Standing in Irvine….

Posted on: October 17th, 2008 by Jennifer 8 Comments

Great crowd…. :)

Standing in Irvine....

  • jjlynnie

    ohmigawsh! Amazing, amazing concert! It was so great for my hubby and I to have those tunes from high school, college and young married days weaving all around us as we swayed and sang along like we used to belt out those records and tapes. We’re all grown up now – married 20-something years – and Mariners is our home church. So, having the concert there was like reconnecting with the better, more idealistic parts of ourselves we thought we left behind and bringing them right into today. I hope that you had as great a time as we did and that the people at Mariners treated you well! We sure love our church…and we loved hosting you! …hmmm…I suddenly have a hankering to pull on some leg warmers and pull my hair up in a scrunchie….wonder why…

  • marcelle costa(BRAZIL)

    By this photos, i can tell, the stage is very very beautiful , and for sure Amy is amazing…

  • Teena

    My husband and I loved simply loved every single minute of the concert! I have a bit of a sore throat from singing along to almost every song and my arms are limp from all the clapping I did. We rocked and swayed and it was so, so, so cool to hear every song and say to ourselves, “I remember this one…!”
    Awesome night! Thanks for all of it!

  • Monica

    I’m a longtime FOA member (and first-time poster). I love the new website, blogs and FOA online radio (just got in after experiencing issues for several days). I must say I don’t like the open boards though. Thanks for upgrading the website and providing these blogs. Looking forward to the concert on 10/27 in Portland, as the original LMO tour was my first AG concert!

  • Scott

    The original “Lead Me On” tour in Portland at the Memorial Collesium was not only my first Amy Grant concert, it was my FIRST concert ever. I still remember the ticket price–$18.50! LOVE the open discussion board and the blogging although I will say that the road crew is slightly ahead of Amy and the Road Manager since they’ve already blogged about Bakersfield :)

  • Scott

    Ok, are y’all still in Irvine? The blogs seemed to stop there :(

  • Melanie Mikeska

    Hello, I was just wondering if you knew if Amy was going to help us with I have not heard anything and the concert in Morgan Hill is Thursday. It would be so great if she or you could let us know as we are trying so hard to do good by this family who has helped so many others. Thank you very much for your time. I have given Amy all the inforamtion and even sent her a connor bracelet. IF you need to get a hold of me please call. Im on the webiste, on the contact page. Thanks again. Melanie

  • PassionSong Ministries

    The PassionSong Team is honored to reach out to promote Amy Grant’s tour. We have placed your widget on our website’s event pages.
    God Bless and Much Success
    -Susanna and Pia Marie



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