In and Out

Posted on: October 23rd, 2008 by Jennifer 5 Comments

while the band and crew have indulged, I have stayed away…. Until today. You can not build an In and Out in the parking lot of our hotel and not expect a native California girl to finally cave. So I introduced Braden to the fine culinary taste of one of California’s best…. YUM…. Just as good as I remembered!

In and Out

  • Merrie

    LOL I know exactly where you’re staying. 😉 Don’t worry — I’m not a stalker. lol I get gas there all the time. Pretty funny.
    And Braden is DARling!

  • Sidney Roche

    My husband and I had to drop our travel trailer off this morning in Morgan Hill. We were behind 2 beautiful big motor homes each hauling a trailer. We noted the Tennessee plates and my husband out of the blue said “I bet it’s a band” Seeing the plates he said “maybe it’s Amy Grant” To which I chukled…I just had a break and checked the web site and SHE’S HERE! Too funny! Have a great trip!! Praying for safe travel & changed lives!

  • Janice

    A little In and Out Burger once in a while won’t hurt once in a while. You can burn off the calories at the next concert, Jen! Praying for safe travels for all of you! Thanks for lifting our spirits!

  • Jenny Miner

    More pictures Jen we love them i hope to see more we love Amy she is awesome

  • Joey Cooke

    It’s official.. My nephew is following in my footsteps. Bring me home a shirt. :-) Miss you guys. Tell the band and Amy hello.



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