dipping and swaying in Houston…

Posted on: November 13th, 2008 by Jennifer 3 Comments

I love this part of the show! I feel like a kid when I see everyone on their feet. I truly feel a spiritual joy when I watch the crowd move in unison. I know the photo quality is crummy but I don’t have a flash on my phone….

dipping and swaying in Houston...

  • Lionel

    Looks like a packed house! I miss my homecity Houston. KSBJ is a great radio station! Many of my friends are at the show tonight. Thanks for sharing the picture with us Jen!

  • http://meiaspalavras2.blogspot.com/ Cissa

    Thanks for the new pic!

  • Sara

    I saw you at the Houston show, you were like a row and 3 seats to the right of where I was sitting! I wanted to tell to that this Tour was an AMAZING show and Amy and the band sounded phenomenal!! It was SO much fun to hear Amy play all of her old music, stuff that I’ve never heard her play live before but listened to all my life, since I’m 23 and have grown up with Amy’s music before I was old enough to know who was singing it…
    thanks for everything you do! and tell Amy and the band they are AWESOME!



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