think He really wants us to be there! It’s a miracle.
    Take care and we’ll see you at the show.
    Mike, Sandy and Sarah Mayberry (age 7) HUGE FANS.

  • Ron V

    Dear Amy,
    My wife and I are looking forward to seeing you in Nashville on December 23. We will be flying out from Denver and are praying for good traveling weather ourselves. I would like to ask that FOA pray for my wife to have comfort and strength for this trip as she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October and has been getting weaker. We are excited to build more memories together by spending our Christmas week enjoying great Christian entertainment and Nashville hospitality at Opryland. Remember to “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say Rejoice”. Look forward to seeing you!

  • Bill Troyer

    My daughter Claire helped you today at Hobby Lobby and we all had a GREAT time this evening at your concert in Bloomington, IL. Thank you soooo much for the gift. It has been a tough fall and even the last two days. We were out of power and the power trucks showed up just moments before Claire called me so excited that she got to meet you. What a special gift to get to hear you and Vince once again. My wife and I have listened to your music for 25 years and it’s fun to see our daughter excited to hear you too. Thanks for bring some Hope back to my life in the midst of a rough Christmas.
    You are a blessing!

  • Gail Pfouts

    Merry Christmas, Amy, Vince and family. Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL 2008 concert season!! We so grateful!!
    Prayers for a healthy, safe and inspirational 2009!!

  • Marilyn

    Amy, my hubby and I had a great time at the Mass. concert, I worried all day long that they would cancel the show, I must of called the box office a thousand times, we arrived earlier just in case. my hubby has never seen you live and I looked over at him and during one of your songs he looked like he was crying you really touched him thank you that moment amy I will never forget. have a happy and wonderful christmas, God bless you and your family. love Marilyn

  • Erik

    Hi Amy. We were at the icy show in Bloomington, IL. It was a true pleasure to get to meet you. Your music has meant so much to me and my family through the years. Thank you for being so gracious to us by blessing us with your gift. My Mother also loved you to pieces. She passed away a few years ago but there are certain songs of yours that bring her back to me every time I listen to them. Thank you for that. P.S. – Tell Vince that I have never heard anyone sing Oh Holy Night as well as he did that night, it was absolutely incredible. Also, thanks to Vince for signing my guitar in the hotel lobby and to you for signing it at the sound check. I pray that you and Vince return home safely to your family. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, and God bless you.

  • Laurie

    I pray the weather holds out for the rest of your Christmas tour and sends you home safely into your family’s waiting arms.
    I wanted to tell you that I still remember the day in fourth grade when a friend brought My Father’s Eyes to school on a rainy day and played it on her tape cassette player at recess. I was immediately hooked and have been loving your music ever since. It speaks to me in a way like no other artist does. You’ll never know what a blessing your songs have been in my life and I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your ministry. Your music has touched me through a very abusive childhood and it has touched me through a loving, God-centered marriage (complete with four kiddos). It’s amazing how the songs have the same words and can touch me in such vastly different situations.
    I had a nasty stomach virus last Friday and I’m so sad I missed you in St. Louis! I look forward to your next visit.
    Thanks again,

  • Charli

    I didn’t get to see the concert tour this year, I live in Santa Monica, CA, so I decided to ask for your dvd: TIME AGAIN: AMY GRANT LIVE (All Access), for Christmas. I think I read that you’ve recorded the 20th anniversary tour, so I hope that is true for your fans of way back…
    I saw you on the “Straight Ahead” tour and the “Unguarded” tour in Dallas, Tx at the Reunion Arena, 10,000 packed and it was really quite a show back then.
    I just want to say I’m proud of you, your accomplishments, people may not know that 50% of Christian music sales are your albums, that’s something, girl.
    Glad to be a fan.

  • Ron V

    Dear Amy and Vince,
    My wife and I want to just say thanks to you, your daughters, and the rest of the band for a wonderful evening. We were very blessed by your songs of praise and by remembering the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ. While this is a difficult Christmas for us with my wife, Robin’s prognosis; we continually pray that God will comfort us with the “Breath of Heaven” and that He will continue to sustain us with His “Bread and Water”. The intimate setting of the Ryman Theater was wonderful. Thank you again for making what will likely be our last Christmas together a wonderful and joyous occasion. Oh yea, your youngest daughter was seated directly behind my wife and I, and she was cheering you all on like crazy until she must have left to get ready for her part in the performance. She is definitely your greatest fan! Congratulations on having such a loving family. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and perhaps we will see you in Denver soon!
    Ron V

  • cathy duffy

    My husband and I were at your wonderful Christmas show in Baltimore on the 10th. Our curiousity is “killing us” and we just talked about this again, so I’m trying this…how did you and Vince resolve that “live fairy” issue for your seven year old????
    Happy New Year,
    Cathy and Owen

  • Rashana Opal Buttolph

    Dearest Amy,
    I just wanted to write you and say I prayed for you and Mr. Vince during y’alls Christmas tour. I kept up with where you all were going and prayed for y’alls safety during some of the bad storms y’all were getting into. I am so happy you did not have to cancell any shows. My seregate MOM who lives 2 hours from Charlotte North Carolina went to your Christmas concert with her friend and she said she loved it. She is also a great big fan of yours and Mr. Vince’s also. She bought your book and gave it to me to keep and read and I love it. She also told me to go to your Christmas concert. So whenever you are back in Fort Worth I am most definitely going to come. We compared notes from her Concert and from my concert when I came to Will Rogers and saw you in November at the Lead Me On reunion concert. I guess we have a tie as we both loved your concerts. I sure hope you come back to Fort Worth in the Spring if you decide to do a few more shows of Lead Me On LIVE on DVD like Miss Jennifer Cooke mentioned y’all possibly will do in the Spring. I sure pray so as My good friend who went with me in November said she most definitely will go with me again and prayfully we will meet you this next time. Is there anyway I could send you my book to have you sign. Let me know Or I can Email Ms. Jennifer and ask her. I pray you and Mr. Vince and y’alls children had a most wonderful Christ filled Christmas day and what did you do for Corrina’s fairy as my Seregate Mother told me the precious story about her wanting a live fairy for Christmas. Corrina is so beautiful as are all your children are. Have a great New Year and can’t wait to read your blogs about your Christmas Tour. Love, your Biggest Fan Rashana Opal

  • Sem

    Hi Amy,
    I love your music. I once made a video by your song ‘lead me on’.
    Please have a look at it:
    God bless you,

  • Rachel

    Hey Amy,
    I just want to wish you and Vince and your family a late Christmas and a Very, very happy new year! And thank you so very much for all that you do for your fans. We love you!

  • Michelle

    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!! And glad you made it home safe.
    I was wanting to know if anyway you could play basketball with a Christian School in Columbia Tn? In Jan? You would play with the teachers against the students. We all love you and admire you. That would be it then you could leave they are only playing two quarters. At the very beginning. It is a very small school just trying so hard to raise money for the school in technology department!

  • Tracee

    Hi Amy,
    I was at the Christmas concert in Grand Rapids, MI. You both were wonderful!! I thought the dress you wore was really beautiful…any chance you would tell me where you bought it? I’ve been looking for something just like that for a wedding I am the Mistress of Ceremonies for. Thanks so much!!

  • Mary Ellen Fabinski-Tohidi

    I am writting this after Christmas but before New Years. Did everyone have a good Christmas. Mine was very good and I loved that the lord let me see family memebers that had moved away at Christmas. It was like the 3 days of Christmas with the different family gatherings.I took 48 film pictures of the events. How was Amy’s Christmas and New Year ?;Please Blog about them Amy we really want to know about them.Love Mary Ellen

  • Benna Lago

    I wonder how you get away from their children when traveling.
    But I believe our God protects his children and everything is fine.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Peace of Crist!

  • Mirliaine

    Oi Amy! tudo bem! bom sou Mirliaine tenho 21 anos e ouço suas musicas desde que eu tinha 10 anos de idade! gostaria de saber se este site tem tradução! Ha! gostaria muito de saber, quando e que vc vem no Brasil! sou louca para ir a um show seu!

  • sean cain

    fromt the Real Amy Grant
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  • sean cain

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  • Stacie Brunetti

    Hi Amy!
    How are you? My family and I love your music! Especially around Christmas time. So thank you for being the amazing person you are! It’s a family tradition we have every year to pick our favorite Christmas song and perform it in front of the family. Well, my dad and I have a common favorite: Tennessee Christmas. We both thought it would be awesome to do a duet, to have me sing and he would play the guitar. We have looked and looked for the tablature for a couple years. And can’t find it anywhere. So I thought I’d ask you. Is there a guitar tab for that song?
    Stacie Brunetti

  • Jeff Tucker

    There are two reasons you made it safely – God’s grace and DAVE ALVEY “World’s Greatest Bus Driver”. I met Dave on November 16, 2008 in Wichita, KS after your morning appearance to promote your concert later that night. My sister-in-law had sang in the same church that morning and afterward while we were eating lunch in a local restaurant Dave approached us to comment on how beautiful my sister-in-law’s voice was. We noticed he was eating by himself so invited him to join us. What a great guy! Fun-loving, easy and so many great stories about driving a bus. He was back in town in December, driving the bus for the Point of Grace girls, and we spent the whole evening eating dinner and laughing about funny stories until I though they would kick us out for causing so much commotion. He’s very fond of you and Vince and even shared some of the things you (Amy) had done for him several years ago during the last few weeks of his daughter’s life. What a blessing for me to have met Dave and know I now have a new friend in Tennessee. For all the blessings God has given you, finding Dave to drive your bus was one of the best.

  • Susanne

    Hi Amy!
    I was just listening to your album Ungarded which i bought in my teens, I had sort of forgotten it över the years but then i found some songs on the internet and i realized that i still love your songs. The Prodigal still makes my eyes full of tears and today i’m 41. I live in the north of sweden with my family of two boys 11 and 13 and my husband. When i now had rediscovered your music i googled your name and found your blog! I’ll be reading your blog and enjoying your music in the same way i did more than 20 years ago.
    God bless you
    Love from Sweden

  • lisa lehmann

    amy, i have been struggling with some things in my marriage lately and your name consistently comes up on my heart.
    if it is at all possible to speak with you via phone or email, i would so appreciate your time. i know this probably seems like an odd request, but you just keep coming up :) may it’s God’s sense of humor…who knows…but i needed to at least try. :)
    my email is – i’ll actually be in nashville for a conference february 6-9…if that is a necessary piece of info….
    here’s to trying….
    thanks, lisa

  • Michael Christensen

    We have gone through some personal tragedies and our walk with the Lord is seldom.My wife has wrote and sung christian songs her whole life.She wrote and recorded through a local studio,a wedding song that has to be the greatest song of all times.I would like you to listen to it.She has no idea that I am writing you.Her collection of songs are her personal items.I truly believe that the world needs to enjoy them and would like you to possibly record some.Please feel free to contact me at 219-765-0310.I have a cd of 2 of her songs.You will be moved to listen if only given a chance.God Bless. MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN

  • Michael Setiawan

    Hi, Amy. Congratulation for your concert. I love your songs because they are wonderful and inspiring. I live in Indonesia and do you have any plan to come? I’d really love to see you and your performance. I pray for it. God Bless Us.



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