Freedom in Red, White, and Blue.

Posted on: October 28th, 2008 by admin 7 Comments

I took this picture in Portland yesterday as I walked out of catering at the venue. What a beautiful reminder of why we do what we do and the blessing it is to live in America. This is not a political blog but with the election a week away I encourage everyone to vote. Don’t just vote but understand why you vote. We all want change in this and that and it starts with our voice. Use this Presidential election to jump start your politcal awareness on the local level. Most of us, including myself vote for the President but we miss most of the local elections. It all starts on the local level. The flag doesn’t just fly in Washington but in every town in America.

This year I spent 3.5 months overseas in Eastern Europe. That 3.5 months impressed on me that we have blessings here that we take for granted. Thank God for our freedoms. Freedom in Red, White, and Blue.

  • Parkway_Mom

    Nothin’ more beautiful than an American flag flying against a beautiful blue sky. :)

  • amy hildebrand

    We were in Portland last nite enjoying your music. Thanks for letting us relive our past as well. You were ‘my music’ when I was in jr high and high school in the 80’s and now I have shared you with my own daughter, Amy. We brought her last nite – and she loved your concert. But she wanted to say….”next time you come back here – you should play ‘Fat Baby’. I started her on Age to Age….maybe should’ve got her listening to Lead me on more eh? She’s a big fan and her own aspiring musician (altho’ doesn’t like Mom as the piano teacher!)
    Have a fantastic rest of your tour. I hope your kids don’t miss you too much!
    Leslie and Amy Hildebrand

  • Jennifer Garrick

    Had a BLAST with the past last night in Portland! Thanks for coming! Don’t stay away too long. Good luck on the rest of your tour.
    May God keep you all safe on the road.
    Jennifer Garrick

  • April Curtright

    I was at the Portland concert on Monday night. I had a blast! Thank you all for joining Amy on this tour. It was so fun to see some familiar faces and hear such amazing talent. Seriously, I enjoyed it more than any other concert I’ve attended (Amy’s or otherwise). You guys are all working so hard and I for one, appreciated it more than words can tell. In these uncertain and often unsettling times, it was so great to be able to just relax, have fun, dance, sing and walk down memory lane with you all. (I wrote about our evening on my blog if you’re interested… ). I know God is going to richly bless your time together. Thanks again for coming to Portland! It was awesome. Have a great time with the rest of the tour!

  • Janice

    Great shot of Old Glory! I’ve always thought our flag was beautiful. I got a nice shot of Amy at the Phoenix soundcheck with the flag on the screen behind her. It’s on my screensaver right now. Makes me smile!

  • missy majnarich

    WOW – your in Spokane, Thank you.
    I got to meet Chad briefly, I told him I made a quick post (09/29)about how I was at LMO tour 20 years ago! I am so excited about tonight. Amy has been a constant in my life for alomost 30 years!
    I can’t wait –

  • Paul & Sheryl Powell

    My wife and I discovered that you were in town only the day you were playing. However, she heard on the radio that there were tickets still available, so we took a chance and showed up at the church. We were fortunate and got in to see you.
    You and your music have deep meaning for my wife and I. Several of your songs were in our wedding, including two featured songs by our soloist. I’ve been to a couple of your concerts when you’ve been in town before, but this one felt a bit more special. :)
    Thank you for coming to Portland and sharing your gift with us. It’s always a pleasure to see you. You mean more to us than you can know.
    –Paul & Sheryl Powell
    Portland, OR



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