Phoenix Soundcheck….

Posted on: October 16th, 2008 by Jennifer 2 Comments

We are off and running…… Phoenix Soundcheck....

  • Kathy

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am just curious about the FOA soundcheck in Phoenix. I am an FOA member and huge fan of Amy’s for many years. My memory tells me that originally there was not a soundcheck open to FOA members in Phoenix or Modesto. I was just curious about how I would find out about these in the future. The concert in Phoenix was awesome! I wish I was in Irvine right now…. Have fun tonight!

  • Warren Alter


    I have signed both my wife and I up for the Phoenix Soundcheck (we are both FOA). Will we receive confirmation of being selected, or how does that work. I know it says those selected will have their names at Will Call, but how do we find out ahead of time? Looking forward to another wonderful concert experience with our two favorite Christian artists.



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