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Don’t get me wrong, I have loved California but it was time to go somewhere were fall was prevalent. As we drove through southern Oregon this morning. We were surrounded by so many amazing beauties. Every part of this world has it’s own beauty to it. I thoroughly enjoy the Northwest because of images like these.

What a contrast between today and yesterday. Yesterday, in Nevada we were on the outer edges of the salt flats and today we are tucked in the mountains of the NW with the Pacific ocean only minutes away. God has made an amazing earth full of diversity and contrast. Enjoy what’s around you. We are here.....

  • Connie

    I know ya’ll felt like you were in the middle of nowhere in Wendover and it’s very bleak surroundings, but from one of the fans who came away blessed and renewed last night THANK YOU!! Twenty years ago was my first Amy concert and I do hope last night won’t be my last. You have many people who love you in Utah as evidenced by the crowd last night. Stay safe on the road and it sounds like you’re in prettier country today.

  • Brenda Gallagher

    Hi Amy and welcome to Oregon. Tomorrow night my husband and I will be at your concert at the Rolling Hills Church. My husband has been one of your biggest fans since 1984. His name is Brent, grew up catholic and fell away from the church. Our marriage has had many ups and downs like most. Married 24 years, four kids and two grandkids. But he just recently started listening to religious music again. So when I saw your concert was here, I thought what devine intervention. God truely does work in mysterious ways.
    You truely are an inspiration, thank you,

  • Valerie

    I just attended your INCREDIBLE concert out in the DRY desert at the Peppermill casino in Nevada. Your songs were inspirational, your voice was beautiful, and you looked GREAT! I have been a fan for over 20 years and I am embarressed to say that this is the first concert I have attended. (You haven’t done many concerts in Utah where I live.)
    I became a fan as soon as I heard your music with your fresh sounding voice, and when I learned more about your personal life, I became an even BIGGER fan. We share some things in common! One of the reasons that I am jealous that you look so fantastic is that I am EXACTLY the same age as you– I was born just after Thanksgiving on November 25, 1960! (I know how HARD it is to look fresh and lively after travelling LONG distances and taking care of children at a “mature” age!) I have been a first grade teacher now for about 24 years, and I have to admit that managing and teaching 30 six year olds does get a little tiring especially as I am nearing that exciting holiday of HALLOWEEN!
    We also share motherhood in common– I have 4 step children and two of my own that I had AFTER I turned 40. Another commonality that we share is that your youngest daughter is just 2 weeks younger than my daughter. I had a baby at 40 years of age (which truly was a MIRACLE) on February 24, 2001. I thought it was GREAT that YOU were expecting a child at 40 and had a beatiful daughter as well. I bet that little girl is such a joy to raise and helps you once again see the world through her eyes. My daughter that will be 8 soon is a sweet little girl that is ALWAYS so enthusiastic about the world and everything in it. She has boundless energy which I truly envy! She also has a little 5 year old brother (I had him when I was 42!) that keeps her humble and keeps her from getting too spoiled! My children are TRULY blessings from GOD and I am so thankful for their health and energetic personalities!
    Once again, THANK YOU for the beautiful music, and for sharing your talents! You are an inspirational lady– beautiful and so “down-to earth”. You seem to be the type of person that I could just sit down and chat with for hours! (I would LOVE to get that chance!) Thanks again for a GREAT concert! (Happy 48th Birthday to you in just about a month!)

  • http://smiths4.net/ted/ Ted

    Amy & crew —
    Glad you got to enjoy a drive through our lovely state on a splendid autumn day. I really do feel blessed to live here in Oregon.
    My wife and I were at the Portland concert last night and it was terrific! Thanks so much for the gift of your inspiring music.

  • Beth Hoover

    Amy & crew ~
    It was so great to welcome you to Rolling Hills and an enthusiastic community of fans and old friends! I was thankful that God rolled out the red carpet for you and your team and gifted a made-to-order postcard perfect Oregon day of sunshine and amazing fall foliage! Very cool…
    I enjoyed the opportunity to meet you after the sound check on 10/27 when you signed my ‘Unguarded’ album. The excitement of the moment zapped, RIGHT OUT MY BRAIN, the words I swore I’d say to you if I ever had the chance (being a tired 47 year-old-mom doesn’t help the memory either:) !!
    So here it goes:
    Although we had never met until yesterday, thank you for being my friend for the past 25 years. Your song, story and heart has been so dear to me. Out of your own personal joys and sorrows have birthed beautiful lyrics that have ministered to me in countless ways on countless dates. Whether singing out loud with the car radio cranked up or as I sat beside my husband ill with cancer….your song has sweet perfume to my ears and soul. Thank you, Amy, thank you.
    We look forward to welcoming you back to the Rolling Hills Community Church in the near future! (PS – tell Chris when he comes back to Portland, I’ll get him a reservation at a few great Oregon golf courses!:)
    Enthusiastically yours, Beth Hoover



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