End of the road…. for now…..

Posted on: November 23rd, 2008 by Jennifer 22 Comments

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who came out to show your love and support to Amy and the band during this run of Lead Me On 20th Anniversary dates.  I can assure you that Amy, band, crew and management enjoyed every single aspect of these shows.  Seeing fans, young and old, show up every night ready to make the night one for the memory books is something that a manager like me can only hope and pray for.  I was so proud of Amy and this band…. and I was so touched by the loyalty and enthusiasm so many of you displayed every night.  This was the most fun I've ever seen Amy have on stage and that is in large part due to those of you who showed up night after night ready to "dip and sway" and let the music regenerate the parts of you that perhaps had grown a bit jaded or numb by the passage of years.  I hope and pray that this tour helped all of us get in touch with that younger, more passionate part of ourselves and inspired us to look forward with purpose and joy….

So the tour ended last night in Upper Darby, PA.  I had hoped to attend the show but due to traveling to California to see my ailing grandmother early this week, I had to stay home and get my ducks in a row this weekend.  I hated missing the end of the tour but I received numerous reports from the road that this weekend was extra special.

For those of you who have asked – we did record the show and hope to be able to release a live recording in 2009.  For all of you who hoped that we caught it on video – we didn't.  But — we are looking at the possibility of maybe filming it in the spring as a special project.  Of course, if we had to gear up everything to do a filming of the show, it might make sense to add another few shows…..  you never know….  :)

An extra special THANK YOU to those of you who traveled to NUMEROUS cities, night after night, to support this show and Amy.  As a die-hard Springsteen fan who has followed his tour and bought tickets to countless shows, I recognize the time, energy, and commitment (esp. financial) to go to such lengths to support an artist you love and respect — and in this dreaded economy it did not go unnoticed by Amy or me.

Next up – Christmas.  I think this is going to be a really special and intimate celebration of holiday music.  I hope to see many of you on the road.  Tickets are still available in every city (except Nashville) so make your plans now to come celebrate with us.

We will begin recording Amy's new record in early 09.  She is more energized and passionate about making new music than I have seen in a lot of years.  I know it might sound cliche, but I really and truly believe that the best is yet to come….. and I am honored to be sharing this ride with so many of you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Be safe and count your blessings….


  • Andrew

    Thank you for creating the inspiration for this tour! It never would have happened without you!
    Thank you for always going above and beyond to make sure everything runs just as it should.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope to see you on the road in December!

  • Kevin

    Thanks, Jennifer for all you do for the fans and the FOA family. It is always appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Kevin (kevcoz)
    Fort Worth, TX

  • Russ

    Thanks for the update Jen. The news about an audio recording and possible video recording is great news for those of us that were not able to get out to see the show. It was fun following the updates from the road and I am glad everyone involved had so much fun. I’ll be praying for your Grandmother. Also want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving as well.

  • http://joyinview.wordpress.com Amelia

    I will say a prayer for your grandmother! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I look forward to seeing and hearing what the future holds for Amy! I know it will be great! Blessings, Amelia :-)

  • Bonnie

    Wow – please, please, please do another show to film. I saw three concerts on this tur and would travel anywhere to see it one more time.

  • Roberta

    Happy Thanksgiving…
    We are all so blessed! Thank you for giving of your time and life to execute this tour…I know that it is all consuming and exhausting…It was my pleasure to meet you and your adorable son in Irvine! Have a lovely Thanksgiving. May the peace of our Savior surround you each and every moment…Hugs and prayers!

  • Michael

    Thanks for the “final” thought! The tour was an absolute blast.
    Great news for ’09…More LMO dates? A new album? A live recording? Ok, my Christmas list is fulfilled!
    THANK YOU all! Each of you did an amazing job!
    P.S. Prayers out to you with your grandmother! They are such precious ladies!

  • marcelle costa


  • stephen Kaiss

    This is great news. Hope you come to Baltimore. If you do I would be glad to help promote it. Stephen Kaiss Metro Maryland Youth for Christ

  • Lionel

    It’s great to see Amy alive again! Thanks for getting this tour together!! I hope Amy takes the band with her straight into the studio to record her new CD! They were so tight and they brought out the best in Amy creatively and musically!!!
    Thanks for recording the LMO 20th Anniversary tour! I can’t wait to buy my copy in 2009!
    And I would also love to see a live video recording of LMO in 2009!
    Peace and Grace,

  • Stephen aka

    Hey Jen,
    I hope Braden is well and getting excited for the holidays. I hope your grandmother is feeling better. I was hoping to meet you but maybe next time.
    This was my first Amy concert and it was such an amazing experience. I wasn’t even 4 when LMO came out. I want to thank everybody…from God who gave Amy her amazing talent, to Amy for using it to inspire people, to the people who I was amongst and truly made that last show amazing. It was an experience that I will never forget and hope to have more of.
    I hope she adds a few more shows to the list, hey Atlantic City’s a good spot. I have to save my money now, in case I have to travel.
    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!!
    PS: Did Amy tell you about the birthday cake?–HA!

  • http://sleeplessmornings.blogspot.com Merrie

    The show was amazing and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to see it! Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to give us a wonderful experience like that. I assure you it was as fun for the audience as it was for Amy, you and the crew.
    Speaking of Christmas…I finally purchased the new album last night! I’d been waiting for it to be at my Target, and couldn’t wait to listen to the four new songs. I put it in on my drive to work this morning, and was very happy with the new music. I especially love the sound of Corrina’s voice — she sounds just like her Dad, doesn’t she? Precious.
    Thanks again for everything. I wish I could see the Christmas show, but it’s not in the cards for this California girl this year. Perhaps next time.
    Take care!

  • http://profile.typekey.com/mikemiller34/ Michael Miller

    Thanks for the great news! Living in Milwaukee, the tour didn’t really come within striking distance this year, so next year might be a great opportunity for a makeup–but I promise that if I have a second chance, I’ll do what it takes to catch it!

  • Rich

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Having seen Amy dozens and dozens of times, she was at the top of her game! I really had a great time in Hershey. Her voice, energy level and smiles were huge.
    The passion in the new music was evident in every note. I can’t wait to buy the new release. Us Amy fans are hungry for new music.

  • Jennifer

    I had one of the best times Saturday night in Upper Darby. Amy is such a down to earth individual & all about the connection that people have to music. She said that night that she was having more fun than anybody else & you could definitely tell that she was having a blast. Since the age of 6 Amy’s music has had a profound affect on my life in ways I find hard sometimes to express without getting emotional.
    I met Amy in Norfolk, VA before the LMO concert in 88. I was 14 years old & going through chemo for Leukemia. I had a round of chemo that morning which on any normal occasion would have made me very ill. However I was so excited to meet her that I didn’t get ill. I guess you could say I was getting the wish of a lifetime & I wasn’t about to miss a moment of it. I started feeling a little bad right at the start of the concert & had to go home. So I am grateful for the LMO tour this year as I missed it 20 years. Thanks Jennifer for all you do for FOA. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Ryan

    Jen ~
    This tour was certainly one of the best I have ever seen from Amy. Though I traveled across the U.S. to see Amy it was more than worth the trip. I know so many more people that were able to see her in multiple cities. If I only lived in California I would have been right there with them.
    Thank you for all your hard work on this project and I look forward to the next Chapter in Amy’s career. She has a great team behind her and I encourage you and her to go beyond the norm and shock the music industry once again!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  • Renne Schmoe-Jenkins

    Hi Jennifer. What could I do, to get alaska on the spring tour? I would work my bum off promoting the concert with flyers. I also know a few dj’s in anchorage.We have several cool places to play, and I know the show would sell out faster than Elton John lol. Just Amy and her guitar or guitar player would be fine. it would be kind of hard to get all the band and their instruments here. please… please… please.

  • http://www.myspace.com/billfriggle Bill Friggle

    Hi Jen,
    I don’t know if you remember me. My wife and I are the ones that had dinner with you at Amy’s house a while back. How are you doing? We wanted to get to go to the concert at Hershey, but we could not afford it. But Alice and my daughter Jess got to go to the sound check. We hope to see Amy next time she is around here.
    I am wondering how Vinces back is doing? I pray for him often. Tell Amy I said hi, if she remembers me.
    We still talk often of that night at Amy’s house. Oh what a night for us!
    God bless,
    Bill Friggle
    P.S. How is your dogs doing? LOL I still laugh when I think of the story you told us.

  • Rashana Opal Buttolph

    I am agreeing with all the other Amy fans. This was the best amy music ever. this was my first Amy concert also as when she did her tour with Hawaii being one of the places she performed her LMO tour in 86 or 87 I was only 8 or 9 and was not allowed to go as it was a date night for my Mom and Dad and they went to her concert on the beach. Then we lived over seas as my Dad was in the military and we couldn’t see her at the time. So this was the best experience of a life time for me and I loved every moment of it as I got to see my most favorite singer in the whole wide world at my very first concert ever. I only regret not being in her fan club and getting to meet her in person but that is going to change as I am joining soon and signing up my good friend also and then I will get to meet her next time she comes to Fort Worth as I am going to start going to all her concerts now when she is in Texas.
    I can’t wait either for the audio cd to come out in the spring as i will most definitely be purchasing the cd also. Also I hope she comes back to Texas and does another LMO tour for the filming Video and does it in Dallas or if she decides to do another one in Fort Worth at the Bass Hall this next time around I will Most definitely be there whichever ever city she is at as I loved this tour and most definitely will not miss it if y’all do a couple more shows as us fans could never grow tired of this LMO music. I can’t wait for her to go into the studio and make her new CD for us. I loved the new songs she sung during the encore especially the one she and Kim Keyes wrote together about Kim finding her birth Father as it touched my heart because I too am adopted but I don’t have a way to find my birth parents but I know how she felt so they really touched me with that new song. I forgot the name. Hope it will be on Amy’s new cd. I own her Christmas cd and I love it. I play it at work and the Grown Up Christmas List song she sings so beautifully also is so calming and soothing as a lullabye song that it helps put my 2 year olds and 18-23 Month olds children that I work with at Mother’s Day out program down to sleep for their nap time. They love it also. Thank You All for everything you all do for us fans to make us love music so much. Keep up the excellent work. Hope to see Vince and Amy at Bass Hall 1 year soon for their Christmas Tour concert as Me and my Fellow good friend who also is a huge Amy fan was with me at the LMO concert in Fort Worth will definitely be coming to 1 of the Christmas concerts When they come to Fort Worth. Hope to meet you and your son also next time. I love children and yours is so
    precious. Sorry so long but had so much to Thank you for. Wish you a very Blessed Thanksgiving as we all gather with famiy and friends and share what we are Thankful for. I am definitely Thankful for our Lord, my Family and my Family dogs and my Friends and for Amy and Vince and their children and for you and your son. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Your Sister in Christ, Rashana Opal

  • http://profile.typekey.com/Groove86/ Trudi

    Hey Jen,
    I just wanted to say thank you for all you do! I have been hoping to meet you since ’03 when you helped me out with an extra special blessing for my mom. You have to make it to a PA. show sometime! Just wanted to say that the LMO concert was everything you said and more!! I will be praying for you and your family. Keep us up to date on how your Grandmother is doing.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…
    blessings, Trudi

  • Laura

    I had so much fun at this concert! Thanks to you, Amy and everyone else who brought this amazing show to us.
    Praying for your grandmother. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you all in December!

  • Jake

    Thanks for all you did to prepare for these wonderful shows. It was truly special to attend multiple shows, introduced my father and brother and best friend to Amy for the first time, dance barefoot to some of my favorite old songs, and reuniting with some of my favorite friends! I’d do it all in a moment’s notice. I shared some of my more intimate, personal thoughts with you already, but once again thank you.
    I love my grandmother(s) very specially, I will being praying for yours this holiday season.



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