The day after….

Posted on: November 5th, 2008 by Jennifer 11 Comments

I purposely didn't blog during the past couple of days to avoid any political discussion in this forum.  But now that the votes are tallied and the results are in, I want to say that whoever you voted for and whatever your political convictions, NOW is the time for all of us to hope and pray and believe that America is still the land of opportunity and promise.

And tomorrow or Friday I will blog about all things Amy….

Until then, God bless this great land of ours…


  • Tonya

    Indeed! And His blessings on you and Braden, too.

  • Roberta

    AMEN, Jen!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    Looking forward to hearing more in the next couple of days…I’m sure everyone is getting ready for the big garage sale!

  • Rashana Buttolph

    Just wondering if she will be performing the same songs that she has done at the other concerts on the night of November 14th at the Will Roger auditorium concert as I hope she is singing SHARAYAH, ALRIGHT, WISE UP AND FIGHT AND EVERYWHERE I GO THAT IS BEFORE 1988 AS THESE ARE MY FAVORITE SONGS ESPECIALLY. SEE YOU AT THE CONCERT ON NOVEMBER 14TH AT WILL ROGERS AUDITORUIM.

  • abode

    Loved seeing Vince on Oprah. He sounded great with CeCe. And she looked beautiful!

  • wayne allen

    Jenn, Thanx for all u do on here! I still didnt get to purchase my amy membership yet! Times have been tough! I’m sure u all know what i mean too! Anyway, how can i get my pass to soundcheck for the hershey, pa show for me and upper darby, pa show for a child and me? If it doesn’t get here before the 20 and 22 of november? Please let me know! Thanx again!

  • Janice

    AMEN AND AMEN!!! God bless America!

  • Parkway_Mom

    I hear ya. I still believe that America is the land of opportunity and promise! I just question what kind of promises and opportunities are we offering? However, I respect and understand that you didn’t want to get into politcal discussions on your blog. :) And what a wise decision that is. 😉
    I can’t wait to see what goodies you have to post about. You made the statement that you were going to post “all things Amy”….I think I can speak for everyone by saying, we love reading about the behind the scenes stuff too! I enjoyed hearing about your son on the LMO tour, and seeing your family Halloween pic’s with Amy. I look forward to your next post.

  • sfr

    now that the elections are over, will Amy and Vince still be putting on the benefit show for veterans in Washington D.C. that they had planned on doing, but decided to postpone until the elections were over?

  • Karen

    It’s going on 3 weeks since we’ve heard from Amy. It would be good to hear something from her – any idea when that will be?

  • Laura

    Hi there! I have a request for the Upper Darby show. Is there any way that the band can play TOMORROW from Straight Ahead? That was my favorite song in 8th grade!!!! I still find myself singing it every now and then. Thanks.



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