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Here is a photo that as town last week by our good friend Jay, who incindentally was the original tour manager for LMO back in 1988. Great photo and worth sharing. 20 years later and they still look great! The band

  • Michelle Bedecarre

    Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed your concert last night in Morgan Hill. Thank you all for all that good old music. It was incredible and you all are still looking and playing great!!! I lost my Mom 10 weeks ago and about to celebrate my 54th birthday on Friday so it was such a blessing you were coming to town. I know my Mom was happy we were there. She loved you too and our family has come to your Christmas concerts together in the past. It was so great to be dancing on the lawn and I felt closer to God as a result. Your music Amy has always done that for me so thank you. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. You are all great gifts to us! Love and thanks to you all!

  • Merrie

    You. Guys. ROCKED. Seriously, you are all amazing and incredibly talented musicians, and we were blessed to see you in Morgan Hill last night. My husband and I were 2nd row, and while he’s not exactly the Amy fan in the family, he was LOVING the music you put out. Thanks for making his 49th birthday a great one — neither of us will ever forget it. Have a great rest of your tour!!

  • JA

    I have to totally agree with the last post. I have been a fan since childhood, while my husband isn’t familiar with much of Amy’s music and came because he knew it meant a lot to me. He was blown away by the band–such incredible talent. WOW. Amy and the crew–look and sound even better than the first time around, if that’s possible.
    Thank you for the best Amy show ever!!!

  • marcelle costa(BRAZIL)

    hehe, it’s a box, elevator?? dont’ know, but it looks great:) wow…

  • Sister Jodi

    Last night was an Amy fan’s dream. Thanks for pulling out such great songs from the past that we haven’t heard in such a long time. And thanks also for coming back to Northern California. I loved the intimate setting and wished the set list could have gone on and on. Keep up the great song writing and singing. I always look forward to what’s next!

  • Lee Patrick

    me and my wife went to your concert at the mariners church on oct 17,that was fun.I took my couple of girls to a concert of yours about five or six years ago I think in yorba linda ,I cant remember but it was a father daughters date. Well my wife didnt get to go.So i tried to keep an eye for when you came out this way again,I think it took this long ,anyway what a suprise for her,she was so suprised like a kid in a candy are so down to earth with the crowed and put on a great show. now the band was amazing,I cant get over the guy on the sax and flute and harmonica, that guy can sing,what talent, he represents us fortysomething guys very well,anyway we were very blessed,what a great memory,ps you and vince need to start your own label,i think my daughter could be the next amy grant

  • Melinda Garnier-Apollo

    Amy and band…thanks SO much for an awesome concert last night in Morgan Hill. I’ve been a big fan of yours since I became a Christian (about 18 years ago) and have never been able to see you in person until now. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity since you were only playing about 4 blocks away from our house! Both my husband and I are musicians in our church (Family Community Church in South San Jose)and as a fellow musician/artist, I want to tell you that both you and your music have been very inspirational to me. Your lyrics are insightful and very powerful, and combined with the music—dynamite! You look and sounded TERRIFIC and your band ROCKED! We had a wonderful time. I meant to try and catch your percussionist Kim Keyes to compliment her specifically for ‘another job well done’. You see, I’m also a percussionist, so I’m a little biased about that and have watched her play onstage with you on TV and video(until now), especially your unplugged gigs, and think that she does a fabulous job! Thank you again, Amy, for all you’ve done and are doing and have a safe, healthy and FUN rest of your tour. May God richly bless you all. –Melinda Garnier-Apollo (Morgan Hill, CA)

  • Janice

    Great picture! I hope they continue to be energized by the music and the people during this tour. Everyone looks like they haven’t aged at all!

  • beny maia

    I’m the number 1 brazilian fan of your !
    I hope you have been thought about a DVD !!
    Yes, a great idea ! A DVD with the greatest moments of that tour !!
    You need to freeze it in time !
    I’ll be waiting for that. A DVD from Lead Me On Tour 20th Anniversary !!!
    shall be cool !!



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