Little update.

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Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days. We have had a blast in the northwest. Three shows in Seattle, Portland, and Spokane.

Attached are three photos for your viewing pleasure. We all went out to eat at Saltys in Portland and played a club style show at the Bing Crosby theatre in Spokane.

We are now headed across the country and will see you in Minneapolis.
Talk to you soon.

Little update.

Little update.

Little update.

  • Shawn

    Great show in Portland! My family was fortunate enough to meet Amy and share with her when she had met my sister in 1986. It was a wish granted for my sister who lived with cystic fibrosis. She went to the Lord in 1989 and it just so happened to be her birthday on the day of the show. Amy was so gracious as to play a song for her during the concert. Almost 20 years since my sister’s passing and as my mom said as we left the concert…”that was the best birthday!” Thanks for making it such a wonderful evening.
    Best Regards,

  • Christina

    Amy put on a spectacular performance in Spokane. My daughter and I were in front row and had an amazing time. At the end of the concert, my daughter gave Amy a little bear. This was my 7 year old daughter’s first time at an Amy concert and she had a blast. Thank you Amy for a wonderful night. As well as autographing a picture I drew of you.

  • Courtney Spears

    Hi Amy and band,
    What a great few nights my best friend and I had selling your merch, in Portland and then heading up to seattle to enjoy the concert! It was so fun and fun to meet you Amy, as well as hear Kim Keys sing her song. I think I accidently scared her :) when I went towards the stage after the show.. I REALLY just wanted her to hear how much we enjoyed her singing and watching her and encourage her :) (sorry Kim) LOL! I’m sure you get a lot of interesting situations. Have a great rest of the trip. Eric the Merch manager was so fun to work with and get to know. Hopefully we’ll see you all in the NW again soon!
    courtney spears

  • kim

    Hey great web sight, I had a chance to see one of your very first concerts in L.a I was real young, i think you were sixteen, any way the music has blessed me over the years, and that is awsome your touring again, kinda going back to your roots, ill tell you what some of the older songs, and albums are just deep, and so heart felt any how happy touring kim

  • Cathy in MN

    Thanks for all the great updates on the road – I’ll be seeing you tomorrow in MN! Can’t wait!

  • MJ

    It was great to talk with you after the show in Redmond, WA. Reminiscing about the late-night dinner with Vince and the gang at the Fall City Grill…thanks for the pics too. Hope the reunion tour continues to be great and that the Christmas mini-tour goes well too.

  • Barry

    My mom saw your show at Mystic Lake Casino my Dad is a card member a got free tickets to your show. My mom said you looked thin and she said the show was very good. I wish I could have seen the show but we only had 2 free tickets.

  • Karla

    I was at the concert last night in MN and it was amazing!! I was wondering if you have a recording of the concert that I could purchase. Amy dedicated the first song “My Father’s Eyes” to me and I’d love to have the dedication recorded so I could listen to it again (and to play for all my friends!) Great job last night!!! Thank you so much for making my day!

  • Deb Erpelding

    Hey Amy! I took my 7 year old daughter to her first Amy Grant concert last night at Mystic Lake, Prior Lake, MN! GIRL!!! You get better and better with time and age! I know you were strained a bit, but I love your spirit and willingness to give us all you’ve got. Your new songs were especially awesome to me! I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s the “Don’t Make Me Beg” and the “Threat Me With Heaven” shot through my heart like an arrow! I can’t wait for the releases! I hope you can have some rest for a couple days! Take care and could you and Vince try to come for Christmas? PLEASE!!!???

  • Deb Erpelding

    Forgot to say that my daughter loved the show. She and I made it a great “girls night out”. It will always be a wonderful memory for both of us.
    One more thing, could you and Vince please try and come for Christmas? PLEASE!!!??? Sorry to repeat, but very earnest about my request!
    Deb E.

  • Melinda

    Hey Amy
    Well when you say you will deliver you do.
    I was at the sound check in DesMoines, IA and when you were taking request I asked for Wise Up! you said I would have to come to the Anniversary Tour – I said at the time I was unable to get to one. But I went home and checked the dates again and guess what I was able to make the Mystic Lake show sound check was great I was able to hear “Wise up” twice there and once in the concert. Great ending by the way.
    Unguarded and Lead Me on mark such a turning point in my life …Thank you so much for showing me Jesus. Words can not express my gratitude…
    God bless,

  • Keith Johnson

    Amy . . . can I call you Amy? or Ms. Grant? My wife and I saw you at Mystic Lake in Prior Lake, MN Nov. 1. We came away believers. Well…we were believers before, but re-fortified in our belief after (multiple meanings there….). We were at the sound check (front row, center, gawking, mouths agape, cameras sort of poised….) having only joined the FOA club the night before. It took a common-sense and generous decision by your manager, Jennifer (thanks Jennifer!!) to allow us in to the soundcheck (bypassing the 48 hour stipulation for entrance). Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed both the informal soundcheck and the outstanding show itself. As Deb said in a previous post (above), “we know you were strained a bit, but you gave it all you had.” Absolutely true. The soundcheck gave us a glimpse into the workmanlike (or workwomanlike) facets of your concert preparations. It gives us fans a slight glimpse into the incredible effort and pressure of performing under the klieg lights of these concerts. Even the Mystic Lake ushers, who see and hear all sorts of excellent concerts, were amazed. We talked to one after the Mystic Lake concert and she said all concerts go 90 minutes. Amy, giving it her all, and playing some excellent new songs at the end, played for 2 hours and 15 minutes. The ushers were amazed, and so were we. Thank you Amy. Lack of sleep? No problem. Coming off of a fun Halloween the night before with your kids in Tennessee? “Yawn” . . . no problem. Strained voice? No problem (we’d never have known had you not admitted such in the soundcheck…). Your voice was great. Incredible even. I wish Vince could’ve seen it . . . but at least I’m glad WE did. Incredible (ooops, I’m repeating myself). But it bears repeating.

  • Courtney Casey

    Hi Amy!
    I am the Kappa Alpha Theta president at the Gamma Psi chapter (Texas Christian University) in Fort Worth, TX. I wanted to let you know that we sing “I’m gonna Fly” every year during recruitment, and is the highlight of the preference round ceremony. We will be having a formal meeting (ritual meeting) on Sunday the 14th when you will be in Fort Worth. Octet will be singing your song and explaining the significance of it to our newly initiated members. If you have some free time on Sunday evening (8 pm-9:15 pm) we would love to show you a piece of your legacy left behind in our chapter!
    My e-mail address is
    Courtney Casey
    Gamma Psi President
    Texas Christian University

  • Courtney Casey

    **Correction. Sunday the 9th!
    -Courtney Casey

  • Suzie Witzke

    My husband and I saw you in MN. I was blown away! 13 years ago I came a believer and my husband introduced me to some of your old songs and other artists of the 80’s. I have to admit today’s music does not seem to carry the same message as the older ones. I had prayed that someday I would go to my first christian concert with someone like you. God answered! You were my first christian concert and I’m still singing all that you performed that night in my head. Your music has touched me, my husband who saw you 20 years ago on the same tour and took photos of you for his school and our 6 soon to be 7 children. God bless you and your family. God has given us a wonderful gift – you! Thank you!

  • Faye

    My twin sister and I celebrated our birthday at the Prior Lake, MN show a week ago. We were blessed to see the soundcheck as well. I remember driving alot of miles to see the Lead Me On tour 20 yrs. ago with my Sis and here we were, celebrating together once again at Amy’s concert. It is like seeing an old friend! I’ve never met her personally but feel as though I know her – she is so down to earth and personable! Thanks so much for coming up north! Hope to see you again soon! Love you Amy!



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