We are here…..

Posted on: October 26th, 2008 by admin 5 Comments

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved California but it was time to go somewhere were fall was prevalent. As we drove through southern Oregon this morning. We were surrounded by so many amazing beauties. Every part of this world has it’s own beauty to it. I thoroughly enjoy the Northwest because of images like these.

What a contrast between today and yesterday. Yesterday, in Nevada we were on the outer edges of the salt flats and today we are tucked in the mountains of the NW with the Pacific ocean only minutes away. God has made an amazing earth full of diversity and contrast. Enjoy what’s around you. We are here.....

  • wayne allen

    Justin! Absolute beautiful picture of God’s beauty! What great fall foliage! We didn’t get to see alot of that here in pa this year! All the leaves are in there darkened stage! Thanx for the awesome pic! Beautiful!

  • Kathy C.

    Glad you guys are stopping here in the GPNW (Great Pacific Northwest)…can’t wait for the concert tonight in Tualitin!!! I’ve been lucky enough to see Amy in concert 6 times…the first back on her Age to Age tour in the early 80’s….thanks for making Oregon part of your tour stop! 😉

  • Roberta

    I grew up in a little town which I know you had to drive thru on I-5-Roseburg…Beautiful this time of the year!! Glad you enjoyed the scenery! Blessings!

  • http://www.bethanyf.com Bethany F

    Hi Amy,
    My husband Josh and I attended your concert in Tualatin, Oregon tonight and LOVED IT!! (Hired a babysitter and had a wonderful date!) :)
    I grew up singing all your songs, had your posters on my walls, and in 1989 for my 9th birthday I got tickets to one of your concerts (thought I was going to die I was so excited), playing at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. :) It’s so fun, nearly 20 years later to go your concert again. So many of your songs brought me to tears tonight, bringing back the memories. Thanks for sharing your music. Lead Me On was always my favorite album. God used your music/lyrics in my formative years for sure.

  • Sandy

    Hi I was at the concert in Tualitin also Monday and it was awesome. What I found so cool about it was the feeling I got of you Amy just being down to earth and your self. Your music has gotten me through many tough times. I don’t know if you read these, but hope you do. Thanks for sharing yourself and allowing me to see God work through you and have an awesome evening.



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