Albany, NY – Brrrrrr…..

Posted on: December 11th, 2008 by Jennifer 7 Comments

We spent the day in Albany, NY, where it is cold and drizzling ice. The weather report says that a pretty big ice storm is hitting tonight from here to Boston, which is one of the things you risk when you try to tour the Northeast during December.
Amy and I had the rare chance to do a little Christmas shopping on the road today — a quiet mid-week mall experience was something neither of us working girls were used to and we were thrilled to be able to put a dent in our shopping list. A funny moment was when a mother and daughter were in the shoe department talking about running late for the Amy concert only to look up and see Amy shopping – they laughed and said “well we must not be running too late if you are still shopping!” We all shared a nice laugh.
So now the show is going on and lots of brave people chanced the wicked weather and showed up. My hope and prayer for all of us is that tonight’s music provides a peaceful and spiritual way to remember what the hustle and bustle of this season is all about — a simple birth in a simple manger….simple yet profound.

Be blessed…

Albany, NY - Brrrrrr.....

  • Kim B.

    It was well worth the terrible weather!! We just got home – to 8-10 inches of snow here in Lake George, NY. Usually an hour drive to Albany, took us over two hours to get home, and then I couldn’t make it up our road! Good thing I had that “Amy addrenalin”!
    My mother had the best time! Since there were only 5 of us at the soundcheck it was a rare treat to have our picture taken with Amy, and to get their autographs. To quote my mom, “What a lovely girl Amy is! You know, your father and I have listened to Vince for quite some time…”
    At the concert my Dad’s foot never stopped tapping!!
    Thank you for allowing me to give them a Christmas gift they will always treasure!!
    Thanks to all – and much deserved Kudos!!
    Love and Blessings –
    Kim, Bruce, Christopher, Gerri, June, and Joe
    p.s. It was a pleasure meeting you!

  • LAshby

    Was truly sad not to be able to make this concert. With the weather forecast, we opted to be safe and not make the trip. Had a good cry about it! I know that everything happens for a reason, and it was God’s way of keeping us home getting ready for our Open House this weekend. When we only received rain at our end, it was definitely frustrating to know that we may have missed the concert for no reason. Was glad to see your messages and there was indeed some stronger weather in Albany. It made our decision to stay home and not travel a little easier! Although it was a little hard to read about it this morning. Will always regret not being able to make the concert.
    Kim B. – I’m so glad that you had a wonderful time, and I wish I could have been the sixth person at that sound check!

  • Janice

    Amy and Vince are always welcome to come back out to Phoenix where there’s no ice or snow! Safe travels for everyone and Merry Christmas!

  • Kim

    We missed you Laura, but you are right-it’s God’s plan not ours. There were MANY empty seats, and no doubt many tears shed for not being able to attend. Put in Amy’s new CD, close your eyes, and imagine her on stage, AND YOU ARE THERE!
    My Mom and Dad thanked me again this morning. My Dad used to be a NY style “Nat King Cole”, singing and playing the clubs before I was born. “Too Young” is their song. He always used to play the piano all day long on Christmas when I was young. It was like going back to those days when music filled the house. I knew my sister, my mom, and my dad were thinking the same thing as the tears overwelmed us a few times. I’m so thankful we were there, and safe. They don’t know just how important their being there was to me. It wasn’t the money – that comes and goes. It’s famiy. My sister is without her husband because he is in Iraq, and my husband is without his Dad because he past away on Easter. The love of God, of beautiful music, and a warm, caring family is still here.
    For the first time in MY lifetime, we are having Christmas at our house! (I’m the youngest of 5…)
    May God Bless us all! (I have to go spackle the dining room!! :-) )
    Be Blessed!~
    To the Albany Concert goers…
    Take “Vince’s” advice “Baby, It’s Christmas…” so you know, as Amy says the song is about hoping to “Get Lucky” on Christmas Eve…
    I think we women all “need a Silent Night”.

  • Stan & Jackie

    We sure wish we could be up in NY with y’all. We both were born and raised in Upstate NY near Elmira. We wish we could be there for your upcoming concert. Keep warm and be safe on the roads. We will be praying for all of you. I see some serious storms on the horizon.
    Your team and the entire show were fantastic in Branson, MO. We had the opportunity to see the show and loved every minute of it. If you get a chance take a look at the pics we took and let us know what you think ( Take care and God bless.
    Stan & Jackie

  • Laura Campbell

    Hi Jennifer,
    I absolutely love Amy and am trying to get a request for an appearance for her to whoever is the person I should be sending it to?
    I am working on a Concert fundraiser in May with an amazing group of musicians to raise money for the Connecticut Red Cross, of which I am the Development Director as well as for the CT Burns Care Foundation’s Childrens Burn Camp.
    Amy is on our National Cabinet and since the concerts theme is Southern Rock with a Country and Blues Flair, I thought this might be a wonderful synergy for her if her calendar permits.
    Can you let me know how to get this proposal to her?
    Thanks so much and have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!
    Laura Campbell

  • jeff leer

    I am writing on behalf of my wife of 23 years. We are high school sweathearts. She has been diagnosed with ALS (lou gerhig’s disease). she is the 10th member of her family to get it. The familial strain is a fast acting disease and she is in 14 months of symptoms which is the average lifespan with this disease. She is a fighter and is handling this with such grace and faith. She and my daughter just saw you in concert near Seattle recently. I asked her if she could meet anyone before she passes who would it be. She said Amy Grant. I will take her anywhere to do this. I know you probaly get a lot of requests like this but if it is possible, could you meet her? I just want to see her smile again. Sincerely, Jeff Leer



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