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Posted on: October 14th, 2008 by Amy Grant 10 Comments

In typical hyper-focus mode, I have only been reporting on the upcoming tour, when in fact, so many great things have been going on.
This past weekend I got to play an outdoor show in Augusta, Georgia (where I was born) benefitting a new Miracle League baseball field that will be part of the YMCA there.
We were also trying to break the Guinness World Book record for largest picnic.
I don’t know if we accomplish it, but we all had a great time trying.
Check out the Miracle League Field in Augusta.
You’ll me glad you did.
Later that evening, a couple thousand people …including that Nashville symphony and the 150 voice Nashville Choir …. Joined together to celebrate 25 years of the music of Michael W. Smith.
The eveving was like old home week…all dressed up.
Songwriters and musicians and singers who have loved Michael and worked with him over the last two plus decades sang his songs back to him.
It was truely magical.
What a treasure…friendship.

  • Brevard

    Hi Amy! I was in Augusta to see your show with my 5 year old niece and nephew and sister. My niece loves you — or rather Amy Gram — what fun we had. We wished it had lasted longer, but knew you had to make it back to Nashville for MWS. We are HOPING that LMO reunion tour will continue in January (pretty please) and make a stop in Atlanta — it is pretty cool for two generations to be rocking out to LMO! Take care and enjoy —

  • Dot Stoll

    What a treasure indeed. I saw a quote the other day…… “Make friends before you need them.” How true it is!

  • Heidi

    Amy, My four kids (10,8,6,and 1 yr.old) and I were at the picnic. Hubby is serving in Iraq other wise he would have been by our side enjoying the show. Just wanted to update that we didn’t make it as the largest picnic in the Guinness World Book of records but we did break a record for the CSRA!!! What a great event this was. We really enjoyed your music, the atmosphere, the food etc. Kids and I tried to get autographs/picture for hubby at the end of the concert but you had already left for Nashville. :( Thanks for a great afternoon of “chillin’ in the biggest outdoor Living Room”.

  • marcelle costa(BRAZIL)

    Wish Michael come back in Brasil soon, and you too Amy. A dream…

  • Janice

    Sounds like a great concert with lots of reliving of great memories and good music.

  • Alicia

    Amy, you came to Alaska when I was a teenager, and I babysat for a couple who got to go see you sing. Someday, it will be my turn to see you perform in person. What a dream come true for those who were there, to watch you and Michael together. Thank you for everything you do!

  • Netta

    Hi Amy, somehow my husband ( found your site and passed it on to me! I was a teenager in the 80’s and your music filled my room, car, head & heart. It’s fun to find your blog and read what’s happening in your life now.
    God Bless you.

  • melody is slurping life

    As mom of Wil, one of the special kids you thrilled and inspired in Augusta, GA, this past weekend, THANK YOU!
    I had to print over 150 of the photos I took Sunday (mostly of him with you and, of course, on stage) for him to take to his therapists and friends to see this week.
    You not only have a gift…you are a gift.
    Thanks! And blessings on your tour.

  • Mary K.

    Amy, On behalf of my own family and other parents of children with special needs, I just want to say how grateful we are to you and Vince for the incredible amount of passion and energy that you continually give to those less fortunate. I truly don’t think there is another couple on the planet that work nearly as hard to make a difference in the lives of others. You seem to live to contribute every single day, and though you never give even a hint of your own personal sacrifice, your dedication to your charities has surely meant much precious time spent away from your own family. Thank-You so much for the work you have done with Challenge Aspen and St. Jude’s and for the Miracle Field. I am orginally from Augusta, have an autistic son who has played baseball in a similar program, and was so touched to hear about your visit there. When I think of you and Vince, I say a prayer of thanks for the positive difference you have made in our world….

  • Bren Minney

    Hello Amy, I also w/ my 15 yr old daughter Sarah was there at the picnic, we sat down front and you were awesome! I have been listen to your music since the 80’s. I am a forever fan, loved your book too!!!
    Bren Minney



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