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Posted on: November 11th, 2008 by Jennifer 3 Comments

Well, so far I haven't had a good opportunity to take any pictures of rehearsals because the lighting has not been good enough for my digital camera to capture anything.  Hopefully I can take some pictures during the real performance.  Amy is doing the show with Michael W. Smith and so it has been nice for the two of them to have a little down time together backstage.  With both of them doing fall tours and Christmas tours they are usually crossing through towns on a different schedule.  It's nice to be in the same place at once.  We just found out that Adam Sandler (yes, the actor/comedian) is going to be part of the show tonight.  He is in town and wanted to join in so it should be fun and add a hilarious component to the show.  We have all laughed so hard at some of his movies…

More to come…


  • AGfan

    Please send us pictures!!!! What was Amy for Halloween? When are the winners being announced for the concerts front row tickets?

  • AGfan

    Are there any pictures from Halloween? When are the winners being announced for the front row tickets?

  • Andrew

    Wow…I would have NEVER guessed Amy Grand and Adam Sandler would ever be in same TV special!!! I can’t wait!!!!
    I hope Amy and Michael are having a great time tonight…they are two people who have shaped so many of our lives…



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