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Posted on: October 24th, 2008 by Jennifer 7 Comments

My son is an official road dog. When told that we were going to fly on an airplane tomorrow (news that would normally THRILL him), he burst into tears and said “But I will miss the Amy Grant school bus and the rock-n-rollers!!!!” He has had the time of his life out here and my heart has melted watching him fall in love with music. So, I pushed back our departure til after the show tonight so he could have one more night of rock-n-roll before heading back to pre-school. Here’s to a great night in Modesto….

  • Joni

    Hi Jennifer…I got a couple of cute pictures of your son sitting on a stool next to Kim during the sound check at Celebrity Theater…so happy he has had such a good time on the tour…pre school will be so unexciting after being on the road with you, Amy and the band…thanks for sharing him with us…

  • Jenny Miner

    i would love to see more pictures of your son with Amy and the band PLEASE POST PICTURES HAVE FUN TONIGHT IN Modesto and Good luck on the rest of the Tour

  • jen

    of all nights – I had no camera with me when kim surprised me by taking braden up on stage so if any of you took any pictures, PLEASE post them or give me your email address so I can contact you. fun nite!

  • John Lam

    We will all miss Braden – he is so much fun!!! I love dancing w/him – so cute! It’s like our tour group of buddies are leaving one by one now that Amy is leaving CA.
    Jen – I got some cute videos of Braden playing w/the glowsticks. I have been so busy (feel like some of us have been on tour with y’all!), but I will try to bring you some of the videos on Monday.

  • Janice

    Jenn, Braden is such a cute little boy! He was so adorable during the soundcheck in Phoenix sitting on stage next to Kim. I’m so glad he’s enjoyed himself traveling with his mom and seeing Amy and the band perform. Maybe he will be in music someday. School always ruins everything, doesn’t it? LOL!!

  • LorrieM

    Yes, your son is adorable. I loved watching him also. He is a true little rock and roller.

  • Melissa

    I’m sure that Amy doesn’t get all of her mail, much less her emails. She’d be overwhelmed by it all, I’m sure. But, nevertheless, I wanted to take a moment and write about some thoughts I had during and after the concert in Modesto, CA, with the hope that she might at least get the sentiment of this note.
    I was sitting in the 3rd row for this concert. I had great seats and got to see so much. As the evening progressed, I was moved by the music and touched by the lyrics in ways I had never been moved before. 20 years ago, I was only 18. I hadn’t lived life. I couldn’t understand the meaning of words of a song like “Saved by Love.” But now I’m a woman who has a husband who loves me dearly and I do wake up in the mornings and kiss my little baby girl, as well as a handsome baby boy! I was touched as Amy sang one of her new songs about finding true love and the other about not making me beg for what I need in a marriage relationship. I realized that I’ve matured and grown so much over the years. It has been great to have Amy’s music there for those really big moments in my life. I just wanted you to know that there is a very appreicative wife and mother who respects your honesty and compassion. It is amazing that you’ve shared your struggles through your music and the written word with all of us! You are an example and I will continue to pray for you as you continue on this journey. Living in the public eye isn’t easy and I can only imagine that it makes being a wife and mother that much harder. So God bless you….
    Melissa Lema
    Brentwood, CA



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