Hello Houston….

Posted on: November 13th, 2008 by Jennifer 2 Comments

Amy and I arrived in Houston today after a very laid back day off in Las Vegas yesterday. She is excited to kick off this leg of the tour and we are expecting a full house tonight. KSBJ has been terrific to work with and the people at Fellowship have offered us a gracious and warm welcome. It should be a great night and then we roll to Dallas/Ft. Worth.

More to come…


  • Christy Cox

    The following is a blog post from my sister. It is self explanatory and then I will post an additional note.
    I am unashamedly a HUGE Amy Grant fan and have been since my mom brought the “record” home (yeah, I know I’m dating myself) of the “Age to Age” project. I remember my sister, Christy, and I would sit for hours on end and listen over and over to that record and we still know every single word to every single song on that album…and all the other ones she’s come out with since then. We were young teenagers when the “Lead Me On” album came out and I remember we were staying with my aunt and uncle, Duane and Nancy, for the week in Michigan when it was released. I remember them taking us to a Christian Bookstore and us buying it (a tape this time! :), and sitting in front of their stereo system and listening to the “Lead Me On” project. It wasn’t really like anything that was out there at the time, but man did it ever speak to so many levels of life out there to be lived. We were young and innocent and just enjoyed the sentiment of the songs like “Faithless Heart” and “If These Walls Could Speak”. Who knew twenty years later that these songs would still be so relevant and looking back we’ve seen our own lives lived out in so many of those lyrics.
    Fast-forward twenty years and Amy is doing a reunion tour of the “Lead Me On” project. When I found out she was coming to Branson, I HAD to get tickets to go. It won’t be until November, so we decided to do a girls weekend getaway in celebration of my mom’s birthday and go see Amy again.
    It’s going to be mom, my sister, my niece and yours truly on our trip. Can I just tell you how excited we are to get away and turn back the hands of time for just one evening and reminisce with those good old songs from back in the day. So, when Amy sent the e-mail that had the “widget” she wanted us to put on our blogs to get the word out about her tour, how could I say no?! :)
    So, that’s why the Amy thing is on my blog. I’ll keep it up until the concert and then let y’all know how it was. We’re looking so forward to our girls weekend in Branson. It will be here before we know it. If you’re not an Amy Grant fan, check out her stuff. She speaks to the soul through her lyrics and says in song what my heart tries to say a lot of times, but can’t find the right words. Music truly is the language of the heart!

  • Christy Cox

    Read post below first. My sister, myself, my daughter and mother were gearing up for Amy’s concert in Branson. We had planned a whole girls’ weekend around it. Instead, my sister who has suffered with lupus for 12 years is in the hospital and doesn’t have a release date as of this moment. She is having a bad lupus flare and pancreatitis. We had to call to cancel the tickets today which was very disappointing for all of us. However, right now our focus and priority is to get Melanie through this. She has a wonderful husband and beautiful 2 year old son that she is itching to get out and be with again as well. I just wanted to share the following post of hers with you and let you know how we feel about Amy and we hope to see her and Vince at their Christmas concert in St. Louis on Dec. 19. God bless you all!



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