Merry Christmas from New Hampshire

Posted on: December 4th, 2008 by admin 4 Comments

We are hard at work. Chad riding a Segway during the day. Merry Christmas from New Hampshire

  • Chris (Charlotte, NC)

    Justin! Making Dan & Hugh do all the work, aren’t ya? 😉

  • David Sullivan

    Dear Amy,
    My wife and I are looking forward to your concert in Augusta tonight! We love your older Christmas CD and will be picking up the new one. I hope you enjoy your short time in Maine. You’ll have to come up for a vacation, we are ‘vacation land’ you know. I am sorry we will not have any snow for you. We are expecting some on Sunday.

  • Mary

    I attended the NH concert and was happy to see you in person. I was a little disappointed in the crowd. I was hooting and whistling and thought they were subdued.
    I am from Ma. and I guess we show a bit more enthusiasm. What a great couple you are.
    Thanks for the great effort.

  • Joseph

    Hello Amy,
    I have to honestly say that I wasn’t a fan of your’s until a few years ago. I have always listened to Rock ‘n Roll and some rap (a guy thing I guess). A few years ago I met someone extremely special to me and she has enjoyed your music for years. You have been an inspiration to her and now to me. Your songs have been very meaningful to her as she is also a performer and she has gone through many similar situations as you have. Now I listen to your music and find meaning, peace and understanding in your lyrics and music. I’ve also watched some of the interviews you’ve had with Larry King.
    Thank you for being a part of my friend’s life. She means so much to me I just had post comment.



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