On the road to Irvine

Posted on: October 16th, 2008 by admin 3 Comments

And the wheels keep on turning. One down and another tomorrow. Safe travels. On the road to Irvine

  • Ryan

    God bless you in your travels.
    Does Amy own her own tour bus (I assume she would), and does it have a name? :)

  • sarah

    see you there! sleep tight!

  • Chris

    Ryan – I’m sure the buses are rented for the tour. Very few people own vehicles like this, as they are incredibly expensive ($200k+) and aren’t cost effective unless they’re almost constantly in motion. The only “professional entertainers” I can think of who own tour buses (or similar vehicles) are Nascar drivers (who own RV type luxury vehicles and basically live out of them for much of the race season) and maybe John Madden (who doesn’t fly and therefore travels by bus to every NFL game he broadcasts).



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