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Posted on: November 7th, 2008 by admin 12 Comments

I am sure most of you know that we have been off for a week.  It has been great to be home in the great state of Tennessee.  Fall is so beautiful here and I am always thankful when I get to spend a few days enjoying the scenic beauty of autumn.  While we are all happy to be home, there is a sense of anticipation for the next run of shows.  It has truly been a special time period to be a part of.  Every night is a musical experience and if you have seen the show you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you haven't seen the show then that should be enough for you to purchase your tickets and come out and see the show!  

We leave next week for Houston TX, Dallas TX, Branson MO, Wichita KS, Greenville TN, and then on up to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.   Until then, some are relaxing and others like myself and Chad our lighting director are preparing for the AGVG Christmas tour that leave out on December 1st.  It is a busy three months but when you travel with great people and listen to great music every night and this is your job, can you really complain?  

See you on the road!  
  • Andrew

    Need some help?!?!?! I know your job isn’t all play and no work, but how rewarding to see these amazing shows, night after night!

  • beny maia

    I hope to see you at New York – december.
    I ‘m sad !! I coudn’t see any show of LMO tour . I’m sick !
    But, I would like that Amy Grant Productions and EMI pulling out a special DVD about that.
    I cant believe it is true !!

  • Keith Junas

    Justin, thanx for the update. I will be at one of the “up in Pennsylvania” shows….the last one in Upper Darby to be exact. I always regretted not seeing Amy on the original LMO tour, so needless to say I’m really psyched!!! See ya in a few…..
    Keith J.

  • Emily

    I will see ya’ll in Houston!!!
    Yippy Skippy!!!
    Lafayette, LA

  • Kimberlee

    I would love to be able to go see one of the shows….but I live in Ontario and there wasn’t one close enough to go to! Hopefully Amy will make another trip up this way in the near future…

  • Cissa

    (smiles) Yes, this is THE JOB that any one asked for God!
    Plese, send more pictures, thanks!

  • karen chronister

    finding an “Amy Show” within a few hours driving distance of York, PA, has become a yearly ritual for my friend Trudi and me. we tried sharing it with others, but it has quickly become our Christmas present to each other. we first met because she was wearing an Amy Grant t-shirt at a meeting 12 years ago. i had to talk to her and that was a great opening subject! a few months later, she offered me my first concert ticket to hear those well-worn songs in real time. she understood when i teared up a little when you first walked out. i realized in that moment how much your music had walked me through the highs and lows of my life up to that point. i was embarrassed, but she nodded in understanding. we’ve been the truest of friends since that moment. so, now, babies and music and life followed us, and we still call an “Amy Show” a great girl’s night out. i can’t wait until the Hershey show. your music feels like an old friend now.
    karen c.

  • Gregory Hodges

    I hope and pray this message gets through. It was 20 years ago when Amy brought her “LEAD ME ON” tour to Toronto; that I had the joy of not only experiancing the power of that concert, but had a picture taken of me handing a rose to Amy. She held it while singing “El Shaddai!” Later I found out her son Matt had taken his first steps in Canada days earlier. I have so much to tell her. Please let me know if it is possible to write a full letter here!!

  • Jim Cordero

    Is a DVD of this tour in the works? Being a long time fan, and not being to an Amy Grant concert in 20 years, I’d really like to have a DVD of this one. I wont be able to make to any of these. One day earlier this year the thought crossed my mind of how great it would be to either go back in time, or for something like this to happen. Now it is and I would love to be there.
    God Bless you and yours.

  • Leigh

    Hey Amy,
    We were at the Wichita show last night. Have grown up with you since that first album when we were all 17. It is cracking me up to hear these 20 somethings say they have grown up with your music–while I am sure that is true at the point of their recollection–I have to say for us, it was like your music grew up with us. I use to say that it was you and Ziggy who reflected my thoughts in the world but since I haven’t seen Ziggy around in awhile I guess it is just us-ha!
    I have sporadic opportunities to meet you and connect with you through the years and it was great to share a few hours with you last evening among the crowd. Thanks for always being willing to share your heart and your music and for keeping it real. Here in OKC you will always have a friend (make that two… or maybe we should count that in thousands).
    Anyway, enjoyed the concert and looking forward to your next project. Let’s do lunch at Ted’s next time you are in town-ha!

  • Amanda

    Amy you are such a blessing! You are so down-to-earth and personable. :) My sister, daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed your concert in Wichita last night. I was “raised” on your music, and even though my baby girl is only a few months old, it was so special to be able to transfer what I heard as a child to her.
    This was the third time I’ve seen you in concert, and I have to say I enjoyed this one the very most. It was just as you said: “…Like sitting around in a living room.” Thank you for being so genuine. And thank you for sharing your amazing talents!

  • Kathy

    Wow, what a gift your LMO Anniversary Tour was to each of us at your concert in Greeneville, TN last night! All the songs and recollections were great, but at the end when you kicked back I felt as if we were just a few hundred of your closest friends listening to you sing. God’s richest blessing on each of you as you travel. (Our boss took all of us to the concert as an early holiday gift! Best Christmas party in years!!)



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