Great night…

Posted on: October 17th, 2008 by Amy Grant 18 Comments

I don’t think anyone had more fun than we did on stage!!!!
Sweet dreams.
I hope I sleep 12 hours…fat chance.

  • Ryan

    That is wonderful Amy! Lookin forward to seein you in Morgan Hill! Don’t forget, count your blessings instead of sheep and you’ll fall asleep. :)
    Sweet Dreams

  • David Schenck

    It was great to see and hear you and the band tonight. I remember the original LOM concert in Phoenix at the Celebrity. I knew all of your songs and sang along. Tonight when you introduced the keyboard player and let him share one of his songs from his album, it reminded me of when you introduced Michael W Smith 20 some years ago. I had never heard of Michal until that night. I remember him joking around with you and then leading worship with a few of his songs. He insisted that we learn How Great Are You Lord correctly and put the pause in the right spot. Now I have over 20 of your and Michaels albums, it seems like half of them are Christmas albums which is great because I get to play them every year.
    I know that God will bless you all as you sing His praises across the country. I pray for safety and renewed energy each night as you see His hand in the lives of the people you touch.
    In Christ,

  • Joni

    If smiles, laughter and beautiful music are a true sign of having fun ~ then the 9 of you out did yourselves ~ the sound check and concert were amazing ~ Amy enjoy each and every night on stage turning back time ~ if only for a few hours you took us all back to a place we may have forgotten ~ and you touched our hearts once again 20 years later ~ thank you

  • Kristen

    Dear Amy and Band- Thanks for the great show. It was full of energy and the round theater gave everyone a seat close to the stage. If I could make one suggestion, I would recommend you share a story or 2 during the set. The last show I saw was 20 years ago. Can’t remember the set list, but I remember the stories! Just a thought. Good luck with the rest of the tour!

  • Janice

    Amy, thank you for a wonderful evening of memories and great songs! My friend Janet and I were in the third row last night and we had a blast. She had never really listened to your music before and she was blown away by you and the band. The new song you sang was beautiful! I hope it’s one of the ones you record for your new album.
    I wish I could have met you and told you how much your music has meant to me over the years. “Love Will Find A Way” was the song that helped lead me to a relationship with Jesus. For that reason, you and your music will always be very, very special to me. So if you ever have doubts about what you’re doing or if you are making a difference, you are. God bless you and thank you for a fun concert and soundcheck!!

  • Amy

    Amy – thanks for bringing back memories of the past with each song you sang! My sister and I laughed and cried! Thanks for the best concert I’ve been to in probably 20 years!!! Absolutely LOVED your new song! Loved the intimate venue … I guess that kind of show comes with getting older …Ahhh but what wisdom we aquire with age! Embrace it … my sister and I are trying to too!!
    Our prayers are with you and your band while you travel.
    Take good care and be safe on that road!!!

  • Sheryl Maat

    Amy – I just finished reading your book “Mosaics” and I loved it! I became a Christian about the time you were hitting the music scene in a big way. So I went from Boston and AC/DC to Amy Grant – it was a good thing! Plus we share the same birthday (yea!) so I have my own little connection. Anyway your book was encouraging knowing that everyone – even the people who are “big & famous” in our eyes – go through the hurt and heartache that this world dishes out. Life is difficult, but reading your book helped me look at my problems in a clearer more positive perspective. Thank you!
    You’re coming to Spokane, WA at the end of the month, so maybe I’ll see you there! Have a great tour!

  • Kristine

    I just won tickets to see you in Spokane. I can’t wait!! I love that you’re doing all pre-1988 songs…that’s the year I graduated high school! Ah…nostalgia!
    “I’m Gonna Fly” (don’t know if that’s the actual title) has been my inspiration through the last several years. I hope to hear it live.
    God bless you and Vince. Hope you can see each other soon.

  • Lisa

    What a great concert! I was introduced to your music twenty years ago by my best friend. She saw your first concert in Mesa, AZ, when you were 15. It was just you, Gary chapman and your guitar!! I think she has been to every one of your concerts since then.
    Thanks for bringing back Lead Me On.

  • Michael

    I think it’s a toss up…we had a BLAST!
    The show was amazing, thank you so much for your time and energy…KUDOS to all you! ROCK ON for the rest of LMO!
    Michael (I was the nerd in the front row belting out all of your songs like I wrote them- hahahaha)

  • Bryan

    Great show last night!! I could tell everyone on stage was having a blast… which in turn made us all have a great time!
    I LOVE all the Christian Rock songs like Love Of Another Kind and Wise Up, so it was great hearing all of those old songs…
    And you know what? I didn’t miss the newer music! Had a blast listening to all the older stuff!!
    Great’s only unfortunate that you weren’t doing more than one show here!
    God Bless, and enjoy the rest of your tour!!

  • Kelly Heaton

    Oh The show sounds wonderful! I hope I get to see you in Hershey PA!!!! I have always loved your music Amy. Have a great and safe tour.
    Blessings to all!

  • Janine Jorgensen

    wish you were coming to New Mexico! Specifically Las Cruces. I loved Pieces of my heart.

  • Melissa Ice

    I’m so thankful to been able to be apart of your concert last night in Irvine,CA! You have been a hero of Christian faith to me growing up. I grew up singing all those precious songs with my hair brush microphone. Thank you for circling back in time reminding us what is really important!
    I too absolutely LOVE your new songs..powerful, real life, thought provoking!
    Melissa Ice

  • Joannah

    It was a great show! I have seen you perform many times over the years (including the original Lead Me On tour), but it was the first time that my sister had had the chance to attend a concert of yours. It was great to share the evening with her. Your music has touched both our lives.

  • wayne allen

    Hey Amy, Sounds like it was a blast! My friend and i hope to be at your concert in Hershey! I really do! And eventually get membership so she and i can try to make the soundcheck too!

  • Ali Cullen

    Hey Beautiful,
    I’m an Aussie living in CA now but I met you 20 years ago-wow! as I worked for WORD in Melbourne, Australia. It was very cool for me to be at your 20th Anniv. concert Amy, I feel very much that God was smiling real big over your life-He’s so proud of all you have become :) Thank you for an incredible night-you are an inspiration to many…
    thank you for the beautiful memories…
    Much love,
    Ali Cullen

  • Lisa

    Hi Amy,
    I had alot!!, of fun!!, at your Concert!!, And I had alot of fun!!, meeting you!!, backstage!!
    Thanks, for coming, out Here!!, in Seattle!!



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