Now I lay me down to sleep….

Posted on: October 22nd, 2008 by Jennifer 7 Comments

I pray the Lord our souls to keep…

We are on the bus and getting ready to pull out for the drive to Morgan Hill. The band is still on an adrenaline high from another great show and great crowd tonight. We all feel like there is really something special happening here…..

The last few days have been much deserved days off for the band/crew. On Monday Amy and I took her daughters, Sarah and Corrina, some of their friends, my son, Braden, and a few family members to Disneyland. It was a great day spent at the park. We rode tons of rides and I even convinced Amy to ride the California Screamer rollercoaster with me. I was surprised when 3 year old Braden wanted to ride the Matterhorn and loved it. I grew up going to Disneyland so it was extra sweet to share that experience with Braden.

I just turned off the lights so Braden would fall asleep. My prayer tonight is that God has his angels watching over us as we make the long trek up to Morgan Hill.

More to come…


Now I lay me down to sleep....

  • Joe

    Tonight was a lot of fun Jen. This was the last show I’ll be able to catch on this tour so we (FOA’ers) decided over dinner to stand and dance to get the crowd moving. It seemed to work well.
    The lol moment of the night was when I ran into a couple friends I convinced to buy tickets after chatting with you in Irvine… they said “you Amy stalkers in the front rows kept standing up making the rest of us get up too.”
    “Um…yeah. That was the point. It’s a rock concert… you gotta move to enjoy it.”
    Praying for safe travels and lots of energy for the rest of the tour.
    Note to FOA’ers – Get up, dance, clap, sing out loud and enjoy the rock’inest Amy concert in years.

  • Jake Dunlap

    I pray that for you all tonight too. We had safe travels to Lancaster and will be treking 5 hours west to Morgan Hill in the morning.
    I was sharing the story of my recent auto accident, in which my Honda Civic was totalled in a matter of seconds and I was rushed to the ER. Tonight, listening to “Angels” reminded me that I truly am blessed to be here and have so much to be grateful for.
    Thanks for all the hard work you do everyday to bring us Amy.

  • Roberta

    First of wonderful to meet you face to face in Irvine…What a magical night it was indeed. Second, how fun and amazing for all of you to be able to enjoy the Magical Kingdom to the fullest! What a blessing! Have a great rest of the tour! Will be praying for your continued safety and success!

  • Merrie

    Glad you all got some rest and some time at Disney. That’s something I look forward to every chance I get.
    See you tonight Jen — my amazing boss is letting me take off early to hit the soundcheck, and then I’ll be back with the hubby for the show. I hope everything goes well on your end!

  • JA

    I’ll be in Morgan Hill tonight. Can’t wait!! This is a special night for me…ready to reminisce my life growing up in the 80’s. You always hope that it’s not an “off” night for performers when they come your way. But from what it sounds…each night is just as great (or better) than the last! :) Safe journey up here…see ya’ll in a few hours!!

  • Debbie Drumheller

    WOW–What a night in Escondido! It was the last of 3 “Lead Me On” Tour concerts for me. We were front and center for the concert and boy did this old body get a work out :)! The energy in the house was on fire and it was contagious! Amy and the band were bringin it — singing and dancing. I can’t tell you when I have had so much pure Godly fun! It’s so great to leave a concert and feel the wonderful fruits and smiling big in your heart through the next day.
    Any of you that are still going to attend one of the “Lead Me On” tour concerts….prepare yourself to be transformed!!!! Come ready to dance, sing, and totally let go of everything dragging you down and get uplifted for a night!
    God Bless you Amy, Jen, Kim and the Band

  • Chris

    What a great night. I brought my 2 year old daughter with me to the show and she loved every min. My daughter Grace has spent a large part of her life in the hospital and whenever they draw blood or need her to be calm they would put on Amy Grant. Everytime we check into the hospital the nurses ask if we remembered her Amy Grant. So she was so excited to see her. She danced and tried to sing all night. When the concert was over she asked where my Amy Grant go? How great to have a special moment with my daughter and remember singing and dancing myself as a kid 20years before. Thank you Amy and the band for such a great night. God Bless you all.



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