One down…. 19 to go…..

Posted on: October 16th, 2008 by Jennifer 8 Comments

Great night, Phoenix!

Unfortunately, my phone battery and camera battery both died so I didn't take any pictures to post tonight but I will make up for it tomorrow night in Irvine.

The song that stood out to me the most tonight was "What About The Love" — the lyrics are perhaps more profound and applicable to 2008 than back in 1988.

The crowd really seemed to enjoy the show and Amy and the band were on a real high when it was over.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments here if you were in the audience tonight.

More to come….


  • Gail Soderquist

    It was a wonderful, powerful concert tonight! Thanks Amy and band for coming to Phoenix…we were so blessed.

  • Karin

    I was so blessed to be in the audience tonight. Loved hearing all the old songs – Unguarded was the first Amy album I ever bought, so I loved hearing so many songs from that album as well as all the others. And the one new song she did was awesome – I just can’t wait for her to get in the studio and record the album so I can fall in love with more Amy songs. Thanks so much for bringing the concert to Phoenix. We love you Amy!

  • Kathy

    I have been a fan of Amy’s going back to 1979! I was thinking tonight that this was the 5th time I’ve seen her at Celebrity. I love seeing her at this theater! Tonight’s concert was one of the best as “Lead Me On” is my all time favorite recording of hers, and I saw that tour a couple of times 20 years ago! It is amazing to me that Amy still has a way of connecting with people even through her eyes and smiles while she sings as well as through her music! Her authenticity continues to draw me to her music – I too loved the new song she sang and can’t wait to hear the rest on her next recording! Tell her I loved the concert and even though I’m older now…I was dancing! :) The band was awesome too! Blessings to all for the rest of the tour and keep coming back to Phoenix!

  • Lisa

    What does a typical day look like? After the set is all packed up, are they on the road heading to the next city? Is it hard to sleep on the bus? Does anyone ever feel car(bus) sick? Do you and Braden travel on the bus? How does that sweet little boy do it, better yet – how do you manage work and mom role when on tour? Kudos to all of you.

  • Jen

    Thanks for the sweet comments about the show. I read them to Amy this morning and she had a huge smile on her face. As for a typical day on the road? After the show is over we are usually at the venue for another hour or so while Amy does a meet&greet for contest winners, etc. and while the crew packs up the gear. Then we all head to the next city on the bus. Most everyone has been on the road so much that there is no issue with getting car sick or anything and I have to tell you that sleeping on a bus is actually really restful. We usually talk about the show for a bit and unwind before going to sleep. Braden has been going on the bus since he was 6 weeks old and he LOVES it. He calls it the “Amy Grant School Bus” and is like a little kid at Disneyland. He sleeps great — not so much for me as I share a bunk with him and he elbows and kicks me most the night. I’m sure all other parents out there can relate :) But all in all it is a great experience for all and it is like one big rolling family as we go from town to town.

  • Merrie

    Too cool, Jen — thanks for sharing.
    ONE WEEK! :)

  • Jenna Hagen

    A truly amazing and awe-inspiring show. Seeing Amy perform, makes me wish I could see an Amy Grant concert once a week….I’d be a much happier person….hahaha!!!! But in all honestly, this was my 9th Amy show, and I thought it was awesome!! Couldn’t have asked for anything more!!! Thanks Amy!!! You’re the best!

  • Barb

    Hey, I was at that concert you mentioned at the Pacific Amphitheater 20 years ago. We drove down from the Bay Area and went to Disneyland during the day. The concert in 2008 (Wendover last Saturday) was amazing. Amy looks and sounds even better this time around. I have been jazzed about it all week. Those are some amazing songs and some amazing memories. All the songs have played in the background of my life these last 25 years. Thanks.



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