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Posted on: October 23rd, 2008 by Amy Grant 23 Comments

Hey everyone…I'm happy to be continuing my relationship with Country Crock Omega Plus by encouraging others to make healthy choices in their daily lives.  Please click here for more information.

  • Benna Lago

    Hello Amy,
    The peace of Jesus for you.
    I live well away from you.
    I am in full Amazon forest to the north of Brazil, more specifically in the state of Amazonas, whose capital is Manaus.
    I am a broadcaster and also a student of English, I hear your music every day.
    Just like you, I already made my choice handing my heart to Jesus Christ.
    Now I am preparing a radio program only with gospel music and I would like to have their voices recorded in tests, to show the people of our city.
    I count on your support in that moment when beginning to work the word of our King, our Father, God loved the people.
    I reply, Amy.
    An affectionate hug to you directly from Amazon.

  • carla

    dear amy this carla can you pary for me i have a hard time thanks for the book you sent me yhe mosic i am doing well in my new home you are my best friend i enjoyed meeting you teaxs i rember you hold my hand so tight i know you undstad why cant see concrts i rember it was ok i miss you i am sending you s picture i draw fr your birthday hopr you like it well bye for now i love u amy love carla howell

  • Cissa

    Hy Amy,
    Great Tour!!
    I would like hear you in live, but not possible yet :( and i hear some “show” in youtube from you, this very good!!
    You are very likeable/affective in the videos and “play” with your auditorium, i like see! :)
    Maybe you can make more videos as the “Time again live”.
    Have a nice tour.
    Hugs from Brazil!

  • Kathy C.

    Hi Amy,
    Thanks so much for coming back to Oregon during this tour. I was at your ’88 tour at the Memorial Colisium and was thrilled you were pulling out the old play list for this tour.
    Can’t wait for the concert tonight!
    Take care,
    ~ Kathy C (Hillsboro, OR)

  • Carolyn S.

    I attended your concert last night at Rolling Hills Church, OR. I was then privilaged enough to be able to meet you after the concert (courtesy of my daughter who is in radio). As I shook your hand I proceeded to babble nonstop about nothing. Why do we do that? Anyway this is what I wanted to say –
    -thank you for opening the doors of spiritual expression through your music 20 years ago
    -thank you for giving me the opportunity to journey back in time in my own life and see God’s ever present hand of guidance. It’s funny how music can do that…
    -thank you for being genuine in your walk
    -thank you for making me laugh, cry, and dance
    That’s what I should have said. There, now I feel better. 😉 May God continue to bless you more and more each day. Carolyn

  • Jenice

    Amy, thank you for a wonderful spiritual walk down memory lane. I can’t believe 20 years have passed since I saw your Lead Me On tour during college. I made many long drives from Portland to Spokane and my cassettes were “all Amy all the time”. Attending one of your concerts is a privilege. It feels like sitting in your home listening to you sing and chat, something many of us would love to have the opportunity to do. So, thank you for giving us the opportunity last night at Rolling Hills. God Bless, Jenice

  • Benna Lago

    Hello Amy, Peace of Christ!
    I live in the middle of the Amazonian forest, in Manaus-Amazon-Brazil.
    I would like you a lot to answer this message, because I already wrote other times, but I don’t know if you received.
    I already made my decision in giving my life to Jesus and I feel very happy for that.
    I am fan of their music. I have a lot to speak; I am Dj and I owe to do a program gospel very soon.
    I hear your music everyday.
    A fort hug.
    Benna Lago

  • April Curtright

    Hi Amy,
    Thank you so much for including Portland on your tour. We had a girls night out around the concert, and it turned out to be the best one I’ve ever experienced (not just of your concerts, but of ANY I’ve attended). It was so much fun and the “old songs” evoked some pretty amazing memories of good times, hard times, and times of growth. Your ministry has been a part of all of it over the years for me.
    Your ministry continued this morning when I went to my women’s Bible study and the lecture was concluded with the story of the “fruit trees Amy Grant planted when her grandmother passed away.” You see, today’s lesson was from Isaiah 5 and John 15 about the vine, the branches, and bearing fruit. Just as the woman who now owns your farm said for you to get on over to see the trees because they were full of fruit, I know Jesus would tell you that, as a result of your ministry in my life, you should “get on over to see April…she’s full of fruit.” In keeping with the spirit of the Lead Me On tour; “What a difference you’ve made in my life”…so “Thank You” (oh wait, that was Ray Boltz…just kidding). But I AM a life that’s been changed…so thank you.
    Every time I get to go to one of your concerts, I always hope that somehow I might get to meet you, hug your neck and tell you that face to face. It hasn’t happened yet, but even if it never does, I’m not worried…I know there’ll be an extra little jewel in your crown. And that’s better than I could ever do anyway.
    PS LOVED the new songs and can’t wait for the new album…after the sampling last night, I’m confident I will be moved and challenged.

  • Sheila Plummer

    Hey Amy. Caught your concert in Redmond Washington last night. Been a lifelong wish to hear your music live. I was one of those kids in the wrong family growing up. Those days and that music really kept me sane. Being able to see your concert, see you live was so fun and groovin’ with the band was a night I won’t forget for a very long time. It meant a lot.
    From a country girl from Montana.

  • Dionna

    I have been trying to make healthier choices too. It’s hard to change lifetime habits – I so love chips! :) But I’m working on it. Would love some posts on quick, healthy snacks you eat or low cal sweet treats. :)

  • Robin

    Hi Amy,
    Saw your concert last night in Redmond WA as well. Great memories of what those songs meant to me at that time. But what struck me was how GREAT your new song was, and I realized how you’ve grown as a songwriter & singer is why I’m still a fan. Maybe your words speak to me since we’re about the same age, but I really appreciate your message – either about Jesus & God’s love, or just plain old life, sometimes cool sometimes ugly. Keep ’em coming! Thanks for blessing us.

  • Marti Quashnock

    Hi Amy!
    I attended your concert in Portland, Oregon with one of my good friends. We both loved your concert but I felt extra blessed since I got to meet you twice (soundcheck and meet & greet). I have always wanted to meet you since the first time I saw you at the Del Mar Fair (San Diego,Ca) when I was 13 yrs. old (many, many, yrs. ago!). This was such a honor and I just loved how you connected with each person as they spoke to you. I’m not sure if you even understood what I was trying to say through my shaky voice and teary eyes but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you sharing your heart through your songs over the years and now your new book (loved it!). Thanks for coming to Portland and blessing us all! This is truly a night I will never forget!

  • Kelly H-Y

    My hubby and I LOVED your concert in Portland! You are always so honest, refreshing, and fun! And, we loved the sampling of new songs you’ve been working on … amazing lyrics, and so great to watch you and your band play around with the tunes/sounds. You are all so very talented!
    Blessings and safe travels to you –
    Kelly and Jeff

  • Barbara

    I went to the fantastic concert in Wendover (“the middle of nowhere”-we all traveled from Utah). Those songs are old friends of mine and hearing them live again was both exhilarating and comforting. I went to the original LMO tour 4 times and Amy sounded even better 20 years later. This week I’ve been listening to the old discs and enjoying them again. My friend said that the concert made her a better person and reminded her of how those songs helped her through some very tough times in the 80’s. Thanks for sharing them again with all of us.

  • Dot Stoll

    Hey, Amy,
    Great concert in Minnesota. So……ya wanna stop by Yankton, SD on your way out to NV? My youth choir asked me if I could ask you to stop by to talk to them…. how cute. I said, “yeah, ‘cuz she has nothing ELSE going on in her life!” haha. Anyway, I saw you in Sioux City and needed one more dose, so went to Prior Lake, MN. Was awesome both times. I just love how real you are. Thanks for sharing your life, all the ups and downs, with us. Wish I couldn’t gotten a picture with ya after the soundcheck, but I understand. Rest is important.

  • Cissa

    Come back to the blog! Send news!
    Let we know as you feel on this tour…your feellings.
    You are a must BIG sing that i see!
    God always bless you life and family.

  • Karen

    It would be nice to see a new post and hear what’s been going on the past couple of weeks. :)

  • AmyD

    I feel really lame posting a comment…
    Anyway, I am sitting here listening to my daughter playing “Big Yellow Taxi” and looking at my Simple Things album cover with your autograph and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to autograph it and take a picture with me after the concert in Bakersfield, CA in October.
    Thanks Amy, it really meant a lot, more than you know.

  • Emily Finnelly

    I don’t know where else to send this message, so I’m putting it here. It might be a bit long…Last year, I saw you in New York on your Mosaic book tour. My husband surprised me with the trip for my 30th birthday and I had no idea it would include an evening with you! I asked you about advice you had for a 30 year old mom who still had dreams of her own and you were so encouraging and honest. I appreciated your words. I also shared with you that I used the “All I Ever Have to Be” song as a “lullabye” for my son and soul soother for me. The subject actually came up again, when my husband surprised me, again, two nights later with a trip to your Milwaukee “Mosaic” event. Anyway, this year, for my birthday, he took me to your Lead Me On concert in MN, while we were there visiting my family. On the way, he asked what songs I would wish to hear. I mentioned “All I Ever…” but put it last on the list as far as chances of hearing. BUT YOU SANG IT! Thank you. You sang the first word and I squeezed his leg, with tears in my eyes, and said, “this is it.” That song has meant so much to me. Your music has had incredible staying power in my life and I am so thankful for what you do to keep sharing it with us. This tour was a FANTASTIC idea. I was a little too young to go to concerts when you were singing some of these songs live the first time, so without this tour, I would never have had the chance. I hope I wasn’t too annoying to the people sitting behind me and I hope they didn’t notice that I should probably move up a jean size, but since this was my chance to experience these songs “in concert” I stood up and danced, unasked. I had to. It was such a fun night for me.
    I still don’t know what to do about my dreams, or what the Lord has specifically planned for my life, but your music is one of those gifts here on earth that bring me comfort and hope along the way.
    With sincerest thanks

  • Sonda

    Wow. How amazing it must be to know that you have touched so many people for Christ through your music and testimony! Thanks for your ministry and your dedication to it even through the hard times. It is so important for me to saturate myself with godly things everyday so I can stay on the right path and your music helps me to do that. There is a song of yours that I am desperately seeking the accompaniment track for and I have not been able to get it. It is “Anywhere with Jesus”. Awesome song and one I reallly want to do at church. It is just my style and my range and those are so hard for me to find! Please tell me it is available! Thanks Amy for staying strong and staying grounded for all of us that need the inspiration that God has gifted you to give out! Much love and blessings to you!
    Dallas, NC

  • Kathy Holguin

    Hi Amy! The peace of the Lord to you! I had the privilege of visiting with you backstage at the West Wendover NV Lead Me on Tour…and I too just babbled on and on (like someone else said). You graciously agreed to pray for my sister Crissy, who has Guillian Barre Syndrome since October of 2007. And we’ve been praying for Terry and hoping for God’s rich blessings on you all. I am also happy to report we’ll get to see you again tomorrow in Las Vegas for the Holiday on Ice show! Thanks Amy, for all the years of encouragement through your honest, heartfelt music! I look forward to your next album. Not that you were gone or anything like that, but I’m really glad you are back and hope you will receive equal encouragement through our prayers! God bless you, Amy and those you love! Kathy, Las Vegas, NV

  • Angie in KC

    Hi Amy-
    I am so excited to see you in concert this weekend in Branson- my Amy Grant fan club started way back in the summer of ’82 on a trip to California with a friend’s family, singing along to I’m Gonna Fly and Sing Your Praise to the Lord in the back of the “family truckster”…I have been hooked ever since….So I have a favor, I am “kidnapping” my husband this weekend for his birthday to bring him to Branson (ok, maybe it’s a little more for me than him :)) and I was hoping if you sing “Say Once More” or “Oh How the Years Go By”- could you dedicate it to Steve on his birthday??!! Theta love………

  • Karen

    Amy – it’s been 3 weeks since we’ve heard from you and we’d sure like to know what’s going on in your life lately.



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