Ocean front property in Vegas?

Posted on: November 11th, 2008 by Jennifer 12 Comments

Well, I guess we got sucker punched about the Adam Sandler thing.  Not sure if it was a prankster calling as Adam Sandler or a honest communication miscue, but there was no Adam Sandler to be found tonight and I feel a bit foolish for having blogged about it.  You know what they say about Vegas — there is a sucker born every minute!  Anyway, don't hold your breath for a picture of Amy, Smitty and Adam together on ice!  But I do have this picture of Amy and Michael backstage before their first song.

2008_11_11 NBC Skating Special

  • http://meiaspalavras2.blogspot.com/ Cissa

    hI Jannifer,
    I love when you give us news pictures!
    Now is 08:00am and my breakfast is come here see news.
    I would like can see amy sing in live, but i live very far, but a day, maybe you brings amy to Brazil!
    kisses a lot to you!

  • http://meiaspalavras2.blogspot.com/ Cissa

    I go on singing…
    ” dream of simple things I can believe in
    Like the feeling this day brings
    True love and the miracle of forgiving
    I believe in simple things … ”
    Great song! Great singing!

  • Sandy

    Hi Jen,
    yes thanks a lot for the NEW Amy Picture!
    It´s always such a pleasure to read your notes..if you find time to share your thoughts, News and pics of Amy.
    Please don´t stop to to this:-)
    Many sweet thoughts to you

  • Andrew

    Well, at least we can all get a laugh…even if Adam Sandler did show up…I guess in a way it is almost just as funny as if he would have shown up. Jennifer, thanks for sharing…and I hope you are able to laugh about it as well.
    Thanks for the photos and the updates yesterday.
    I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing TV special!

  • http://joyinview.wordpress.com Amelia

    Love the pic! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to watching the special when it airs on NBC!! :-)

  • cheryl

    Beautiful picture of Amy and Michael! Thank you for sharing.

  • Janice

    Great photo of Michael and Amy! They both haven’t aged a bit!

  • marcelle costa

    thaks for the picture. Amy in Brazil Please!!!!!!!!!!!:) God bless you all…

  • Trudi

    Hey Jen,
    Thanks so much for the pic of Amy & Michael together. You’re awesome…I’ve appreciated your blog immensley!(sp?) Love the pics of Braden too. I just recently found out you have a Braden…my Brayden is 18 months. Can’t wait to see you guys in Hershey!
    God bless, Trudi

  • Rachel (WI)

    I love this pic! Amy looks so beautiful. And Michael looks great too! This will absolutely be a great NBC special to look forward to! Thanks Jennifer!

  • Marti Quashnock

    Thanks for sharing this great picture! I can’t wait for the TV special to air.

  • http://www.myspace.com/borninohio Michael McClure

    Amy looks so BEAUTIFUL!



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