Home sweet home…. sort of….

Posted on: October 17th, 2008 by Jennifer 7 Comments

Tonight's show in Irvine is very special to me for several reasons….

This is a homecoming of sorts for me.  Although Nashville has been my beloved home for the last 19 years, I grew up in Orange County and this part of the world will always have a secure spot in my heart.  I was raised in Tustin, California and attended UC Irvine my freshman and sophomore year of college (before transferring to UCLA).  During my freshman year I lived on campus at UC Irvine and during my sophomore year I had to "suffer" through living in a house on Balboa Island with 3 fellow Anteaters.  In fact, every morning on my way to class my dear friend and roommate, Val, and I would stop at Dad's Donuts and get an old-fashioned donut and cup of coffee before heading to campus.  Tough college years, huh? :)

My first real job was at Salvadore Deli on the UC Irvine campus.  I wonder if it  is still there?  I also earned extra money by being a giftwrapper at Buffums department store at Fashion Island.  Buffums is long gone but Fashion Island is better than ever.  Unfortunately, no time to shop on this visit…

And the other part of the story that makes tonight so special is that my very first Amy Grant concert was 20 years ago at the Pacific Amphitheater in Irvine during the original Lead Me On tour.  What an incredible "full circle" experience tonight is going to be for me.

I have several dear friends who will be in the audience tonight and we are all looking forward to celebrating this music and our memories together.  If you see me tonight don't expect me to be acting like some seasoned professional artist manager.  Tonight I'm putting on my FAN hat and going to dance and cheer like I did way back when….


  • http://sleeplessmornings.blogspot.com/ Merrie

    Dance it up, girlfriend.

  • Sharlene Sones

    just don’t injure that leg dancing up a storm ; )

  • Lisa

    when you get to Redmond, could you keep heading north, just tell the nice border people that you are giving a concert? I’d even offer to feed you guys and fluff all your pillows!
    a fan from Canada :)

  • Joey

    Can you jot down a set list for us? Would be very curious to see it as (to my knowledge) nobody’s posted one yet.

  • Tonya

    Jen, sure hope your night was full of more blessings than you can count. Just sitting here in San Antonio as the show is about to begin there…smiling for all who are going to enjoy it!

  • Carla

    Jen – how special! I hope you had a fabulous time tonight.

  • Parkway_Mom

    Jennifer- Lucky you…a fan with an all access pass! :) I’m sure the night lived up to your expectations!
    Joey- a set list was posted on the MB under a thread called *spoiler* or something to that effect. :) Hope you find it.



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