Irvine was rockin’

Posted on: October 17th, 2008 by admin 2 Comments

A great night tonight in Irvine. Enjoy these shots. See you soon.

Irvine was rockin'

Irvine was rockin'

Irvine was rockin'

  • Jenny Miner

    How about some Close up shots of Amy and the band together i would love to see them great Job everyone

  • Cedric

    It was an incredible night in Irvine. The Place was packed. The set was outstanding. Amy was so full of energy. What was amazing, is to see my generation still rocking (45) and loving it. My 75 year old mom was rockin too! Somewhere early in the concert, a group of young women screamed “We love U AmY”, then a guy yell “we love u more” and yes in left corner front section- it was I, think the only African American male I saw, who said i have love u Longer–since my youth pastor back in 1979 gave me a “Never Alone” casette. It was so much fun to look back and yes it did take me back to a time when were a little more innocent and a little more kind.



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