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Posted on: November 24th, 2008 by Amy Grant 57 Comments

All things come to an end…even when you don’t want them to.
At 8:00 tonight I felt like I should be heading back on stage to revel in just one more night of the old songs, but instead I am preparing for tomorrow’s second grade field trip to the zoo.
A great way to spend the morning of my 48th birthday if you ask me.
As we all head into the Thanksgiving weekend, I hope we take time to breathe deeply…to look our loved ones in the face and acknowledge our gratitude…and Then reach beyond our circle of familiarity to fill the plate of someone in need.
Sweet dreams.

  • Kelly H-Y

    Happy (belated) Birthday … a zoo trip … definitely the perfect way to spend your birthday! You look just as young & beautiful as ever, and your music is getting more and more phenomenal! Enjoy your cake, and many blessings to you in the coming year!
    Kelly, Jeff, Braden, and Keiya

  • Bill

    Hi – I wanted to say Thanks! This is the only fan club I have ever joined in my 45 years. And I do so…because your music made a difference in my life – inspiring me to walk the ‘right walk.’ I have been some pretty dark places early in my life and looking back – have to say, glad I found your music and learned that God is much Cooler than the bottom of a shot glass…So God Bless and Merry Christmas!!!

  • ~Tami~

    Dear Amy,
    I was in Alaska when I first hear your music. Age to Age was my first album and after that, I bought all the previous. I’m 36 now. I’ve been waiting to hear something new from you because you have talent and it has always spoken to me. Your music speaks to me even now, but on a different level as age and maturity have set in.
    There isn’t a single believer who leaves this world unscathed. The ones who can make the biggest differences are always the hardest hit. You’ve really found your groove with Vince. He’s your equal and the complimentary relationship really comes through, even in your music. Keep up the good work and know there are people waiting for you.

  • Brandon Kawa

    Happy Birthday and I was hoping you could call me .It has to do with when you were on Three Wishes. Email me if you can

  • Joyce Cyr

    Amy…I was at your Manchester NH concert..I didn’t realize you were coming to Augusta, ME…we drove 7 hours to get there (from Northern Maine). It was surely worth it, although meeting you personally would have been a highlight of the season. However, on my way back, I drove behind the Civic Center in Augusta and saw your buses and tractor-trailers…I was awed by being so close and not being able to actually see you. The reason for all this is that I was saved in the mid 70’s and my 8 year old son and I grew up spiritually on your music. I just wanted to thank you profoundly for having touched our lives with your annointed music. Finally, I truly enjoyed the concert (as I did the Christmas one in CA with Michael W. Smith. It was an added bonus to get to see your eldest daughter…she actually looks much like you (according to my binoculars)…God Bless and have a Merry Christmas with your family.

  • Natalie

    Dear Amy,
    My goodness, I can’t believe that it’s been three weeks already but yes, it’s taken me that long to really compose all of what I’d like to say. My best friend, Kerri, and I came out to your Upper Darby show that closed out the LMO 20th tour on November 22, 2008. I think I am still somewhat speechless about that night. First of all, Kerri and I met when I was on staff for your street team. We’ve both attended your shows individually and have both spent time with you backstage. My first encounter was through your mom and Dad on Dec. 21, 1994 at the Opry after your Christmas show. Your mom is one of the most gracious women I think I’ve ever met in my life and I continue to think of them and pray for them frequently. That was a very special night that I hold close to my chest. For Kerri, she had you autograph a tissue box for someone we knew in Anchorage, Alaska at one of your Legacy shows in California. As I remember, you told her that was the first tissue box you’d ever been asked to sign. *LOL* Of all the concerts I’ve attended that you’ve done, Amy, by far, this one was the best. There is such a light and life in your eyes and smile that is so nice to see. You enjoyed yourself so much that Saturday night and so did we. I absolutely loved the arrangements that you and the band did with all of the songs. Especially “What About The Love”. It was an honor to get the audience rolling to sing Happy Birthday to you, once more. We had planned to bring you a gift basket filled with all Philly stuff like Tasty Kakes and Philly pretzels and maybe even a cheesesteak from either Pat’s or Gino’s but we later found out that was already covered and waiting on the bus.
    The energy as well as the entire atmosphere coming off of the stage from you and the band was really amazing Amy. When you said that it was like jumping right back in where you guys left off 20 years ago, you couldn’t have said it better-! Just amazing and man, Chris Rodriguez doesn’t look like he’s aged a bit….what’s his secret-? 😀
    From our end, that night felt like such a perfect wrap up…it was as if it was a room of close friends.
    I do have two questions….first of all, does Cher know how well Kim impersonates her-? Has anyone sent her a video-? 😀 And secondly….I finally had the awesome privilege of hanging out with Jerry Mc. after the show for a bit. I’ve admired his playing for all these years and it was so nice to meet up with him for a bit. I just want to know where he wants me to send his Wawa coffee to him for Christmas…. He’s a trip-! Great sense of humor and personality. I think he was born to play guitar-!
    Amy, thank you so much for a wonderful show and treasured memories to add to all of the rest. As the years pass, it is so true that you just get better and better. Jen is right…the best is yet to come…it’s clearly obvious-!
    Two last things Amy…I want to truly thank you for performing “Fight”. The last time I saw you do that song was at Moby Gym in Ft. Collins, Colorado on October 12, 1985, during the Unguarded Tour. It has been such a favorite of mine for all these years. Man, did I go nuts when that song started on the 22nd and now I have video to kick back and watch and enjoy. Also, what a sweet opportunity it was helping that little girl, Sarah, come up on stage to meet you. She was the little girl who was 10 years old holding the sign that said, “I’m your biggest fan”. Oh my goodness. When I was 9, it was you singing El Shaddai that brought me to want to meet Jesus. Sarah was sitting behind me in the 4th row on 11/22 and when you sang El Shaddai, she just belted out the words with all her heart and it was all I could do not to just lose it right there. I found out that night was her very first Amy concert and she so truly wanted to connect with you. I was so touched by her spirit and passion for your music so when we were up front by the stage and we had sung to you….she got up there and I was like, “Sarah sweetheart…you just hold your sign up”…and the rest was history. We sent her a copy of the pictures we took of her with you on stage. What a sweet memory to help her make that night and what a dear little girl who loves Jesus so much.
    I know you must have had a wonderful birthday and I hope your Thanksgiving was just as wonderful with your family at home in Nashville. I pray that the rest of the Christmas tour wraps up with sweet memories for you to take home for the holidays. Please wish your mom and dad a very merry Christmas for me.
    May God bless you richly this season, Amy.
    All my heart….Natalie

  • Kay

    Just happened upon your blog. I want to wish you a happy belated birthday! I know exactly how old you feel every Nov. 25th. That’s my birthday, too! Yep, you, me and JFK Jr. Blessings to you.



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