Escondido CA

Posted on: October 23rd, 2008 by admin 5 Comments

A great performing arts center. What a great place to start a run after a couple of days off. This is show 5 and we have 15 more to go. They will fly by so we will enjoy every moment. Escondido CA

  • Russ

    The set looks great! Enjoy the rest of the ride.

  • otter4771

    Notice the cheap ticket prices!

  • Michael Smith

    Saw the show…it was great

  • Yvonne Galvin

    Hey Amy, Last night myself (50) friends Jenny (36) Jenny’s daughter Audra (8), Julie (34)and my daughter Lauren (25) had a rockin good time at your concert in Modesto. We reminisced about all the concerts we’d been to over the 20+ years we’ve enjoyed your music, and life. In the past we’ve always rushed the stage when we could, once you shook our hands!!! Last night it was the opposite…in order to not bother all the people around us who were enjoying the evening just sitting there…we ran up the stairs to the last row where we proceeded to dance and sing the night away. What great years you have inspired us though…your music is of the ages. Age to age He’s still the same…and part of us never grows old. Thank you, we love you and we’ll be at the 50 year reunion tour God willing with our walkers and canes.

  • Amy Autumn Brooker

    The concert was great! I had so much fun! I am so excited that During “Saved By Love” Amy sang “Amy she’s been saved by love” foe me. What an amazing night!



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